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Festive table setting

1. Plate for hot. 2. Snack plate. 3. Plate for bread.

4. Snack fork. 5. Fork for fish. 6. Dining fork.

7. Table knife.

8. Knife for fish. 9. Snack knife. ten.



Knife for butter. 12.

Dessert spoon.

13. Dessert fork. 14.

Water glass. 15. A glass for white wine.


Red wine glass.

Serving summer holiday table, seemingly no problem.

Came out for the outskirts (reached the market), chose a bouquet of flowers. here is your decoration. All right — and not so. Flowers, undoubtedly, make any table elegant, but they should not “overshadow” the beauty of the dishes prepared by you.

And should not interfere with guests to see each other.

In addition, flowers are still not the only way to make the table more elegant.

Individual bouquet.

If you are arranging a bachelorette party and do not want to clutter the table with one large bouquet, you can make a small gift for each guest. This may be the most common glass in which you put one or two branches from a flowering tree or a few simple flowers.

If on the same glass you strengthen the graceful “invisibility” for hair, women, if they wish, can decorate their own hairstyle with these flowers.

Name card. “In the best houses” on a large festively served table (even if only six or eight people gather behind it) there is a card next to each plate with the name of the person who will sit here.

You can buy for this special stand with clothespins, and you can attach homemade leaflets with the names of any nice fruit.

Napkin rings. On the one hand, napkins can do without rings.

On the other hand, when there are rings, it turns out so smartly! And they absolutely do not need to buy for big money. Take the usual wide ribbon, needles and thread.

Type in any small cute decorations — these can be artificial flowers, berries, beads, and even buttons of different colors and sizes.

Sew them on the center of the ribbon and just tie a napkin.

Floating candles.

Summer is a great time, it makes life easier for us. Instead of looking for some special candlesticks, look around. They can easily come from the most elemental low water glass (the glass should expand upwards), any flower and a floating candle.

Not only that is beautiful — so also wax will not drip on a cloth!

In winter, if guests just sit at the table for a cup of tea, I want it to be warm and cozy. And on the holiday table you can «dress up» as good as a Christmas tree!

Almost all of the New Year’s entourage will fit (even if it is early November in the courtyard): you can simply arrange a lit garland on the table instead of candles; spruce feet — a great base for a bouquet; glass balls look great in a high transparent vase.

Nominal lump. Cones — pine, spruce or even cedar — look remarkably harmonious on the winter holiday table and may well serve some practical role.

And while not worth a penny!

To prevent guests from confusing where everyone is sitting, attach a piece of paper with a name to each cone and place the cones on plates or next to them.

Vintage postcards. Rummage in your closet — it is quite possible that you have old postcards on some shelf. They can be a worthy decoration of the table, especially if you “integrate” them into a bouquet of flowers or branches.

And if guests suddenly get bored between hot and dessert — they will have something to consider.

Candles. The most natural candlestick (and the most fragrant) can be made from oranges. Carefully cut out the center of a large heavy orange with a sharp knife and immediately insert a candle into it.

Then stick a few carnations into the orange.

Perhaps the «bottom» of the orange will need to be pre-cut so that your candlestick does not swing.

Decoration for napkins. If you have a monochromatic linen tablecloth on your table, and the same napkins to it, you can decorate them with a small “evergreen” twig (not only ordinary pine or spruce, but also cypress, thuya or araucaria) will suit you. cinnamon

If you lightly sprinkle a sprig of powdered sugar through a fine sieve, it will turn out even more elegant.

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