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Festive Cakes

Festive cake — the main protagonist of the festive tea party, this is one of the best and most pleasant signs of attention to relatives, friends, colleagues.

If you are looking for a recipe for a holiday cake, this selection will help you.

There are traditional cakes — Esterhazy, Prague (worldwide it is known as Sacher cake), Pavlova cake, bird’s milk, Anthill, — and cakes, invented by the editors Deli, as well as holiday cake recipes from our users.

Very tasty cake!

Delicate honey cake with a subtle pumpkin-curd flavor. Cakes are prepared on the basis of.

The recipe of the classic Russian honey cake is about two hundred years old: authorship is attributed to the cook.

Here is a delicious cake that you can cook in less than half an hour. WITH .

Although the famous dessert Pavlova can be cooked all year round, choosing fruits according to the season, we think.

Meringue blends perfectly with strawberries, and precisely with its natural flavor. Therefore not worth it.

Awesome cake, in 10 minutes, WITHOUT BAKING! Cooked from cookies, hazelnuts, Nutella and chocolate. .

Starting from the classics, I finally adapted the cake to a healthy diet. Namely honey cake,.

Why epic? Just look at this combination of the most delicate vanilla biscuit and crazy.

An excellent option for a winter children’s holiday. Although adults will also not pull over the ears. .

Cake Count ruins are prepared either on the basis of meringue or meringue, and either from biscuit cakes. We .

This cake is for someone from early childhood, for someone from youth, but in any case he is.

This is, of course, the main Soviet cake. Buy it once was almost impossible, but almost every.

The most famous Viennese cake. It was baked by the famous Austrian pastry chef Franz Sacher.

It is unlikely that this cake has something in common with the emperor of Japan. However, another interpretation of its name,.

In France, there are countless recipes for chocolate cakes and pies, but this one.

Confectioner Jozsef Dobos coined this recipe specifically for the Hungarian National Exhibition in 1885.

Cake without baking — the fastest version of the dessert for the holiday table. However, this version of the cake.

Another nostalgic hit of the Soviet era, fully justifying its name by appearance. .

Confectioner’s recipe Tatyana Shupletsova Experience of several years of work as food stylist and entertainment.

The old Hungarian princely genus Esterhazy is known to the world for his patronage of Franz Josef.

This most politically incorrect Russian cake has many brothers. Here you and.

It is best to soak yesterday’s sponge cake — it will perfectly absorb the liquid.

No matter how hard we try to follow the principles of healthy eating, we still want sweets. So it means.

You’ve probably already seen this amazing cake in the splash screen of the First Channel. You could not believe that.

This Honey cake is for those who love classic desserts, but in the author’s interpretation. We have completed.

Delicious, juicy cake with caramel-honey aftertaste. Added half a glass of prunes,.

The recipe for a classic Honey cake has been known for almost 200 years: honey cake was prepared at court.

Sometimes even ten minutes is enough for the world to become beautiful: it’s enough to cook big.

Delicious cake, union of currants and chocolate, shaded by a delicate cream with cinnamon, is simple.

Light curd cake with a hint of "Truffle" (including flavoring), covered with gloss.

This homegrown masterpiece is an edible valentine. Or rather, a declaration of love.

Cake for lovers of aromatic coffee with chocolate dessert. The pronounced taste of chocolate, delicate.

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