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Esterhazy cake, step by step recipe with photos

Esterhazy, an old Hungarian princely family, is known to the world for its patronage of Franz Josef Haydn and this magnificent cake, which has become the pride of both Hungarian and Austrian cuisine. Initially, it was prepared from almonds, but the last hundred years have loved him like this — from walnuts.

  • flour — 3 tbsp.
  • sugar — 1 tbsp.
  • Fresh egg whites — 8 pcs.
  • walnuts peeled — 200 g
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • salt
  • white chocolate — 200 g
  • dark chocolate — 50 g
  • cream fat content 33-35% — 2 tbsp.
  • blended almond chips
  • egg (yolk) — 4 pcs.
  • boiled condensed milk — 1/4 tbsp.
  • cherry vodka kirsch — 2 tbsp.
  • milk — 0.5 tbsp.
  • sugar — 3/4 tbsp.
  • coconut milk — 0.5 tbsp.
  • butter — 300 g
  • vanilla sugar — 3 tsp.
  • apricot jam — 2 tbsp.

Celebratory cake — the main character of the festive tea party, it is one of the best and.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Everything turned out well, the cakes are delicious, but the cream, if you mix the softened butter with the chilled cream, looks more like a semolina in consistency.

Preparation for the cream should not be put in the fridge for an hour, as in the description, it is better to whip everything together and then cool.

And the cakes are excellent!

I also have chocolate curled, although I used good chocolate.


What you drain from coconut (clear liquid" This is coconut sperm!

No one ever sells it and does not cook it, it only quenches thirst.

Coconut milk is made from the white part of the coconut, it should be white with a bright taste and smell of coconut.

Retseptic course amateur.

In the original in the original are almond flakes, but no flour and cinnamon.

And even more so soda or baking powder is not there and should not be.

When baking, she used only cow’s milk, replaced vodka with brandy.

Parchment with cake removed immediately without letting them cool.

It turned out very tasty, I liked even my son, although nothing but a buttered cake (according to GOST "Gift") he never liked it. The cake on the second day became even tastier, although the piece remained tiny.

Thanks for the recipe!

She baked a cake according to the recipe, but with nuances: there was only cow’s milk, she put less sugar in the dough and in the cream, used cane sugar, took 170 g of butter for the cream and half a can of boiled condensed milk; do, but 300 grams of oil is a bust, of course. Well, there was no cherry vodka 🙂 Nevertheless, the cake turned out great! Delicate, tasty, beautiful.

There were no problems with the icing — you just need to use good chocolate, and not substitutes for sugar and chemistry.

See the composition of the products.

In the end, everything is perfect.

The recipe is excellent, everything is painted in detail, everything turned out great.

I have long wanted to make this cake: for the first time I tried it in ancient times at McCafe, I liked it very much. Of all the recipes on the Internet I chose this one, but did not bother to read the comments.

I agree with it — sugary sweet, although the guests were delighted (I used to bake 3 cakes for a holiday, and they had a lot to choose from). With the cakes, too, I suffered: the temperature regime had to be increased, otherwise the baking time of one cake was delayed to 45 minutes. With the tearing too tinker.

And I do not remember in the purchase (for me — the ideal) of cinnamon. and here (pinch.) och felt.

Therefore, I put a solid four (if, honestly, the opinions of the guests were divided between 3 cakes somewhere equally), but I will not cook this cake for a long time.

Comments to the recipe of course amused))) I already cook several times according to this recipe.

Important points (some commentators have already mentioned, but I will repeat it all the same): — cakes should not rise much! In the baking process, they slightly increase in volume, but then the volume drops. The more you dry the cakes, the more aromatic they will be, the brighter the taste and smell of the nut will be.

Adjust to your oven, I bake in my oven at temp. 140-150 gr. about 20-25 minutes

Above — the cakes are burning.

Find the optimal mode. It is better to increase the time. — when kneading dough I use "aged" squirrels. Cakes are my job, and I always have soooo much protein))) Aged protein is often used in baking due to the fact that the foam on these proteins is more stable (used in macaroons and Kiev cake recipes, for example).

I whip at a speed slightly above average, about 7-10 minutes, so the foam turns out to be very stable. And the dough comes out a lot, I can bake 6 cakes of 26! see)))) — the dough begins to fall off approximately 15 minutes after the end of kneading. I put the dough on paper at once on 6 sheets, alternately baking 2 sheets.

Even if the dough on the rest of the sheets waiting for their turn drops off a bit, it’s okay — it will not affect the final version. But, until the dough has fallen, it can be easily applied to 6 sheets. This may also be the reason that some of the test is not enough. — I reduce sugar a little both in dough and in cream. — I did not get the icing from the first time with the recipe either.

The reason for folding is different temperatures of cream and chocolate. In order to avoid the repetition of the error, I use a pastry thermometer. Those who do not have a thermometer, I advise you to heat, but not boil, cream before adding to melted chocolate, trying with your little finger so that the temperature is about the same.

