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Economical hostess: 8 dishes of sea buckthorn

So she’s an amateur, — tell me about sea ​​buckthorn and you will be 100% right.

Its orange berries are far from being liked by everyone because of their peculiar bitter-sour taste, but it is simply impossible not to try sea-buckthorn dishes.

We suggest to buy 2 kg of berries at once and actively use it not only for preparing snack dishes.

Especially this should please economical hostesses.

From 2 kg of berries we prepared 8 dishes (approximately 4 servings each).

At the same time, for some, only juice is used, and the collected cake is not ejected, but is used to prepare a bonus dish — chic sea buckthorn oil.

On his powerful forces to maintain and promote health (from wound healing to weight loss) you will find a lot of information on the Internet. We are talking about food, so we recommend using sea buckthorn oil for baking bread and baking.

Flour products with this oil are fragrant and rosy.

For cooking enough 30% of the fat in the recipe to replace them.

And yet, sea buckthorn oil can be filled with fruit and vegetable salads, it goes well with oranges, zucchini, cheese.

Salad from salmon, apples, cucumbers and radishes — it’s more than just a salad. It is such a dinky and harmonious company that is very difficult to get rid of.

I want to constantly eat it. All of the above ingredients get along together perfectly and it seems that it is impossible to add anything to this union. And no!

Sea buckthorn dressing is our true trump card.

If you like it, and you like it, try serving it with fried shrimp or scallops, chicken breast or white turkey meat.

Salad with salmon, apples and sea buckthorn dressing

It turns sea buckthorn perfectly combined not only with products of central Russia, but also with curry powder, paprika and ground cinnamon.

This must necessarily be used for cooking hot dish of pollock or hake with the addition of potatoes, garlic and red onion.

Fish Curry with Sea Buckthorn Sauce

Of course, the picky cook will immediately say: what kind of cheese is it, if there is no milk in it.

We did not come up with a better name for this snack, made from just 4 ingredients. Moreover, outwardly — this is poured cheese.

Its taste (see the recipe here) you can regulate spices, spices, fresh herbs, dried fruits and nuts.

Small, lush, hot, in icing sugar — well, how can you not be tempted and not eat a couple of donuts?

These are made from choux pastry and hide the bitter buckthorn berries and raisins inside — agree, an unexpected combination, which must be checked in practice.

See the recipe here.

Sea Buckthorn Donuts

All sorts of variations on the theme of fruit or berry puree — a great idea for any day. It’s great that you can use frozen ingredients for such a quick dessert, but in the season, of course, the fresh inspiration from the garden and the forest is of particular inspiration. Orange is the color of joy and activity that boosts mood and gives energy.

Cook yourself for breakfast orange fruit mix — and your day will be fine.

If desired, continue to experiment with different flavors, mix pineapple juice and pears, tangerines and kefir.

A great dish is the most sea ​​buckthorn jelly.

When other mixtures need to be tinted to achieve a spectacular look, nature has already taken care of a rich orange color.

And the taste of jelly is also very memorable, the main thing is to wipe the berries and get rid of the sea buckthorn seeds.

Sea buckthorn jelly

Sea-buckthorn fruit salad with egg-wine cream

If you combine autumn fruits in one glass — sea buckthorn, apples, pears, plums, melons, grapes and add egg cream with sweet white wine to them, it seems that nothing more is needed.

Unless a good company. This dessert can be prepared in the children’s version, replacing the wine with evaporated grape juice or syrup.

Dessert recipe see here.

Autumn fruits with sabayon

Kissel is boiled from almost all fruits and berries, fresh and dried, fruit and berry juices, syrups, jam, milk, most often with the addition of potato or corn starch.

Why in season not to cook sea ​​buckthorn jelly?

No sooner said than done.

Oil extracts or infusion oils are prepared by infusing crushed dry or fresh raw materials mixed with vegetable oils. The result is a quality refined product — a mixture of base oil and extracts from plants.

Probably one of the most famous infusions is sea ​​buckthorn oil. It is successfully used in food, medical and cosmetic purposes.

And you can easily cook it yourself.

We are sharing with you the experience of Anastasia Kosolapova’s user, who in practice proved that cooking sea buckthorn oil is simple and accessible to everyone.

And for those who are not ready for culinary experiments, but want something more traditional, we suggest cooking sea ​​buckthorn tea with honey. In a french press pour 2 tsp. black leaf tea, add about 3 tbsp. l Sea buckthorn berries and 5-6 sea buckthorn leaves. Pour all ingredients with 400-500 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for about 5-6 minutes.

While the drink is infused, squeeze out juice from 100-120 g of berries and add to tea. Pour the finished drink into cups, put honey in each to taste.

Serve hot tea only.

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