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Easter table — Easter recipes, Easter decorations

Easter table — Easter recipes, Easter decorations

What can be an orthodox table on Easter Sunday — a gastronomic and design solution from Olga and Svetlana Chernikov.

«Workshop Chernikov» — This is a family business engaged in a wide variety of crafts and crafts.

Chernikovs make felt boots of marvelous beauty from sheep wool, collect a collection of towels, antique clothing and jewelry, make jam and bake bread, prepare all sorts of pickles, fruit liqueurs, tinctures, sew pads with fragrant and healing herbs and make toys according to strange patterns, collect spinners, baskets , chests and even millstones, … Chernikovs cherish almost forgotten traditions, and about the Russian Easter know almost everything!

Olga Chernikova: It is hardly possible to celebrate Easter on the same scale today. Previously, the Easter table was supposed to put forty-eight dishes — the number of days of Lent.

And what was just not there — fried pigs, baked ham in the dough, baked lamb leg, aspic, game, aspic from poultry, stuffed chicken, pies … But we didn’t eat fish for Easter, but please, everything else.

Where to find a table of this size so that it fits almost fifty, even if not very voluminous dishes? And where can we, with our small families, get so many eaters?

And even if we convene all our relatives and friends, where will we plant them?

However, Easter — just the holiday that can unite the family.

And not only at the moment when everyone sat down at the table — for Easter and to prepare better all together.

Floral decor

Olga Chernikova: Decorating the Easter table is a special story.

Eggs used to be laid out not only in the Easter wreath, but also in young grass — it was specially grown for Easter.

Kulichi was decorated with paper flowers, the whole family worked hard to create.

They often put a pot with hyacinths on the table, purposely podgadvali so that they bloom for the holiday.

Here, for example, in every house there must be a basket.

Put hay in it … Where can I get it? Well, before such a question did not arise, was there always hay than to feed horses with cows?

And now you have to go to the pet store for hay, unless, of course, you thought about Easter decoration in the summer and dried your herbs for the future.

We dried it, so we are provided with hay.

But we bought these purple flowers in the store — they look a bit like heather, a bit like lavender, they are called “Erica pink”. To them under the flank we hoisted a couple of papier-mâché chickens.

The final touch — they wrapped the basket with lace ribbon and put it on the table — let it decorate!

Decorating Easter Cakes

Svetlana Chernikova: The decor of the table we have turned a soft purple, girlish.

Here and Easter cakes with Easter this year, I propose to decorate in the same colors.

But first we need icing — there is no cake without icing. Beat two squirrels and add slightly, in small portions, 350 grams of powdered sugar. We continue to whip it all up — for a long time, about 20 minutes, until our mass stays firmly on the rim.

That’s all — the icing is ready.

You can simply spread it on the cake, but I prefer, on the contrary, to dip the cake in it, and then smooth the glaze with a cooking brush or just a spoon.

To make the cake look even more elegant, we wrapped it with white paper with a lace edge — a lot of wrapping paper is now being sold in rolls, so we have a choice.

You can use a disposable paper stand under the cake, and you can cut something yourself, it’s even more interesting, and again the children will have something to do.

And on top of the paper we tied a red ribbon: red — color Easter.

Previously, it was customary to decorate Easter cakes with dyed millet — yes, my sister and I are big followers of traditions, but still it’s not always worth following them literally: raw millet, even dyed, is not at all tasty.

Therefore, to decorate our cake, I chose flowers — by the way, they are edible, and it is not at all difficult to make them.

We buy in the pastry shop mastic (she comes in different colors), knead it, from the warmth of our hands, it becomes soft. Then roll out and cut out the petals with a knife.

While the mastic is not frozen, from these petals you can make a flower of any kind.

Well, in the middle we attached a small silver sugar bead — when the mastic hardens, the bead will hold perfectly.

Then with a drop of still frozen frosting we glue this flower onto the cake — and that is the result.

It’s better to make these flowers with the whole family — but if at first the children will get a little crooked, it doesn’t matter: you can eat the marriage right away!

