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Economical hostess: five cherry dishes

Here you got a box of cherries.

Small, only five kilograms.

Lovely dry, sweet — as much as a cherry can be sweet — a cherry.

You can cook the jam, and you can cook interesting dishes to eat here and now.

“Wholesale is cheaper,” we say to ourselves, and, neglecting other popular wisdom, which reminds us that “over the sea, the heifer is a heifer, and the ruble is the carriage”, we go to the wholesale market or to a far village for real seasonal fruit. And when the penny is paid, and the distance is overcome, the most crucial moment comes — to use everything bought as soon as possible, without allowing the loss of a single berry.

Otherwise, all the savings down the drain!

Here, for example, got you a box of cherries.

Small, only five kilograms. Lovely dry, sweet — as much as a cherry can be sweet — a cherry.

Kilogram can just eat.

From some amount you need to bake clafouti or pie.

And cook some jam, good recipes a lot.

But there are many dishes from, and not only sweet.

Cherry, bacon, arugula, cream cheese — summer salad with Italian cherry

Try making a summer salad with cherries and bacon, fresh thanks to fruit and nourishing because of bacon and cream cheese.

Drying in the oven is very fresh cherries: it becomes much sweeter, more delicate in taste.

Summer Italian salad with cherry and bacon

Cherry, lamb, pine nuts — kyufta with Syrian cherry

Not all nations are familiar with sour cherries! But in those countries where there is a cherry, it is appreciated.

An example of this is an elegant Syrian dish — lamb kufta with cherry sauce.

It is served at weddings and other crowded celebrations.

Garnish serve slices of dried bread.

Lamb kufta with cherry sauce

Cherry, balsamic, rosemary — Sicilian cherry granite

In the summer heat it is not bad to refresh yourself with icy granite of cherry and rosemary. It is not difficult to make it, it is stored in the freezer for several days, you just need to remember to close the container with a lid. By the way, if you break granite to melt snow in a blender-glass, you get a refreshing Italian drink — sorbetto.

Adults can splash some vodka or cherry liqueur into it.

Cherry granite with rosemary

After cooking, granites left quite a lot of husk — about 20% by weight of the cherry. We, thrifty housewives, can not just throw them away! Yes, and do not need!

It is better to cook a traditional Hungarian dish — cherry soup. It is cold, but more likely snack than dessert. Serve it instead of okroshka or beetroot, for a change.

If you want to make cherry soup more satisfying, add some noodles cooked separately or a couple of tablespoons of rice.

Hungarian Cherry Soup

Cherry, sugar, cinnamon, kirsch — universal cherry sauce to anything

From the remnants of purified cherries boil sauce, which suits literally any dish. Pour on the cherry sauce pancakes or pancakes, cheese cakes or croutons. A ball of ice cream or cottage cheese, poured with this cherry sauce, will turn into a nice dessert.

And if you reduce the amount of sugar and add a little black pepper, you can safely serve the cherry sauce to the fried poultry. Very nice and easy!

Even if it seems to you that there is nothing to pour on this sauce, still cook, cool and just eat with a spoon — it’s just a very tasty thick cherry kissel!

Universal Cherry Sauce

Cherry tails and water — a decoction of cherry petioles, very Russian and healthy

Well, and the apotheosis of an economical approach to cherries can be considered a recipe for cherry petioles decoction.

Maybe not the most delicious drink, but very useful!

Cherry petiole decoction

The cost of all the products used to prepare five dishes was about 1,100 rubles.

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