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Fish soup, step by step recipe with photos

  • 800 g fish stuff (ruff, perch)
  • onion — 1 onion
  • small bunch of green onions
  • boiled potatoes
  • large bunch of dill
  • 500 g of cleaned perch and salmon
  • 300 g of purified pike
  • bay leaf (small)
  • 100 g of vodka
  • salt, black peppercorns to taste
  • 1 parsley root

Rassolnik is a traditional Russian soup with pickled cucumbers. Auguste Escoffier in his.

SALMON sounds strange in a recipe-pike, pike-perch and sausage))), the perch is needed for the first decoction and boiled in gauze, then thrown away. At first they cook the potatoes and not as they write-the fish will boil over and there will be porridge. at the end and cook until the eyes turn white and no longer interfere so that it will not fall apart


for fish soup is taken the best live fish, what you have and bigger. put the pot (12l) on the fire. Water 6.5l, we throw onion 2-3sht, tomatoes3-4sht, pepper peas6-10 sht. 4-5pcs potatoes cut into thin circles. also throw air bubbles with vegetables. the fire is small. fish (6.5kg) clean, remove the gills. if the fish is large, cut into pieces, heads, tails and ridge separately. fish (freshwater) slightly salted for 20 minutes. potatoes boiled., throw heads and tails of the ridge. Minimal fire to gurgle. when the eyes of the fish come out, we throw the rest of the fish and let it gurgle for another 30 minutes. Check for salt, add bay leaf. a minute before removing the pot from the fire add dill and parsley. more bunches. put the pot aside and prepare salamur. a lot of salt, ground pepper, crushed garlic, mash and pour lightly with fish soup. take out the fish in a common plate. honored guests head. we each pour salamur into plates and eat, washing fish into salamur. We pour the soup in circles and wash down. This is how the inhabitants of the Black Sea and the Danube Delta prepare. Well, the best ear of course from living sea fish.

the guys are preparing the ear just for what it is and throw the main thing that the fish was and naturally vodka)))

As for the carrot, this is definitely superfluous, but vodka (gr. 30-50) will enhance the taste of the soup and ennoble

In dogonku))). On Baikal, when I lived, in the wake, the fisherman’s house, or else how to spend the night in general, there are many people.

Naturally talking about catching a glass of sturdy and boiled fresh fish))).

I want to quickly rest and relax, because the whole day on the island in all warm. oven crackles put a pot of water, onion head, pepper, salt, frozen perch at the top of the tails of one to another putting in the pot tightly, without removing or cleaning, as it boils for 10-15 minutes and ready. You can try at home)))

Every man to his own taste.

I remember it was quite small, it was 3-4 years old, we lived then (about 63-64 years old) in a village on the bank of the Ingoda river, it seemed like Cold was called something. Duck here from the shore to the house well, 30 meters, but no, grandfather Matvey made a fire and cooked ushitsu.

Everything taught me to find wild garlic and mangyr, I don’t remember any other herbs, but I don’t add anything besides this to the fish, that’s for sure!

And the more vodka.

Although she is fine with fish soup!

We’ll eat with him from the heart, the remaining ushitsu mother and woman Grushe were carried, the father went on business trips all the time. And when we came on the shore, we spent the night, cooked fish, and baked on the breads.

Daaaaaa, sorry for that carefree time.

How cool it used to be.

Vodka is always at the end add (when ready) and dill (just to boil).

And even when everything is ready, we lower it and immediately remove the log from the fire — this gives this flavor to the fire.

I’m under fifty.

All my life I lived on the Volga, my grandfather was a fisherman. So he always said: "Fish soup is not fish soup, but fish soup. The fisherman goes fishing and takes with him an onion, a carrot, a maximum of a handful of millet, and not a potato in kilograms"as written in your recipes.

No potatoes and especially eggs in the fishing ear can not be!

And vodka, indeed, is better for its intended purpose.

This is not a fish soup cooked on the beach.

Try this: Parsley and dill kill taste. Everything is much simpler. Fish (chunk), potatoes (2 cm pieces), a couple of small onions! "slack" spices: pepper, bay leaf, salt immediately.

Fill with water so that only to cover the fish (catch more!). All together in a pot, close the lid, boil, remove the lid, lift the pot for low fire. Cooked potatoes, skimmer take out the fish in a separate plate.

At first they eat fish, broth is sometimes poured into cups, but not into plates, so it is convenient to drink your ear in nature. Nuances: if a piece of fish is big, well, for example, see 30, I cut out its gills.

They mumble. As for addictions: my uncle always asked to put a fresh cucumber in my ear! 🙂

Well, cook the fish soup from uncleaned fish, add sunflower oil, vodka (it should be used for its intended purpose), cloves and other powerful spices, lard (horror), this is from the evil one! Good fishing and tasty fish soup! :))

Carrots are never put into real fish soup, it will be fish soup). and about vodka right)

Freshly caught (ice) perches slaughter, cutting the spine at the head, remove the gills and esophagus and lay in the pot. Do not overdo it with salt and spices, a little bit of black pepper peas! After 15-20 minutes, remove from the heat and add finely chopped onions in the ear.

Close the lid for 5 minutes (at this time, be patient, do not drink, and do not pour in your ear). Wait! If not everyone in the company is lazy, remove caviar from the rest of the perch, rinse (not necessary), rinse it in half not halfway, unfold and quickly into a frying pan with neutral to taste vegetable oil for 3-5-7 minutes, depending on size.

This is instead of bread.

Then that-oh! (Campaign option, in winter on a lake or shore).

1. How to catch all this fish in one day?

2. Where to pour vodka?

3. And the recipe is correct!

Olegych correctly noticed that there is a mess with carrots! But parsley root is, hahaha)))

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