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Economical hostess

The economical hostess can not only cook delicious and even delicious dishes from inexpensive, affordable and often inconspicuous products.

She knows exactly how to cope with an unexpected harvest or products that were bought on the occasion of overly zealous relatives.

After all, the saved ruble is no less valuable than the ruble earned.

And the economical hostess knows how to save time and energy, planning the family menu so that the remnants of the previous meal become the basis for the next one in order to understand in advance what to take to work or to put in a backpack for a schoolchild.

Surprise guests by making purchases in a convenience store and not working in the kitchen until exhaustion?

And this is the power of an economical hostess!

How to rationally use expensive cuts of meat or cook delicious dishes from inexpensive cuts and by-products, how to chop chicken or duck to cook some full-fledged dishes from it, how to calculate that it is more profitable to buy a whole bird or only individual parts? What spices and seasonings should be in the kitchen so that the food is not boring, and how to save them?

Every thrifty owner knows the answers to these simple questions.

Rational kitchen skills come with experience.

We share our experience with you — we hope it will help you not only to save money, but also to save time and energy for rest, communication with loved ones and just an interesting life.

The persimmon season begins.

We eat persimmon from morning to evening! And so that your favorite fruit is not tired.

Strangely enough, avocado is a fruit, but more often it is cooked as a vegetable. Rarely using for.

A small, oily and very tasty fish capelin is an inexpensive product, but obviously undervalued by cooks. .

The markets are already full of cherries. And the cherries in Uncle Vanya’s garden ripened, in the sense of — on.

Plum — amazingly versatile nature. From the harvest in 10 minutes you can.

This ingredient is not to buy in the store, and in a rare cookbook, a section with it is highlighted.

Black currant is a berry that many people grow in home gardens, and in the markets in.

Here you got a box of cherries.

Small, only five kilograms. Lovely dry, sweet.

We all try not to miss the crop of tomatoes. Before cooking, carefully select them, paying.

Surely many of you grow zucchini and zucchini in your summer cottages. And who does not grow,.

A whole box of fresh strawberries is great and economical! That would still have time to deal with it.

From the young cabbage you can cook a lot of beautiful, albeit quite simple, dishes. For example, .

An ideal variant of the source product for a picnic — a couple of pieces of pork. Especially for the big one.

Brussels sprouts is a super vegetable! And the economical and skillful hostess for her always.

Cooking asparagus is easy: it, like seafood, it is important not to digest, so as not to lose color. Most .

Alyona Spirina, a food blogger and a distinguished baker, cooked 5 dishes from white and red beans -.

And remember how in the movie “Girls” the main character Tosya Kislitsyna famously listed.

Pike is one of the most common and well-known river fish. Pike meat is dense,

Beef brisket is an inexpensive product, “universal soldier”. From a large piece.

Well cooked cauliflower with a delicate nutty flavor is both tasty and tender and beautiful. And for .

Dumplings are good at any time of the year.

But in cold, dank weather — especially. Ate a dozen or two,.

In our life, everything happens, plans change on the go, and it may happen that the decision to cover.

Quince is a special fruit, although it looks like an apple and a pear. From it do.

The rising cold leaves a minimum of fruit in farmers’ markets. But there are still seasonal pears. .

Morels can be fried, stewed, baked in the oven. When cooking dishes from morels do not get carried away.

Of course, sauerkraut is good in and of itself. It is tasty, wholesome as well.

How many beautiful recipes have been ignored for a simple reason: in the list of ingredients.

Fresh berries cranberries put in sauerkraut, add to salads and desserts. From the cranberries can be.

Eggplant, in my opinion, is the most boring and patient vegetable. He willingly endures any means.

From pears, oddly enough, often prepare savory dishes. They are stuffed, make salads with them or.

When you do not know what to cook this, to quickly, inexpensively and win-win tasty, buy.

Long New Year holidays. Sudden guests, long walks or, on the contrary, long-awaited.

Roast beef, of course, food is not for every day, but one of the best options to feed with little effort.

The Adygei cheese was always on sale, but a variety of imported cheeses put it behind the background. .

Our columnist Alena Spirina was inspired by liver recipes in France. And now generously divided.

Beetroot is a versatile and truly unique root vegetable. Nothing can boast of its own.

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