Well, like all the moments taken into account. Good luck with baking, everything will work out, and even if it didn’t work out, do not be discouraged, this is an invaluable experience!

So next time it comes out right!

Cake made strictly by prescription. The only thing that did not work out was the icing — white chocolate curled.

Cakes are really bad behind parchment, but neatly separated is quite realistic.

The cake is very hearty and sweet.

Who does not like very sweet cakes — just reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe.

Apricot wait is very helpful — adds sourness. It took a lot of time: about 6 hours, but I liked the result.

Guests appreciated.

Baked too "Esterhazy" ALL were delighted! DZhlya me, too, this is something new and in general SUPERRRR.

True, she did not add flour, made a classic recipe (backs + sugar + nuts) GOD, what a gentle, unchurried, just SUPER! I even liked it more than "Kiev" (I baked it on NG) Girls, I haven’t done anything yet, and I don’t even understand how it differs from "Kiev"?

Here with "Kiev " really a lot of fuss, and this one — for one, two! Girls, cooks, professionals, I want to make it again on March 8, tell me, please, for this cake, if you take a walnut not a walnut, but a peanut, how will the taste be?

We have a very expensive walnut, and peanuts cheaper by half.

Long "watched" for this recipe. And it happened!

I am delighted! Everything turned out perfect! The snowy view is gorgeous, the taste is incomparable!

In the preparation, everything turned out to be not so difficult, the main thing is to follow the recipe and pick quality products (which is not at all difficult).

I want to say thank you for this recipe!

Cooked a cake for this recipe.

The result is very pleased. Instead of coconut milk added cow (recipe turned out a glass of milk). Cakes baked without problems.

Very tasty cake. Everyone is delighted.

Thanks for the recipe.

Spent three days, cooked, stood for 18 hours in the refrigerator, then 30 minutes at room temperature before serving.

Slightly retreated from this recipe, instead of chocolate, it was coated with lemon icing on the cake, and used a mixture of walnuts and almonds for praline. The result is that it is magnificent, a real esterhazi!

Soft, creamy, sweet, sour from the glaze.

Thanks to the author for the recipe, now this is our favorite family cake!

Who writes that it didn’t work, and you didn’t think that it’s not a bad recipe, but something not growing from there?

Most of them succeeded, but you got such a recipe, you see a bad one.

After reading the comments, I wondered: "People, did you even try the cake?" At least purchase.

So it would be clearer why the cakes should not be thick, the cream contains a lot of butter, and on top is the “pronounced taste” of white chocolate.

Here the dough is essentially meringue, and never nowhere does the cake look like 6 two-centimeter biscuits made of mascarpone. Cakes do not bake, and _sushat_, they should not rise in two, three times. It is not entirely clear why people in general begin to cook according to this recipe, if they have very little idea what should come out in the end.

Soda in proteins with sugar. Well, of course, let’s put it, and then we write that the recipe is bad and nothing happened.

just finished cooking this cake ..

I did everything according to this recipe, everything worked out. I am an amateur and complex cakes did not bake, I can say that the cake is quite simple, I have not tried the taste tomorrow only.

Korzhi easily lagged behind the paper, if you make a little thicker edges and smaller middle of the cake, then at the edges it will not burn.

The cream quickly made no difficulties, followed the recipe and looked at the photo. Sorry I can not post a photo 🙂

The recipe is SUPER.

It turned out the first time. Often bake for customers. They are wildly delighted.

Yes, there should not be a dough for Estrechase to rise, should not. This cake consists of 6 THIN CREAM of whipped whites with nuts, sandwiched with cream. Thin, less than 0.5 cm thick

And no baking powder is needed here.

so that the dough does not sit down, I always add baking powder to the cake (about 1 tsp) or vinegar baking soda. dough any sour cream or biscuit -still always

This is not a recipe, just a complete one. The first time I baked, did not work, and the second time the same. I’m shocked, this cake needs a fucking cloud of time, and as a result, such a setup.

Cakes are as thick as a pancake.

The cream is theoretically delicious, only 300g of oil ??

Where so much?

Even a lot of 180 grams, but in general it is better to take a masquerade, why should butter be choked?

I did not even get to the glaze, because there is no sense to cover this cake.

Why write recipes that do not work!

It turned out something terrible, but not the cake in the picture.

Too sweet, put sugar in half and still very sweet, melted white chocolate of awful yellow color and terrible taste.

In vain wasted time.

2. Pro cream.

Again, the first thing that I think would be worth emphasizing in the recipe is the nuances. Coconut milk — do not take the milk that can be drained from the average Moscow immature coconut.

I started from exactly this — in order not to open a 400 ml jar of canned half a glass for the recipe, I took a simple coconut. Milk from it is clear and absolutely liquid water, it tastes pleasant, but not _ coconut_.

