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Farm products: where to buy and how to choose

Undoubtedly, the topic of restrictions on the supply of foreign products and the transition to domestic will be discussed for a long time.

And with our almost limitless human and natural resources, local farming, at first glance, is seen as a way out.

Why «at first glance»? Almost rhetorical question. Too many ambiguities and issues fraught with this topic.

To begin with, we conducted a survey on Facebook: “What is a farm product for you?«. The results of the survey, of course, do not pretend to 100% accuracy and statistical clarity, but conclusions can be drawn.

Yes, and the thoughts of users expressed curious.

If you do not know the farmer personally, then who can guarantee the quality and uniqueness of his products?

After all, it may be tempting to pass off any other product as a farm product — a typical one used on an industrial scale.

Mike homola: «It is necessary to understand that the epithet "farm product", not supported by any mandatory standards, is just a metaphor, something like "brewer’s conscience" from beer advertising. Net positioning is much less correlated with quality, but much more with price.

Quality guaranteed, for example by the farmer Klimov, It is provided by the personality of Klimov, and not by the fact that he is a farmer«.

If possible, try to go to the farm personally.. Moreover, many owners arrange small excursions in their possessions, fishing, walking, master classes and can provide a tolerable stay for 1-2 nights. And be sure to take with you children — both small and older — let them see where the milk, tomatoes and honey come from on the home table, for example.

Perhaps, after such a journey, a new favorite food will appear in front of you;

For you it will be a good opportunity to taste the product on the spot and ask all the questions directly to the manufacturer.

Mikhail Chistov: «Who wants to see how is grown Vietnamese livebog pig rabbits, and soon the greens with tomatoes and cucumbers in the year-round greenhouse, welcome to visit our farm.

I do this in the Ivanovo region, near Ples, with the help of my beloved wives and daughters«.

The difficulties of logistics in Russia speak for a long time. Remember? «In Russia, two evils: roads and fools«.

Many farms are far away not only from processing enterprises, but even from well-maintained roads, along which it can be quickly and easily delivered directly to the final consumer.

Such difficulties arise, for example, in late autumn for small farms with milk and dairy products.

There is simply no one to sell it, since in the summer all sales were focused on holidaymakers in villages and country houses. And autumn has come, and it is easier to pour out the milk than to spend time and money on its transportation. This is a serious problem that stands in the way of the development of Russian farming.

After all, freshness and naturalness are the most important competitive advantages.

Natalya Chernysheva: «I have been buying farm products for a long time. For me, this is primarily freshness and good quality.

During this time, formed a circle of my suppliers. Milk already twenty years I take from my Tani on the Leningrad market.

I know that in the cottage cheese from their family farm there is no palm oil. The best pork comes from Mustard glade. Bird — from farmer Klimov.

In company "Honest Products" I order a doctor’s sausage, home-made pate and amazing Borodino bread«.

It is best to establish direct contact with the farmer.

And then, after the full-time acquaintance — on the farm or in the city behind the counter, if you’re lucky — you can negotiate bonuses with the farmer: order, for example, a certain piece of meat for a home holiday.

Or buy something constantly on order.

Jana wagner: «We have a shop in Karinsky "Milk and meat". Behind the counter is a wonderful girl with such a filfakovsky face, and sometimes her husband. They trade in poultry and lamb.

By a certain day, you can call and order, for example, a leg or saddle. It is a pity, they are there only in the summer season — in the winter they are not. They trade their poultry and lamb, at least they say so.

I also have a neighbor Petrovna. Glorious such a woman, fragile, I sometimes bring her to a stop.

I am recently parking near the gate, and Petrovna runs to me, covered in blood and with a knife in his hand. “Yana! — shouts. “Yana, stop!” I stand, I do not move at all.

Petrovna runs up to her and says: “Yana, I’m cutting ducks here, don’t you need it?

Mostly, two and a half kilograms«.

For close cooperation, the restaurant or store needs guarantees from the farmer. If he ensures consistent product quality, everyone can count on reciprocity. Hence the appeal of urban markets.

The prospects for such mutually beneficial cooperation are influenced by the growing rent and the negative reputation of some retail outlets due to non-compliance with sanitary standards.

In addition, the markets are more often traded not by the farmer himself — he is busy with land and farming, and a stranger sells his products.

And here comes the second Russian misfortune — the human factor.

To avoid this, hardworking farmers, especially those with a small volume of products, are looking for buyers in social networks and collect requests for products from their friends and acquaintances.

Jana Eger: «In about the 78th year, my grandfather chose one spacious, rather distant and therefore deaf village for his pension. Now my parents are interested in growing everything they have per hectare.

Therefore, the volume of agricultural production in our country does not fall, but only grow. In May, I planted 189 future tomato bushes just because they all came up with my mother in March — and that instead of the planned fifty. But I’m absolutely not able to offer anything for sale, I’m directly afraid of all possible doubts of the buyer and just in case I apologize for everyone at once.

Our turnovers are wrong: four hundred father’s garlic selection heads will not save healthy food lovers.

A couple of friendly restaurants are also not very convenient one-time bags of potatoes and other packages to take. So, I have a question: can you collect applications in advance, for small amounts of money or so,
if anyone really wants?

From a business point of view, a good option is selling products to a wholesaler.

It is easy to find, at least on the Internet.

But the intermediary is always an increase in the cost of production for the buyer, and all the same industrial conveyor.

Victor martens: «For me, a farm product is a product grown not for supplying to chain stores by the person responsible for their food and customer.

In Germany, organic and biological products have a turnover of about 7 billion euros and have become an industry, about 100 organizations are engaged in certification — this means that everything has died.«.

It is no secret that most online stores force their virtual shelves with goods from different manufacturers. There is a great demand for vegetables, poultry and dairy products, in particular, for cheese. The owners of such stores buy products from farmers, repacking them sometimes in very odious and bright packaging and deliver to customers.

At the same time, the price increases by 25% and higher.

Farmers themselves rarely decide to start a virtual sale.

Although life itself is pushing them towards it.

Katerina Agronik: «A real farmer combines almost fabulous qualities with business pragmatism.

He studies the circulation of his lands, tries not to use fertilizers, but adjusts the movement of plants and animals on his lands in such a way that everyone rests and feeds and fertilizes them in the right way and in the most natural way.

The ideal farmer combines amazing knowledge and attention to nature and the natural sequence of events on his lands with the maximum benefit from this, and not only financially«.

And for those who only dream of doing this, we give a brief description of the labor process in tiny farms from Yana Eger: “Plant — water — drive away flies — tie up — collect — cut — torment — boil — put in the cellar — get — look for who would be useful — find — pack — bring us all here nearby, who likes — wait for it to take — exhale and smile that little girls have already eaten dried pears, that big girls are waiting for strawberry jam again and Yana has mastered a new pumpkin soup«.

Very similar to the formula of happiness.

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