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Fake food products from manufacturers

Not always what is written on the package is true.

Gastronom.ru has compiled a blacklist of the most common categories of products that are most often forged.

Sour cream phantom
Sour cream is one of the most popular fermented milk products, so you need to really produce it on an industrial scale, which means that the quantity absorbs quality.

Animal fat is replaced by vegetable, milk protein — soy, all this is complemented by flavoring food additives — and for sale!

And in fact, this sour cream should be made from cream and sourdough.
How to check the quality?

Dissolve a teaspoon of sour cream in a glass of boiling water: if sour cream is completely dissolved, it is real, if a precipitate has formed, it is a fake.

Seaweed Caviar
It would seem that it is difficult to fake an egg.

But still.

Fake caviar is made from seaweed.
How to check the quality? Taste in fake caviar gives gelatin, in this — light bitterness.

When consumed fake chewed, natural — bursts.

Pay attention to the date of manufacture of the product: the best caviar is packaged from July to September (at this time salmon spawns, therefore there is less chance that the manufacturer “enriched” the product with preservatives). And at home, the authenticity of caviar can be determined by throwing an egg into a container of boiling water.

If, when the protein is folded in water, a white plume remains (the egg itself will be intact), then this is real caviar, if the egg loses its shape and begins to dissolve in water — this is a fake.

Olive oil: quality by smell
It is believed that the fake olive oil — one of the most profitable types of business of the Italian mafia.

And all because often the producers strongly dilute this product with cheap raw materials, or simply slip a frank imitation (the basis of the “olive oil” is cheap (in all senses) vegetable oils from Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and Spain).
How to check the quality?

There are no clear criteria for the quality of the oil: too much depends on the variety, but still pay attention to the smell and taste: real olive oil gives off a slight touch of spice, having a tart smell with herbaceous notes.

Glue meat
Meat glue (or transglutaminza) is pork or beef thrombin (blood coagulation enzyme), which is actively used by manufacturers for bonding meat products.

It’s simple: why throw out trimming and remnants of meat products, when you can glue whole pieces of meat from them and sell them at an appropriate price?
How to check the quality?

At home, “by eye” or the taste of meat from glue is unfortunately impossible to determine.

Try to buy meat products in proven places.

Carcinogenic Soy Sauce
In high-quality production, soybeans are steamed, kneaded with flour from roasted barley or wheat grains, salted and started for a long period of fermentation, which lasts from 40 days to 2-3 years. Unscrupulous manufacturers squeeze the whole process in time up to several weeks, thanks to the technology of accelerated protein breakdown.

As a result, the sauce does not have time to ripen and acquire the desired taste, color, smell, and this leads to the fact that a variety of preservatives are added to the product.

Today, the majority of soy sauces are composed of a carcinogen (a substance that increases the likelihood of cancer) — chloropropanol.
How to check the quality? When choosing soy sauce, pay attention to the composition, it should contain only 4 components: water, soybeans, wheat and salt. The taste of the original is delicate, thin with a slight sweetness and a rich aftertaste, and the fake has a strong chemical smell, the taste is bitter and salty.

The color of the natural soy sauce should be transparent, reddish-brown, and the fake — rich dark, similar to syrup.

Smoked fish from liquid smoke
Proper and high-quality smoking of large volumes of fish takes time, and producers, in the face of fierce competition, are in a hurry, of course.

As a result, they came up with a smoked fish in a very simple way — in liquid smoke. in one of the strongest carcinogens banned in many countries around the world.

For this, it is enough to add 2 tablespoons of salt and 50 g of liquid smoke to 0.5 liters of water, dip the fish there and leave for a couple of days in the refrigerator.
How to check the quality? There is almost no meat and fat on the section of a real smoked fish, and there is almost no fat in the section of a fake, and the color of meat is just like that of a simple herring.

Therefore, before buying, if possible, ask the seller to cut the fish.

Honey without pollen
Most participants in the honey market buy honey in China, which is not a high-quality product.

In order to mask the origin of the product, the pollen is filtered. Therefore, to be honest, it is extremely difficult to call such a substance even honey and, all the more, a useful product.

In addition, beekeepers can feed bees with sugar syrup, processing which insects make artificial honey, which does not contain vitamins and biologically active substances.
How to check the quality? Quality honey has a pleasant delicate smell, fake — or odorless, or has too cloying.

By consistency, real honey should be viscous, not liquid. If you dissolve honey in water (1: 2), then authentic will be slightly cloudy or with a rainbow color play of flowers.

You can also add a few drops of tincture of iodine to the honey solution: if you see a blue color when combined, it means that there is starch or flour in the product.

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