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Everything you need for barbecue and barbecue

The picnic and barbecue season dictates special requirements for the quality of the meat blanks, which need to be made at home and taken with you, so that they can make excellent kebabs, snacks and grilled burgers on the grill.

Today we will talk about the preparation of meat products for a picnic and barbecue: what to buy in the store, how to pre-process it, and then transport it to the place of the intended feast.

Chicken wings — one of the main dishes of the summer in terms of the grill.

The wings from Petelinki are perfect for this purpose: shoulder parts of the wings and whole wings are on sale.

To make them juicy and savory, they are better to marinate beforehand.

Since chicken wings are covered with rather dense skin, they can without particular fear be held in a relatively strong, “aggressive” marinade, including, for example, vinegar, mustard, ginger, and chili pepper. The tender meat of the wings is not marinated too much, most of the marianade will remain on the skin.

However, do not leave wings in such a marinade for more than 4 hours.

Marinade, which includes products with pronounced acidity, successfully complements vegetable oil — for example, olive oil.

If you use more tender, sparing marinades — soy sauce, dairy products, pomegranate sauce narsharab — the wings can be left in them for at least a day.

These marinades well complement the herbs, garlic, onions.

By the way, already marinated chicken wings marinated in “Barbecue” from “Petelinki” are on sale.

A good option if you do not have time to do mariand yourself!

Sandwich — the best sandwich for a picnic.

One of the easiest options is the grilled chicken breast sandwich.

Chicken fillet (for example, “Fillet without skin” or “Small fillet” from “Petelinki”) should first be marinated.

Mariand may be, for example.

Mix soy sauce, honey, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic with a bowl. Put the chicken breasts in a bowl and turn them over several times so that they are covered with marinade on all sides.

Cover and marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Chicken breast can be cut with a sharp knife into two flat pieces.

Grill the chicken for 6-8 minutes on each side until the juice is clear.

In addition to chicken, you can put a tomato, lettuce, fresh or pickled cucumber, fresh cheese and, of course, add a delicate sauce to the sandwich.

Home burgers are a great and healthy alternative to fast food.

I bet that having cooked good grilled chicken burgers will you rather repeat this experience more than look at a nearby eatery?

For burgers, only fresh chicken should be used. It is best to use chilled chicken fillet (in this meat, by the way, and fat content is minimal).

You can add meat from chicken thighs.

Always make stuffing at home — only in this case you will be completely confident in its quality.

In the mince for burgers, you can add fried onions and bacon, garlic and other seasonings, finely chopped sweet pepper.

Take minced meat in advance, and form patties on the spot and fry them on the grill. On the same lattice, it is necessary to slightly bake and cut a round bun in half.

Between the two halves of the bun you can put not only the patty, but also cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, fresh or pickled cucumber and, of course, savory sauce.

Children have a special success chicken skewers. After all, all children love chicken, especially when the pieces are soft and juicy.

Why not take this recipe for a family picnic?

Chicken fillet should be cut into small even slices. Marinade is very gentle: use olive oil, sour cream, lemon juice, onions, salt and a little bit of black pepper.

If you do not have the ability to make a marinade at home, you can use the already pickled fillets in the “Barbecue” marinade from “Petelinki”.

If the onion enters the marinade, it should be removed before frying the chicken fillet on skewers, skewers or a wire rack: as a rule, the onions are not very good to the children.

In order not to overcook the chicken, you can do the following: lightly fry the chicken fillet pieces on skewers or a wire rack, and then, removing them from the heat, wrap in foil and dogotov already in this form.

Chicken skewers get beautiful and juicy!

Just do not forget to cool them slightly before giving the child!

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