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Emmental — product description on

Emmental (fr.

Emmental) — cheese produced in France.

The closest relative of the king of Swiss cooked pressed hard cheeses — emmentaler, which is often simply called around the world "Swiss" (Swiss cheese).

Emmental (fr.

Emmental) — cheese produced in France.

The closest relative of the king of Swiss boiled pressed hard cheeses — emmentaler, which is often simply called around the world "Swiss" (Swiss cheese).

Previously, this cheese was made only by shepherds in the Alps: cow’s milk was cooked in special large boilers, the resulting clot was stirred by the trunk of a young Christmas tree with boughs, laid out in linen bags and pressed down with huge flat stones.

Alpine herbs that local cows feed on give their milk a special fresh mountain flavor.

The production areas of the Emmental in France are a number of departments in the bordering regions of Switzerland with the Franche-Comté regions (the departments of Du, Jura, Haute-Saone, Territory Belfort), Rhône-Alpes (Isere, En, Rhône), Champagne-Ardenne (Haute-Marne), Burgundy Côte-d’Or, Saone and Loire) and Lorraine (Vosges).

The full name of the French cheese is Emmental Français Est-Central.

This cheese is also made in Savoy and Haute Savoie, where it is called Emmental de savoie and valued above the rest.

Here, for milk, the zone is strictly limited to the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, as well as the three prefectures of the department of En-Anefort, Corbono and Chanet, and for production and maturation, the departments of Savoie, Haute-Savoie, and only for the maturation of the prefecture of Saint-Germain de Ju Department of En.

Even in Germany and Finland, German and Finnish cheeses are harder than Swiss and French make their own Emmental.

The minimum cheese aging period is 2.5 months, with the first 4 weeks he spends in a cold and wet cellar at 6-8 ° C, then moves to a warm cellar with a temperature of 23 ° C, and the last week returns to the cold cellar .

As a result, the cheese mass of the French emmental becomes elastic and dense, its taste is improved, and due to natural bacteria that convert oxygen into carbon dioxide, voids are formed in it.

To Emmental received the highest title Grand cru, it must be prepared exclusively from raw milk (it takes 800-900 liters to make a 70-pound head) and remains in the cellar for 16-20 months.

For that he gets "in reward" red casein label, where except for the inscription Emmental grand cru the place of production, the fat content (at least 45%) and the license number of the cheesemaker are indicated.

Ready French Emmental has a hard thin yellow or light brown washed rind and a sweetish pale yellow flesh with a pleasant aroma with hints of freshly mown hay and a slightly tart taste.

Huge holes in a walnut-sized cheese result from the activity of special bacteria that produce carbon dioxide.

Cheese is stored for quite a long time — it was not for nothing that his huge circles, in memory of some family events, were passed down from generation to generation by the Emmental peasants.

There are cases when cheese has retained its qualities for 150 years.

Experts recommend local Savoy wines. Vin de savoie, Jura wines (better white or pink Arboisred burgundy Givry and Rully, Alsatian Pinot gris or Gewürztraminer, chefs are using emmental for cooking a variety of dishes — hot sandwiches, salads, traditional fondue, cheese pies and even onion soup.

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