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Egg Cooking Appliances: Cookers

Adapters for cooking eggs: egg cookers. egg cutters, forms for fried eggs

Egg cookers.

Not only the name, but often the appearance also speaks of their purpose: the egg-cooker is often shaped like an egg.

If you have forgotten at least once to remove the eggs from the stove, you understand the main advantage of this unit compared to a conventional pan: it turns off in time.


Yes, and eggs do not knock while cooking each other — respectively, and do not crack.

When buying a egg cooker, decide how many eggs you are going to cook in it (most often models are designed for 3, 4, 6 or 7 eggs).

Choosing the largest, you can hardly make a mistake: you can cook both seven eggs and one egg in it, and it will not take much more space in your kitchen.

The egg cooker is usually crowned with a removable transparent lid.

Under it is a bath for water (made of stainless steel or with Teflon coating) and an egg holder.

A measuring cup is attached to the egg cooker, with which you can dispense the volume of water: it depends on the number of eggs and the cooking mode — soft-boiled, in a bag, hard-boiled. Pour water, you set the eggs on the stand.

Before this, as stated in any instructions, they need to be pierced with a special needle (it is most often included in the kit), otherwise they will crack from the hot steam. Pierce them with a blunt side and set the puncture up.

However, those who are lazy to pierce, show that most often nothing cracks.

Having done these simple actions, you close the egg cooker with a lid and wait for the eggs to be ready.

This will tell you a sharp and loud beep. Most often — too harsh and too loud, so that from the habit it becomes very uncomfortable.

By the way, this is one of the main claims of opponents of egg-cookers, and there are plenty of them.

Egg Cooker for Microwave Oven.

Most of them are a small cup or glass with an inner frame for setting two or four eggs.

This device is designed to refute the conventional wisdom that the eggs explode in the microwave.

Do not explode!

And all because the eggs in such a egg cooker are completely submerged in water.

There are egg cookers for microwave and another type: cups, inside the same shape as an egg, are closed with lids with holes for steam. The egg must be broken, poured into a egg cooker, close the lid and set in a microwave.

It will turn out usual boiled egg, only without a shell.

Egg cutters. For cutting eggs, there are also special gadgets. The invention is simple: stretched crisscross fine stainless steel strings easily chop the pulp of a boiled egg.

Some especially active housewives will try to cut mushrooms, tomatoes or boiled potatoes with it, but I must admit that the design of the egg-cutter is ideal only for eggs.

Choosing an egg cutter in a store, look at how exactly it can cut eggs into cubes, slices, or both.

The latter, of course, is preferable.

Egg Stands.

If you like soft-boiled eggs or in a bag, you can not do without a special stand for eggs.

It would seem a simple, artless thing.

However, it is her apparent simplicity that becomes the starting point for designers’ imagination.

How do you, say, an elegant supply of handmade ivory or exclusive stand for eggs, combined with an hourglass?

Guillotines for eggs. The upper part of the boiled egg is easily removed by a miniature gadget, which in our country is produced under the sadistic name “egg guillotine«(In Europe, this thing is not called so frightening — egg topper). This is a movable metal construction, the cutting part of which easily cuts off the tip of the egg.

By the way, a very funny gift: very few people will buy such a thing in their right mind.

Forms for scrambled eggs.

To make scrambled eggs looks more attractive (although it would seem, what could be more beautiful than a fried egg?) Will allow you to “forms for fried eggs”.

This is either a metal frame, which is installed on the pan, or a special pan of a special shape.

The taste of the dish, of course, will not change, but entertainment is guaranteed, because there are a variety of forms: flowers, hearts, men, stars, palms — up to pistols and penises.

As without them.

Egg crowns. Beater egg white, yolk or both together will help you whisk for eggs.

It is a light wire construction (in the form of a spiral, pear or spoon) with a handle.

Beat egg whites need rotational movements, without interruption, at first slowly, gradually increasing the pace.

Separators for eggs.

Do you need to separate the yolk from the protein?

For this there is a separate device — an egg separator.

A simple separator for home use is a special-shaped plastic spoon with holes: the protein of a chopped egg flows through them, while the yolk remains in the separator.

There are more complex «professional» separators, they are used in some restaurants. They are two containers connected to each other, above one of which a sloping groove with holes is placed.

An egg is poured on the edge of this groove — and, while the yolk makes a long way to the capacity allotted to it, the protein seeps through the hole into that capacity, which is located directly under the groove.

And you can generally do without a separator.

Pierce the egg from two opposite sides: the protein will flow out, and the yolk will remain in the shell.

This can be done with a thick needle or a special “egg piercer”.

Egg piercers. In English — egg pricker. Yes, there is such an amazing kitchen gadget: a small plastic box with a spring inside.

Put the egg in a special recess connected to the spring and press it easily; a sharp needle crawls out of the box — and the hole in the shell is ready.

Are you still not going to the store for one of the “egg” gadgets?

So you just do not like eggs.

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