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Everything you need to know about breading

There is a word breading something friendly, almost crony. And it seems so simple: he took a chicken leg or wing, rolled in flour or in breadcrumbs, fried until ready, and then you sit, eat and rejoice. And no!

What roll chicken — we will understand in detail!

And a bonus: We will report the details of working with the batter.

Have you ever tried to cook a “bare” chicken leg or deep-fried wing? I strongly advise you not to do this. What happens to chicken fillet when it gets into hot oil over 200 ° C?

Outside, the chicken will be dry and stiff. If you take out such a piece of fryer, you will only regret your deed. The chicken will be hopelessly dried.

And the inner voice is sure to exclaim: “Balda, where is the breading ?!”.

Breading — It is usually a mixture of wheat flour (or wheat crumbs) and a binder ingredient — raw eggs (sometimes with the addition of milk, mustard, spices, spices).

The breading envelops the product with quite a decent layer, as if putting on it specially selected clothes.

First comes flour (sometimes rice or corn starch) to make the surface of the product dry and coarse, then an egg to hold on to new clothes, and again flour that is responsible for the texture of the food.

Chefs often experiment with this third layer by adding ground nuts (nut breading), crushed hard cheese (cheese breading), bread crumbs of different sizes, crackers or even cereal cereals.

Regardless of the content, the breading allows all the heat of the deep-fat fan to be admitted to the product through a thick shell, complemented by an air “pocket”. The heat spreads evenly and more gently, preventing the tender meat from drying out from the fury of boiling oil. The breading itself suffers, of course, because it takes all the fire on itself.

It becomes stronger, drier — this is how everyone’s favorite crisp comes out.

This opposition and, at the same time, harmony — softness and crunch — is an indicator of a properly prepared dish.

Cooking cod in breading

Flour is used in the first and in the third layer.

Pros: It turns out a lot of crispy, dark brown crust rather monotonous and expected taste.

Minuses: not very neat appearance.

Quickly fouls fryers.

Classic application: chicken legs, fish, such as hake, pollock or cod and cheese, best suluguni

Chicken legs in breading

Bread crumbs for breading (the so-called breadcrumbs) can be prepared by yourself — this is the best option.

It is enough to rub yesterday’s dried baguette or sliced ​​long loaf on a fine grater (or chop it in a food processor), put it in a food container and store it in a freezer.

Bread crumbs are used to create the third layer.

Pros: the result is a fairly clear, firm, breathable crust that perfectly absorbs sauces and gravy. Minuses: fried crumbs can join in the struggle for excellence in the taste of the whole dish.

Quickly soak when exposed to sauces and gravy.

Also quickly fry fry.

Classic application: schnitzel

Schnitzel with vegetables

Panco — originally bread crumbs used for breading (almost always in a mix with spices and spices, up to coconut chips and sugar), which were produced using a special technology in Japan. Now panco do around the world. They are more «loose», airy and voluminous, as compared to any other breadcrumbs.

Most often they look like chips (flakes), the edges of the crumbs are usually sharp and, when joined together, they resemble crystals.

Japanese Panko Babe

Little punco comes into its own at the third step of breading.

Pros: very effective outer coating with sharp edges.

Minuses: not sold everywhere, and these breadcrumbs should still be searched.

The crust itself turns out to be rather thick and voluminous, better suited for products that keep their shape well, and for tender and amorphous — it is stiff.

Classic application: some vegetables, best asparagus or avocado, chicken cutlets, for example, firefighters

Breaded Panko Asparagus

Panko is good to use for sprinkling vegetables, mushrooms and even pasta when baking.

Crackers are baked, forming a spectacular, appetizing crust.

And also add instead of bread (who is used to it) in minced meatballs.

Mushrooms stuffed with sausage and cheese with a crust of crackers

Beer is mixed with flour and sometimes eggs to create a pancake-like dough.

After the product has been in the batter, it can be a little dry, roll in flour — to increase the crisp.

Pros: Beer gives the dish a special taste.

Beer batter is suitable for delicate foods, such as fish. Virtually no frying. Minuses: There is no clarity of lines, the final product turns out to be voluminous and unpredictable in appearance.

The batter should be used fairly quickly after it is cooked.

Classic application: onion rings, squid in batter or fish&chips

Squid rings in batter

Corn starch or a mixture of starch and flour goes well with icy water (sometimes carbonated) or with eggs. Such a batter does not require long mixing.

Pros: very crispy. The batter does not require long roasting. Works great with shrimps, vegetables and fruits.

Moderately fouls fry.

Minuses: it is difficult to mix the dough correctly, it may not immediately turn out smooth and uniform.

It must be used immediately.

Classic application: shrimps in batter

Shrimp in corn starch batter

What do those who do not tolerate gluten?

Do not refuse breading!

Use either gluten-free bread or rice for it. In the second case, choose, for example, brown (not ground).

Crush rice with your favorite seasonings and specialties in a food processor and use as flour or regular breadcrumbs.

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