Easter recipe from Svetlana Chernikova

This year I decided to make an uncooked cottage cheese Easter.

We take 1 kilogram of cottage cheese, I prefer 18 percent, but if someone on a holiday cannot forget about a figure, he has the right to take less fatty cottage cheese, and be sure to rub it through a sieve so that it is airy.

Beat 5 eggs with 1 cup of sugar, add 400 grams of cream (10-20 percent fat) and put it all in a water bath: Easter we are not boiled, but I am afraid of raw eggs without heat treatment. Stir from time to time — our mass will thicken in the water bath, but the proteins will not curl — and leave to cool to room temperature.

By the way, when preparing the glaze, and any dish that contains raw eggs, I advise you to do the same.

200 grams of butter — also at room temperature — mix with cottage cheese and egg mass, add 1 cup of raisins steamed in boiling water and 1 cup of candied fruits beforehand, mix everything thoroughly.

We take pasochnitsa, line it with wet gauze and put our curd mass there, which we cover with gauze.

With a sharp end down, we place the beekeeper in some kind of container, and from above we put oppression — for example, a jar of water — and leave it for a day in a cool place so that serum will come out of our Easter.

Take out Easter from the beekeeper, decorate with beads and flowers and eat for 3-4 days. I do not recommend freezing this Easter, cottage cheese does not tolerate freezing.

But you can freeze cakes, nothing will happen to them.

Easter eggs

Olga Chernikova: We are in «Workshop«- followers of everything natural, therefore we do not use decals and other chemicals when painting eggs. To wrap an egg in a piece of natural fabric and cook it for about 10-15 minutes — it can be done, it will be very beautiful. Only the fabric is better to take the old, and not modern and expensive, this good, does not shed.

It’s the same and when you are going to dye eggs with colored yarns of wool — the new ones fade badly, the colors will not work.

But after cooking in the old, bright thread turns out such beauty!

We used to always remove hairs from cooled eggs, but now I look, and it turns out very interestingly with threads, such balls are nice.

Moreover, these «woolen“It’s easier to carry eggs and carry it to someone as a gift, and don’t be afraid that it will break.”

Easter wreath

Svetlana Chernikova: On the holiday table, eggs were traditionally laid in the so-called “Easter wreath” — a braided pigtail or a circle of yeast pastry made up of roses.

The dough here should be about the same as for the cake — it turns out much more elegant than if the eggs were just put on the plate.

In addition, this Easter wreath can then be eaten.

Easter cookies

Svetlana Chernikova: “Another traditional holiday treat is Easter cookies, which can be stored for a long time.

For Easter cookies to be rude, antique, you will need to mix 280 grams of whole grain flour with 60 grams of starch.

Then we chop into cubes 100 grams of very cold butter, put it into a mixture of flour and starch, add a third of a glass of ice water, knead the dough and put it in our hands into a ball.

Put for an hour in the fridge, then knead, roll out and cut either manually or with special Easter molds in the form of eggs and chicken, sprinkle cookies with sugar (if you want, you can not sprinkle, and pre-add sugar in the dough) and for 15-20 minutes we put in the oven heated to 180 degrees.

Yes, I almost forgot about the holes — holes must be made before they put the cookies in the oven!

We pass through the red Easter ribbons in the holes and hang the cookies wherever we want.

Well, then, of course, we gradually remove it from there — we give it away or eat it ourselves. ”

Olga Chernikova: Did you notice how we laid the Easter table? They are ancient bench hammers, they are a hundred years old, or even more — we have a whole collection of these bench hammers, about three thousand pieces.

Yes, and do not forget about the candles — we will certainly need red Easter, you can stick it in a cake or in a basket with eggs, and just candles, for the atmosphere, will also not be superfluous.

Easter dishes

According to Russian Orthodox tradition, there should be 48 dishes on the Easter table — according to the number of days of Lent. Nowadays there is neither time nor energy for such luxury.

See below.

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