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Eggplant — product description on

Eggplant is from India. In Europe, it appeared thanks to the Moors, who brought it to Andalusia in the Middle Ages, and from the Mediterranean eggplants, or blue ones, as they are called in the south of Russia, came to us

Eggplant ( lat Solanum meloneña) originally from India. In Europe, the eggplant appeared thanks to the Moors, who brought it to Andalusia back in the Middle Ages.

Now eggplants are especially loved in the Mediterranean countries.

In the botanical sense, it is a berry, but in cooking eggplant is considered a vegetable. His other names are badridzhan (bubbriana), and in the south of Russia and in Ukraine, eggplants are usually called blue little

Eggplant is very helpful.

They are low in calories, prevent the absorption of cholesterol, contain pectin (eggplants remove toxins from the body), help the heart, kidneys and liver, prevent the development of sclerosis.

Eggplants weaken the unpleasant feeling of withdrawal («breaking») that occurs in people who quit smoking.

The most popular varieties of eggplant are dark blue or purple, but there are also white (in appearance some of them resemble chicken eggs), pink, purple, yellow, striped.

Differ varieties eggplant and in size — from tiny «pea-shaped» from Thailand to weighty fruits from Andalusia, weighing several kilograms.

All varieties of eggplant in the plans of culinary properties about the same.

With eggplants, you can cook a huge number of different dishes, including French ratatouille, Turkish imambayaldy, eastern dolma (not all dolma wrapped in grape leaves!) and Greek moussaka.

This is not to mention eggplant caviar.

They are boiled, fried, baked, stewed, cooked on the arm, pickled, some varieties are even eaten raw.

The season of eggplant in our country — from the end of July to mid-September.

At this time there are a lot of them on the market — and they are sold at a very attractive price.

In the supermarket, imported eggplants are sold all year.

The color of ripe fruit — from gray-green to brownish-yellow.

When fully ripened and, especially, over ripening, eggplants become coarse and tasteless, therefore, in cooking, usually use slightly unripe purple fruits.

Have overripe eggplants a lot of dangerous poison — solanine.

Therefore, you should very carefully choose the eggplant in the store and on the market.

Just plucked unripe eggplant should be heavy.

The peduncle must be required, and the green and not shriveled: some sellers cut it to hide the «age» of eggplant.

The main signs that the fruit has been torn off for quite a long time are: brown stem, brown spots, softness, slippery, and wrinkled and dry skin.

Before you buy, press on the skin at the base of the eggplant: if there is a dent left on the finger, then the fruit is old. Fresh Eggplant quickly recovers form.

If the seeds inside the sliced ​​eggplant are dark, have an unpleasant odor — this fruit should not be eaten, it is better to get rid of it — it lay for a long time and a lot of solanine accumulated in it.

In fruits with pure white pulp, not long brown in the air, the amount of solanine is small.

If the pulp is green and quickly turns brown (within 30 seconds), this indicates the presence of a poisonous substance.

You should buy medium-sized eggplants, since the large fruits of the poison of solanine are more.

In addition, too large fruits — evidence that eggplant too fertilized and they have accumulated a lot of nitrates.

Many new varieties of eggplants do not require soaking, as they lack bitterness.

Eggplant should be stored in the refrigerator. But if you pack the fruits in a plastic bag and put them in a cool place in the apartment, they will be preserved even longer.

A small amount of eggplants is kept well wrapped in paper and neatly laid in one layer in boxes.

For a long time, eggplants are preserved in several tricky ways.

For example, they are stored in deep boxes, covered with wood ash (as an option — with straw and covered with sacking), at a temperature of about +7 degrees.

Funny in this dish is everything: the name is eggplant caviar, and what it looks like. In fact — well.

Eggplant produces excellent harvesting for the winter. Eggplants are salted, stuffed and added.

Eggplant is ideal for the role of a container for the filling. That is why stuffed eggplant.

Eggplant envelopes and rolls — a simple and tasty snack. Oblong eggplants.

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