And canned milk is white, _gustovato_, clearly smelling of coconut (not sweetness, but exactly coconut flavor).

Here is HIS and you need to take for the cream. Another caveat — the cream must be constantly __ mixed, boiled it not in a thin-walled ladle, but preferably in a bowl with a thick bottom, and most importantly — actually add it after adding a mixture of yolks + milk to boiling milk. It must thicken when the yolks are brewed.

Before cooking the cream is also a good idea to get acquainted with "classic" recipe for custard and its mechanics, why and when it thickens or liquefies, it really helped me. In a simple recipe, 400 ml of milk, 80-100g of sugar and 2 tablespoons of milk are added to the same amount of yolks. flour — against 200 ml of milk, 150 g of sugar and 0 flour in this recipe. I took half a glass more coconut milk (I was afraid that it would be too sweet) and added 1 tablespoon of flour to make sure.

I took about 1/3 cans of condensed milk, 180 g of oil, 300 — too much, not even from the point of view of fat content, but by the amount of cream that is obtained in the end. The cream turned out to be ideal — moderately thick, with a pronounced smell and taste of coconut and boiled condensed milk. It is not surprising, given that there are no other distinct flavors in the cream, and I don’t know how someone may not feel coconut and condensed milk if they have taken the right products.

The cream turned out a lot, you could safely cook it from 3 yolks.

3. Frosting. I will join those who wrote that most likely the pictures are still not white chocolate, it’s too white. I drowned 1 chocolate tobleron 100g and 100g of white chocolate in capsules.

All melted completely without problems. Here again in the course are the nuances — do not drown chocolate, especially in the microwave.

It is better to boil the cream (a little more than 2 tbsp, you can), throw in finely chopped chocolate and how to mix until smooth.

It turns out the glaze of the desired consistency, but an ugly yellowish color. For my taste, white chocolate is out of place here, especially in such a quantity — as much as 200 g. Its taste is clearly felt, it is an amateur, and the jam with its light sourness (mine was not cloyingly sweet) only underlines it.

In general, the cake is delicious. The devil is in the details, you need to carefully consider the products, proportions, and generally know your taste, to imagine whether you will be too sweet, or too coconut, or something else. Sorry to be so long.

It’s just that the recipe is quite laborious, it turned out, judging by the comments, not at all, and I wanted to share my experience, somehow help with advice.

I will add a comment in three parts, because it turned out very long.

I read the comments for a long time and tried on it, to cook or not. Prepared, I want to share my opinion.

1. About the dough. The composition (with the exception of flour) is, of course, not biscuit, although the word slipped in the comments.

My first association was with macaroons, the ingredients are very similar, with the exception of flour.

From our Russian GOSTs it looks like Kiev or Ideal. With the dough, I acted the same way as when making these most macaroons: — mixed the dry part (well-sifted almond flour and powdered sugar + plain flour) — whipped the proteins separately with 2-3 spoons of sugar to hard peaks.

Protein turned MUCH — a full 2-liter capacity for whipping. Dry mix turned out a big bowl.

It was necessary to mix together in parts, even after partial shrinkage of the proteins with stirring, it turned out really a test of the dough.

The reason why someone might have missed it is, I think, in the recipe, it is still worth emphasizing some nuances, for example, the same proteins that need to be whipped _dolgo_. Those who have no experience carry a mixer for one and a half or two minutes, and then a liquid snot is produced instead of protein foam. Another nuance about the test, which I understood only by making it — no need to mix everything at once.

I don’t know if several circles with a diameter of 24 cm on one sheet would fit in my oven at once, I didn’t even have 2. So I made it easier — I smeared the dough in the form of a rectangle all over the pan, spending 2/5 of the dough. It turned out a layer of 1 — 1.5 cm thick, which I then cut in half. I baked it, naturally, not 20 minutes, but more than 40 minutes, it turned out perfectly — reasonably crisp, not burnt, of sufficient thickness so that the cream would not turn it into a mess.

Why not knead all the dough? Because the last 1/5 of the part I baked on 1/2 of the sheet waited my turn for almost an hour and a half and during that time I managed to fall off a little and dry. If I repeat this recipe, I will make the whole mixture at once, and I will beat the whites in half as the first cake is ready.

I also want to agree with those who wrote that in the master class the cake is not 24 cm, but smaller.

Look at the size of the hands in the pictures to step 3, 7, 8, but in general all the pictures.

Or preparing a snowman, or the diameter is still closer to 20-22.

That’s why the recipe will not be corrected — even on the PHOTO, it is visible that the cakes in the form are somewhere in 21 cm in diameter.

Why do people soar 24cm. This is where everyone comes out and 4 Korzh instead of the promised 6.

Looks awful! I’m not even sure that I will draw feathers. Cream unbearably sweet!

With korzhami namuchilas, — stick and after soaking, too.

I’m not sure the pictures refer to this recipe!

Of course it is possible.

It will be your personal version of this cake.

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