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Egg flan, step by step recipe with photos

  • egg — 3 pcs.
  • sugar — 3 tbsp.
  • condensed milk — 1 can
  • water — 1 tbsp. l
  • milk — 1.5 cups

The egg has a perfect shape.

But we value it more for the content. Culinary application of eggs.

Hello everyone. Begin to do everything strictly according to the recipe. Then, after cooling, the cake remained in a liquid state. I came up with the following solution: I took 30 g of gelatin spread in hot water and poured it into the next cake.

All mixed up and put in the fridge for the night.

Cake as in the picture.

The recipe is not bad, but before you turn the finished flan, you must apparently cool it. This is not indicated in the recipe, so we got a sweet cake.

Girls you note, then do not be upset. So we came out an omelet.

Of course, over time they missed) I kept on the water bath for about an hour, about 50 minutes.

As a result, it cooled, and in general it turned out the right consistency. But (I didn’t like the taste at all (as they say in taste and color) it resembles milk jelly, which I don’t like either (

What is motivated by such a categorical statement?

klaasno happened! Only I added 4 eggs and 1 liter of starch, I was afraid that it would fall apart! and sugar caramel made without water. just brought to cinnamon condition. and baked in the oven in a bowl in water for 40 minutes then pulled out and for 10 minutes without water. after cooled and tasty thing turned out"!"

Preparing for Cinderella’s recipe — flan turned out very tasty.

Cinderella, thanks for the recipe.

disgusting recipe. I came out stupidly omelette.

And it will not freeze, it is raw, just not ready yet! Sorry generously, this is an extract from the recipe, not a recipe! Do not cook over it.

Do not cook on the stove, only in the oven!

Then what does mean temperature mean? The numbers must be accurate.

The temperature in the oven should be 150 C or 300 F. And what about 15 minutes you speak at such a low temperature, and even in a water bath, not 15, but one hour and fifteen minutes (1.15). So with a very easy recipe, you can spoil any dish!

A condensed milk can be replaced with sugar and powdered sugar with cream.

Open other sites, there is and without condensed milk, such a simple recipe!

Such a delicious dessert!

It does not freeze, it thickens due to eggs. Home on which this could happen — not enough eggs. The general rule for such desserts is that liquids should be twice as large as eggs by weight.

Those. every 100 g of eggs can bind about 200-250 g of milk (cream, mixtures thereof).
Another reason for the failure — you hurry to get the flan from the oven. To raise the temperature nklzya — eggs will roll up, you need to be patient and wait.

Yes, even the cooking time is very dependent on the thickness of the flan: the thicker, the more time it takes.

Did all the prescription!

I even even bought a uniform, as in the photo, but I did not freeze. It’s a shame and it is not clear what caused the failure.

Dear Guest, you are not quite right!

The fact is that there are two types of flans, and this one is very popular in Spain, in South America.

Another variation of the flan is a biscuit base, baked in a special form, filled with various fillings.

Finally, to put it mildly, no this is not Flan! CREAM CARAMEL-favorite recipe of the Turks and Bulgarians!

Flan is a test base with fillings! who is wise confused? because of frustration.

Everything worked out for me, the Cinderella did the prescription of the user. The caramel did more than necessary, so the crust turned out to be rather thick. . More, probably, I will not do, because the result, in my opinion, is not worth it.

For Cream, How to cook better is up to you.

You can try both options. If you decide to cook in the oven, then you should also use a water bath. Wrap a form with a flan in a foil in several layers.

And put in a pan filled with water.

Water in the cooking process should not boil, so, if necessary, it will have to be topped up. Heat the oven to 160 ° C (without convection) and to 180 ° C (with convection). Place a baking tray with water on the grill and form into it.

By the time it will be ready in about 30-40 minutes.

Share your experience, how best to do — in a water bath or in the oven?

For reddy Unfortunately, about cooking in the microwave, everything will depend on what model you have.

In the instructions for it is best to see what are the cooking modes and what is recommended.

In a double boiler, I would not recommend cooking, there is condensation, it can spoil the dessert.

By the way, if you have a yogurt maker or aerogrill, then this dessert is more suitable for such gadgets.

maybe someone in the double boiler did?

The magazine states that you can cook in the microwave. do not tell me how?

Good day. Cooked from 3 eggs, a glass of milk, a little less than a glass of condensed milk (no more).

She held for exactly an hour, they wrote on other forms that it was necessary to keep for an hour and a half, and then only 15 minutes did not dare to shoot so quickly. In my opinion, it turned out perfect, the consistency "what is needed"!

In general, a good recipe, but you still need to keep more than 15 minutes!

generally sucks, milk and no more

vnature delicious but looks like a snot. Did not read the comments, immediately began to do. but while preparing for 2 hours adored with comments (about snot)))). next time less milk 2 times. time snot!))))

you +100500 great recipe!

I prepared everything according to the recipe, but alas, nothing happened (it does not freeze. Why?

I am 14 years old, and everything worked out perfectly for me. And who does not have, in fact, as they say, pens are not from that place grow: D

Flan is very good served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. )))

cooked today. all according to the recipe. I stayed in the water bath for an hour, nothing much changed, so I decided to put in the oven for 40 minutes. after that everything was ready. there was no caramel crust, it turned into syrup, but this is not the biggest disappointment. I will say this, the recipe is a great lover, the taste is very sweet omelette. did not like.

I did the prescription "Cinderella", it turned out great

decided today to cook for a 2-year-old daughter, the recipe for Cinderella turned out to be great. really very tasty.

I did not succeed for the first time but I laid out the cups and in the freezer and it turned out a wonderful ice cream .. and for the second time it was more or less a caramel layer, but I kept somewhere between 1 and 1.5. very sweet dish, the family is delighted ..)

DID NOT WORK OUT! and not because, as they say, the hands do not grow from that place, because the recipe is very, very straightforward, but because there is a mistake in this very recipe. If you stick to the recipe, the flan just will not work, but you get an omelet in a frame of sweet milk. Unfortunately, I read the comments on this page after I prepared the flan. next time follow the advice of guests who left comments!

Today I cooked it .. I didn’t like horror, the husband is generally sure that there is a semolina, and we are so disliked

I made this flan on the magazine five times already. Time and ingredients are the same, but the flan after cooling down was put in the fridge.

My likes.

True, brown caramel on top of me fails.

Caramel turns into syrup.

Recipe failed. After reading the comments, I ended up baking in the oven and in small tins.

Frozen, but the taste and consistency of the omelet with sugar syrup.

I do not recommend.

I am married to a Cuban and flan-national, never annoying dish. In a stainless steel shovel, without handle, volume 1 liter: spilling out 2 tbsp. spoon of sugar and melt it in a dipper, stirring. As soon as the sugar mixture becomes liquid, remove the color of caramel, remove the sugar mixture from the heat and immediately spread it over the sides of the dipper.

While we beat the main mixture, put the ladle in the sink to cool. (he will grumble.). Main mixture: 1 can of condensed milk + 1 glass of milk + 4 eggs, beat with a mixer, add a little cinnamon for a magical smell and pour the mixture into a dipper.

Put the ladle into the pan in the water bath, be sure to cover the ladle. better with foil. so simmer the mixture for 1.5 hours, or a little more on low heat. Then cool the mixture and turn it into a dish.

Well, very tasty.

If giving eggs — put in the fridge.

Condensed milk is necessary, otherwise the taste of eggs will not work. I make 6 eggs and 2 cans of condensed milk, in bitter slightly overexposed caramel.

You can also add cinnamon instead of vanilla.

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