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Economical hostess: 7 champignon dishes

Mushrooms are wonderful. They exist out of season, combined with many products. They can be eaten raw, fry, bake, stuff, cook on the grill.

Only when this miracle is in your hands, for some reason, everything ends at best. julienne.

We offer all, and especially economical housewives, 7 delicious champignon dishes, which are made from affordable products and last for at least several days.

We offer you to buy at least about 2.8 kg of champignons right away and create real culinary madness with them.

Do not forget that these mushrooms contain protein, and that means they can well feed even the most hungry glutton.

If possible, buy mushrooms of various sizes (very small, medium and large).

Take 1 pack of the smallest and 3 medium and large. If you fail, take the medium ones and work with them.

Only first, before the madness, show a little patience and prepare the mushrooms for cooking.

Since champignons contain 88-92% of water, they do not tolerate long-term water procedures. To preserve the freshness of mushrooms longer, they do not need to be washed. If champignons are very dirty, clean them first with a knife, and then quickly rinse under cold water.

In most cases, it is enough to shake off the dirt or a special brush, or use a paper napkin.

If you want to eat them raw, and this is not only possible, but also needs to be done at least once (all of a sudden you will like it), cut some clean mushrooms (literally 2-3 medium pieces) into thin slices. Place in a plate, season with freshly ground black pepper (or a mixture of black and white pepper), drizzle with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Delicious raw champignons are with green salad and slices of Borodino bread, toasted on the grill.

But if you want something more satisfying, let’s begin, perhaps, with the budget option of using mushrooms.

Homemade marinated champignons — only mushrooms, herbs, butter and garlic

If among your mushrooms there are no small champignons, use big ones. Before putting them in butter, dip the mushrooms in salted boiling water for 1 min., Then drain in a colander and dry thoroughly.

Then proceed according to recipe.

And here they are in front of you — strong, crunchy, slightly spicy and in aromatic oil.

What to do next?

Of course, there is, and you can still cook with marinated champignons appetizers and salads, for example, potato salad.

We took care of tomorrow — mushrooms marinated, now we go out and arrange a crash test of mushrooms.

Check how the mushrooms will withstand the heat of the grill and remain themselves.

Grilled champignons — also mushrooms, herbs, butter and garlic

When kebabs or barbecues are being prepared, it is foolish not to take the opportunity and not to cook vegetables and mushrooms on the fire. Large champignons coped with the test and showed themselves as the best product for grilling.

They prepare easily and quickly, and as a result can become a separate dish or a good pair of meat.

See the recipe here.

Grilled champignons

The grill, of course, is good, but what if the marinated mushrooms end quickly? And the day after tomorrow, nothing will be left with mushrooms? And what to do with the feet of the caps?

Cook the dumplings with champignons.

They can be easily frozen.

Dumplings with mushrooms — potatoes, mushrooms, onions, flour and eggs

The best thing dumplings serve warm with some creamy sauce, for example, with bechamel or homemade mayonnaise, adding to it finely chopped greens.

Dumplings are a good thing, but they lack freshness.

Maybe they will sound even better next to the most simple salad of fresh vegetables, just do not let them smash.

Mushroom dumplings

So, we have already spent 400 g of small, medium and large champignons.

We start another great snack and spend 400 g of large champignons on it, or rather their caps, leaving the legs for the following dishes.

Stuffed champignons — mushrooms, herbs, garlic, eggs, cheese and bread crumbs

Please note that the recipe is given for 1.5 kg of champignons.

This is an excellent appetizer, so you may want to cook a lot at once. stuffed champignons.

If you are cooking 400 grams of mushrooms, use 40 grams of greens, 1-2 cloves of garlic, 1 egg, 20-30 aged hard cheese and some bread crumbs or breadcrumbs for this. Such champignons are excellent for cooking in four hands. While one person fills them with prepared filling, the other fries.

So it turns out fast and fun.

Champignons stuffed with greens, cheese and eggs

We turn to more hearty dishes.

We start with the hot.

It will take 400 g of medium champignons and legs left over from the preparation of the previous dish.

Lenten solyanka with mushrooms — cabbage, mushrooms, onions, carrots and tomatoes

Do not be confused by the name of this dish, this solyanka is not a soup, but fine second or side dish to chicken or meat. Prepares simply, quickly, from the available products.

The nuances of taste can be adjusted with fresh herbs and spices.

And now, when we have already trained and prepared a lot of different champignons, we proceed to baking. Pies and mushroom patties — who will refuse them? We do not know such people.

We begin to spend the remaining large champignons, or rather their caps.

Mushrooms in puff pastry — ready dough, mushrooms, onions, garlic, bacon

Mushrooms Pies — a great way to cook something between baked mushrooms and pies.

The larger the mushrooms, the longer they need to be kept in the oven, reducing the temperature so that the dough does not burn.

Mushrooms in puff pastry

And now, finally, we are preparing an open pie, choosing lean yeast dough for it and using the last package of medium-sized mushrooms and legs left over from the pies.

Mushroom Pie — Lean Yeast Dough, Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic

For this mushroom pie uses a very interesting way to work with the test.

It can be used for other baking, and for ready cooking you can use ready-made lean dough.

Open yeast fast pie with champignons

Mushrooms have a neutral taste, to enhance it, while frying add a little soy sauce to the champignons 1-2 tbsp. l As a result of this additive, inexpressive champignons will acquire a truly “mushroom” taste.

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