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Economical hostess: 9 dishes with corn on the cob

Corn — the simplest, rural roots. We sell it on the beaches or in parks just boiled, with a pinch of salt to boot. What it tastes good and it seems like something more to be desired, but at home, corn can open up its potential to a greater extent.

Especially in the hands of a skillful and economical hostess.

You from us 9 recipes proven and nonbanal dishes, prigtovlennyh of fresh corn on the cob.

To cook corn at home you must first select it. The best and most beautiful option is milky corn, but it is difficult for a beginner to work with such associative indicators of vegetable quality.

Therefore, a couple of specific indicators of ripeness: if the corn has dark yellow grains and the fibers are dry, then it is old.

The young corn has bright green spicy cobs, and the fibers are fresh and slightly moist.

Do not buy peeled cobs — they deteriorate faster. Corn should be cleaned immediately before cooking.

In the ripped off cob, the natural process of turning sugar into starch begins, so the faster you cook the corn, the tastier it will be.

Chose? And now we define the number. We want to save money, which means it’s better to buy more corn and make various dishes from it so that you can eat for a few days and do not frown.

We propose to buy immediately 6 kg of corn (33 cobs) and cook 9 dishes from them.

They can be distributed on weekdays and weekends, and you can cook on your own.

We suggest cooking at home on weekdays. stew, garnish for meat or chicken, meatballs and pies.

The last two dishes can be frozen.

And at the cottage on the weekend: 3 grilled dishes, warm salad and cream soup.

Buy some rare and expensive ingredients for them is not necessary and most of the dishes are suitable even for novice cooks.

Every person who has ever been to the Black Sea or the Sea of ​​Azov will surely remember the locals selling boiled corn, which was so wonderful to dine right on the beach.

So, corn cooked by this recipe, may well be the same wonderful memory for your children. She is so sweet, juicy and fragrant!

Use 6 cobs.

Herb-flavored corn

Corn on the grill is a tasty, satisfying and visually very advantageous dish. If it is properly prepared, it can simply become a bomb. In this recipe for the bombing effect honey spicy marinade is added.

It can also be used for other grilled vegetables: carrots and celery tubers.

In the meantime, enjoy corn-cob sticky with honey. use 4 cob.

Sticky Corn Cobs

Union of beef, corn and sweet pepper, connected by a skewer

Food should be not only delicious, but also beautiful, is not it? Red, yellow — and the color of ruddy, crispy crust so fit each other.

And to taste the meat, corn and pepper are also perfectly combined. Cook these mini kebabs grilled on an open fire.

In the oven the dish will turn out too, but it will be less interesting.

Use 4 ears.

Mini skewers of beef, sweet pepper and corn

Thick, hot and cream — the best corn soup for the weekend

Sometimes milk is perfectly combined with the most unexpected products. Well, with corn everything is clear — no wonder we are talking about the cobs of “milky ripeness”.

But rosemary is much more common in the company of meat, olive oil and tomatoes than with milk.

But we still think you have this soup (see the recipe here) will not disappoint.

If you want to cook it in a season when there is no young corn, take a mini-corn or frozen — but only the smallest and sweetest grains. use 8 cobs.

Corn milk soup with rosemary

Corn soup for every day — simply and quickly

Potato soup with corn proves once again that even without meat you can cook a good dish.

Yes, fish and birds are not necessary for him either. Buy high-quality vegetables and, if you wish, you can substitute water with tasty vegetable or even mushroom broth. We believe you will succeed perfectly.

Use 2 cobs.

Potato soup with corn

Sweet pepper, avocado and corn — everything we love

For this dish (recipe see here) Corn choose milky ripeness, avocado — soft, and celery with green leaves. If everything goes well, the salad will be wonderful and harmonious.

All consumers will be satisfied.

Use 3 ears.

Warm sweet pepper, avocado and corn salad

Corn patties — an alternative to meat, even in burgers

Sometimes, especially in hot weather, vegetable meatballs are much in demand than meat or chicken. These corn patties, For example, you can safely use it to prepare burgers.

Use 1 ear.

To this rice (see recipe here) Korean salads are well suited: carrot, asparagus, fern, kimchi.

If you need a more satisfying option, serve it with grilled meat, poultry or fish.

Use 2 cobs.

Fried Rice with Egg, Corn and Peas

Hot, crispy and unexpectedly successful — chicken and corn pies

These pies are prepared without flour — a minimum of calories, maximum benefit and pleasure. Serve chicken pies with corn can be a separate dish or in company with a mix of green salad leaves.

Use 2 cobs.

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