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Apple brandy Calvados (calvados) — a strong alcoholic drink based on fruit (often apples, as well as pears).

Calvados is obtained by double distillation of cider.

The edible fruits, which are familiar to everyone, are produced by one of the types of pineapple — pineapple large-crested, it is crested or ordinary pineapple (Ananas comosus).

In Italy, almost all flour products are called pasta. The meaning of this word has especially expanded in recent years: now sometimes even “deep brushwood” and deep-fried are meant to be pasta.

Nuts are a rich source of vegetable proteins and oils, vitamins and trace elements, and they are not inferior in nutritional value to meat.

Chilean wines announced themselves recently — twenty years ago. But they said it was very successful: clear bright aroma, fruit explosion in taste, as well as attractive prices conquered the world.

In place of the Italian mozzarella came the Russian and Belarusian, from cow’s milk — and often very good. What is mozzarella, what is it like, how to choose, serve and store it.

The story of where and how coffee spread throughout the world, has acquired many legends.

Here is one of them.

Once the archangel Jabrail presented to Allah a wonderful plant. Almighty cooked.

The people of Abruzzo are especially proud of their red wines, which are made mainly from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes.

Many consider chicken eggs to be heavy food. This is both true and not.

The thing is how they are cooked. Ideal dietitians believe boiled egg boiled.

Types of vegetable oil set. Of these, olive, sunflower, corn, and rapeseed are especially popular for cooking and filling hot dishes.

Imitated caviar is an inexpensive fake for real fish caviar, black or red. This product is generally harmless — unless it is among the ingredients.

Enumerate the healing properties of lemon juice can be long: it reduces the heat, removes toxins from the body, relieves cramps and spasms of the brain.

Kaffir lime leaves, dark green, shiny, double at the stem, with a very strong floral and citrus scent, are a very popular spice, especially in Thailand.

Lime juice is one of the champions of vitamin C content: as far back as 1759 in the Royal British Navy it was mixed with rum and drank as a remedy for scurvy during prolonged periods.

Grapefruit juice — sweet and sour with a spicy bitterness.

Depending on the grapefruit variety, it can be white, yellow or pink. Lovers of sweet juices should prefer pink.

To make couscous grits, milled wheat grains are moistened, rolled into small balls and dried. Sometimes couscous is made not only from wheat, but also from barley and even from rice.

Orange juice has a lot of vitamin C: in one glass its almost daily rate for an adult is contained. This juice is recommended for hypertension and vitamin deficiency, it raises the tone and strengthens.

Spelled is a special kind of wheat: its grain is covered with several layers of film. In recent decades, this croup has gained popularity again.

Cream, ryazhenka, kefir, butter, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese — all this is made from milk!

Lao cha van — matured oolong tea of ​​strong fermentation.

The name is translated from Chinese as old tea. Lao cha wana production is located in China and Taiwan.

Lapsang Souchong, also known as Lapsan Souchun, also known as Lao Sunn Xiao Jun, is one of the most famous teas from southern China. Differs peculiar taste and aroma.

Cognac is a strong alcoholic beverage prepared from brandy alcohol, aged for a long time in oak barrels.

Cognac alcohol is a product of special distillation of grape wines.

Wasabi are the light green, burning, fragrant roots of the herb Eutrema wasabi (or Wasabia japonica) of the cruciferous (cabbage) family. In Europe, wasabi is often called “Japanese.

Some cilantro love and add it everywhere, others can not stand and strongly avoid dishes with its use. The thing is in the characteristic, specific aroma and bright taste of this spicy.

Kiwi juice — a real find for the diet. It is low in calories, it is low in sugars, almost no fat, but a lot of vitamins and minerals

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