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Festival — Golden Autumn: we must take!

Meat eaters triumph — with September 23 to October 2 within festival «Golden Autumn» 14 urban sites are given to the mall, where they sell meat and meat products. We could not get past such a gastronomic riot and made a raid on the City Market, which is located on the Revolution Square.

We tried a lot of things right on the spot, and we bought some products, brought them to the editor and arranged a tasting.

Here are the results.

We will talk about 7 products purchased at Revolution Square, and passed through our — quite strict and biased — tasting.

Meat products have tried: 3 editorial chefs, 1 gastronomic columnist, 2 food photographers, 1 chief editor, 1 president and 1 general director. All are not new to the evaluation of gastronomic products. But since everyone has their own taste habits and preferences, opinions on some products are quite different.

Although we have a definite leader, and, unfortunately, an outsider.

We will tell about all participants of our “race” in more detail.

Without grading, just our impressions.

Smoked-boiled sausage with black pepper from a boar “Forest wonder” from LLC ABV pronto (Moscow region, Korolev city)

boar meat, salted pork fat, salt, black pepper, spices

in vacuum packaging not more than 30 days

1 loaf — 271 rubles

The stumbling block for our editorial board.

Some liked the sausage, others did not. This product is for those who prefer boiled and smoked-boiled sausages to all others. The minimum amount of spices and spices “provides” a rather bland and neutral taste.

The claimed black pepper is not particularly read in the taste of the product.

Pleasant appetizing aroma and original porous texture.

Sausage is like a homemade. Some have compared it with the liver — on the nature and texture.

Others said they would gladly feed their children of secondary school age with such a product.

In general, the sausage for the lover of natural taste.

Goose pate from EcoGarant LLC (Yegoryevsky District)

goose meat, offal (ventricles, heart), goose fat, carrots, onions, salt, black pepper powder, sugar.

6 months

90 g

150 rubles

Our outsider. We didn’t like pate. He had a strange and unappetizing smell of not quite fresh spices and spices.

The taste is poorly readable and the consistency we also did not like.

In our opinion, the pate is clearly not enough infusion of «young blood»: a little high-quality butter, freshly ground black pepper, tasty salt.

We will not buy such a pie either for our own or for other children.

Breast of Bashkir smoked-boiled goose from BG group of companies (Bashkirtostan, Tuymazinsky district)

goose, salt, sugar, spices, water, natural smoke

depending on storage conditions: from 4 to 9 months

two breasts 132g and 146g each

550 rubles

This product is produced by one of the leaders in the cultivation and breeding of poultry in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The group of the company sells everything — starting with daily young and feathers, to raw meat and finished goose products.

Apparently for the cultivation of poultry here are taken seriously.

We liked duck breast.

At first we noted that it was too wet for the usual smoked breast, but then we read the label, where it was indicated in large print: “Smoked goose-boiled goose”. Our corrosive and extremely attentive to the products of the cook noted the poorly pronounced specific-salty taste of the bird, but rather its “juice”. They explained it by the presence of sodium nitrate in the product.

This «juice» even remained on the packaging walls after the bird was eaten.

Apparently, it serves as a kind of natural preservative.

For the rest, neither the taste of the bird, nor the texture, nor the flavor arose.

The only thing we noticed was that the skin was a bit rubbery. We immediately turned to friendly farmers who grow geese in the Moscow region. And they learned that when geese are slaughtered after the first frosts (late October — early November), their skin is tender, elastic and the feather itself comes out.

If the bird was clogged earlier — “out of season”, its skin is rubbery and the feather is removed poorly.

Even chemistry is used to remove it.

Mini salami Alto Concetto (highest grade) from TD «VIK» (Primorsky Krai, the city of Vladivostok)

pork, salted pork fat, curing mixture (table salt, color fixer, sodium nitrate), spices, ascorbic acid, starting culture

6 months

150 g — 197 rubles

A peculiar idea of ​​a resident of another country about what should be an Italian salami.

The product is without special undertakings and requests.

Appetizing smells and looks nice.

Many wanted to get a more dried version of the sausage — this one seemed a bit greasy.

We were somewhat puzzled by the composition of the sausage, especially the «starting cultures». As it turned out, it is a kind of analogue of the bacterial starter for lactic acid products.

They are responsible for the final color, the specific aroma of the smoked powder and the taste of the product.

Starting crops are used in the production of meat products almost everywhere, in particular for fairly expensive uncooked smoked sausages.

Sausage smoked chorizo ​​category A from the Armavir Meat Cannery

pork brisket, pork, chicken fillet, salt, nitrate-curing mixture, complex food additive, antioxidants.

with the opened package — 10 days, with the closed one, in vacuum — 180 days.

1 loaf — 325 rubles

Classic smoked sausage chorizo, released outside of Spain. We ate it with pleasure, especially those who love spicy food.

Chorizo ​​from Kuban — by 5 with minus or 4 with plus. We — again, people are fastidious and try many different things — I would like to feel the real high-quality paprika in her taste.

I would like to hear a sweetish taste with a slight bitterness.

The rest of the texture and color did not cause any complaints.

Unlike many low-quality analogs of chorizo, which are produced all over the world, the manufacturer will not be ashamed of this sausage.

Please also note that the product of category A contains a mass fraction of muscle tissue of 80% or more.

So this is really meat products.

Smoked sausage from elk «Forest wonder» category B from LLC ABV pronto (Moscow region, Korolev city)

elk meat, boar bacon, salt, garlic, green peppercorns

180 days

1 loaf — 518 rubles

One of our favorites! Sausage that does not burn your mouth and allows you to feel the taste of game and high-quality fresh bacon. It’s nice that it included green peas in its composition.

It is the most fragrant and least spicy among the relatives, therefore it does not distract from the taste of an elk.

Often sausage with bacon has a pale yellowish color — due to not quite “young” fat.

But this is not the case.

Interestingly, the products fall into category B, which, according to GOST, should contain a mass fraction of muscle tissue from 60% to 80%.

It seems to us that here the meat content is closer to 80% than to 60%.


Venison stew. Meat of the Evenk wild deer from the IPC «Salut» (Leningrad region)

venison, fat, onion, salt, black pepper, bay leaf

3 years

1 can of 325 g

165 rubles

Our favorite! Stew liked everyone unconditionally.

This is exactly the product that you can advise everyone to try.

Especially those who are nostalgic for hiking, the smell of a fire, passes, climbing and other hiking lifestyle.

The product is manufactured according to GOST.

In our bank was almost a whole piece of meat.

There was not even a place for a bay leaf. “Broth” we also liked.

In general, the product has a rich, slightly salty, distinctive taste and lots of deer stew.


Strange as it may seem, quails are still considered a game, although for a long time all the birds coming to market.

Potatoes with meat — a classic combination of tastes, few people love it. Variants.

The word pate has two meanings in the culinary world. Pate is a uniform minced meat,.

From October 1 to October 31, the XII Moscow Gastronomical will be held in the 100 best restaurants of the city.

From October 7 to 9, in the very center of Moscow on Manezhnaya Square, Culinary Studio "Gastronom" .

Farmers from 20 regions of Russia will bring over 100 varieties of cheese with a total weight of more than 50 tons per.

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