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Exotic New Year

Do you dream to be on the New Year on the tropical islands, but there is no possibility? No problem! Take a trip to the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean right at home on New Year’s Eve.

Maritime themes in the decor, exotic fruits and dishes of exotic cuisine on the table — full chunga changa provided!

Ceviche — Latin American dish of fresh fish or seafood, pickled with lemon juice or lime.

This method of preparation allows you to save the delicate texture of the product and all the nutrients, and also significantly enriches the taste of the finished dish.

The combination of sweet mango and tender scallop with sourness is very refreshing and awakens your appetite!

Tuna tataki and tuna rolls with sesame sauce

What Russian does not like real Japanese food — sushi, rolls, tataki? If you decide to make a New Year’s party with exotic cuisine, then without this already beloved "classics" not enough!

The main ingredient of these two dishes is quality tuna, which is not for nothing called "sea ​​beef" — it is so nourishing and tasty.

The combination of seafood and sweet fruits is traditional for many exotic cuisines.

Boldly "get married" In one salad shrimp and pineapple with their different textures and tastes — they perfectly fit each other.

You don’t often see soup on a festive table — but the bisque is more like a cream, surprisingly rich, beautiful and tasty. Cooking bisque is not easy, but for the New Year’s table you should try!

Put it on the table in a beautiful tureen or immediately in elegant plates.

After exotic taste experiments, you will certainly want some kind of clear and simple dish, with a taste of childhood. We suggest still not to deviate from the sea and to cook cod with spicy vegetables.

Baking in "an envelope" from baking paper will not only preserve the delicate taste of the fish, but also all the useful substances.

In the midst of a tropical party to cool the heat — if you suddenly want to cool it — dessert will help, and what!

Natural flaming iceberg — baked meringue ice-cream cake.

If during the celebration of the New Year you are a bit ukachalo on the waves of the ocean, very helpful the next morning will have a hearty hodgepodge with seafood.

Prepare it in advance so that the hodgepodge is present and you do not need to get up to the stove after a stormy night.

Serve with a bright seasoning of parsley with lemon and garlic, as well as exotic, like the whole of your New Year, the name of Gremolata.

Use nautical-themed accessories for the New Year’s table decoration — coarse fabric, twine, elements of blue and white wood.

Shells and stars brought from vacation, will also be very helpful.

Add a bit of humor in the design of personal cards, let each guest of the party turn into some kind of maritime miracle!

And as a stand, you can use exotic fruits.

4-12 player game

It is necessary to split into two teams, some zoo staff, other animals.

The animals conspire with each other and each represent their own beast, and the task of the employees is to guess who is who.

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