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Finnish ear, step by step recipe with photos

  • bay leaf, allspice, salt — to taste
  • trout or salmon with the head — 1 pc. (preferably add 2 more heads)
  • onion in husk — 1 large onion
  • large potatoes — 6 pcs. medium sized (cut into medium cube)
  • cream 11% — 20% — 1 cup

For the first time I met the recipe for the Finnish soup in the Soviet reprint of the Finnish book for fishermen-athletes. So in it, the authors advised to add a piece of high-quality cream margarine to the ear, and not cream.

I tried, indeed, the taste improved radically, became enveloping and saturated. I advise

The recipe is not very step by step.

The sequence can not be traced.

I rarely cook, I decided to try, but it’s hard to figure it out.

Fish soup for kids. "Cook the broth from the head (if there are several, it is better) and backs.

In the broth put onion, bay leaf and allspice. Boil the heads for 40 minutes, at the very end add the fish sirloin pieces and cook for another 10 minutes.

Fish gently pull out and leave to cool.

Strain the broth through a sieve and lay potatoes in the soup. Pieces should not be small. As soon as the potatoes are ready, add a fishshile.

As soon as the broth begins to boil, pour about a cup of cream (fat content of at least 11%). The fatter will be the cream — the more viscous the soup. I like 20%, not too fat, but not watery.

We salt.

The soup is ready. It remains to add zelenushechku and pepper to taste. p.s Many love the little heads of the red fish, they can be put on a plate for beauty. "

The soup will certainly be very tasty, only to the Finnish ear has nothing to do.

Even a shame .. the entire Russian-language Internet is full of recipes "Finnish cream soup" Yes, there are such Finnish milk-fish soups, there are also with cheese. Milk fish soup called lohikayto.

A Finnish ear is completely different.

It is made with milk, caviar, with dill. Lavrushka Finns do not put it anywhere.

Well, what other heads, only pieces of large fish as in the comments below and yes, the Finns eat black bread and butter / margarine, well, we are so tasty)

Preparing for this recipe several times already. SUPER.

The whole family is delighted.

A little lie in the previous comments. Here is a recipe given by our friend Finn.

Boil 1 liter of water. Peel the potatoes, cut into small cubes, but not finely. Peel carrots, chop on a fine grater.

Cut the parsley (you can add other greens). Put everything in boiling water and cook so that the potatoes are ready for 5 more minutes. Then add the trout or salmon, cut into slices.

About the head it was not.

You can add some shrimp.

Put trout 5 minutes before the end of cooking so that it does not fall apart. Before turning off, add a little cream so that the soup turns white, but do not pour a lot. And add 1st.l. butter.

Add salt, ground pepper and peppercorns.

For some reason I didn’t write how much of what I need from the products, but I remember that there were not many carrots, maybe 1/2 of big carrots, about 4 potatoes, salmon can be put on the eye or on the palate) and yes. he did not add onions.

We have a friend Finn, came to visit, cooked fish soup for half an hour.

Carrots were definitely not there and semolina.

I do not exactly remember the sequence of cooking, but there was only potatoes, fish, cream or milk, pepper.

Author, how much water do you need for broth?

Yesterday we were in Finck, we ate fish soup, neither onions nor carrots were there. Just large pieces of red fish and potatoes, all in cream, sprinkled with black pepper, and a thin piece of black bread with butter (but butter is not creamy, just soaked saying, I didn’t understand what kind of butter, but not exactly olive oil) I also want to cook this, I became interested in fat cream.

Well, this is not exactly a Finnish ear. In no case, bay leaves are not suitable there (although they don’t argue about tastes), if they add pepper, red hot, there is also a small amount of carrots grated on a fine grater, and certainly leek besides bulb onions. about Finnish ear with semolina — smiled very much)))))))) Although, of course, "the taste and color markers are different" 🙂

And I like to add a little more semolina — it also gives a small thickness.

very tasty and unusual.

With cream — something new .. ingredients already bought, today I will try 🙂

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