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Easter recipes from different countries on

The Bright Resurrection of Christ is a great holiday for Christians around the world. And although the time of the celebration of Orthodox Easter does not always coincide with the Easter days for other Christians, the traditions are in many ways very close.

Including those related to the Easter feast.
An absolutely necessary attribute of the celebration of Easter in any country is colored eggs: they are rolled up from slides, hidden in baskets, and guests are beating.
In Catholic countries, Easter is not preceded by such a long and strict fast as in Russia, but despite this, the main dish on the festive table is meat.

And most often the meat is cooked in a large piece, whether it is lamb, beef or pork.
In France, Britain, Italy, the holiday table is not complete without lamb or lamb. Most likely, it will be the back leg or spatula baked in the oven with herbs or in the dough. In Bulgaria, it is more likely to taste lamb skewers.

But in Serbia and Croatia together — or instead — lamb for Easter must be served shunk.

A large piece of boiled ham is glazed and baked.

In the Scandinavian countries, the main place on the holiday table is given to fish.
Easter is always spring!

Bright spring greens, young vegetables, asparagus, artichokes without them it is impossible to imagine Easter soups, snacks and side dishes.
The Easter table is unthinkable without much baking. And here there is no limit to diversity!

Cakes, sweet and savory, muffins, muffins and women, cookies and pastries.

Each hostess seeks to demonstrate their skills!
Try it and you diversify your Easter menu with recipes from different countries!

Many of those who cooked according to this Easter recipe claim that the cake is easy, c.

Cooking Easter cakes from yeast dough on the dough is troublesome, but the result is one.

There were dozens, if not hundreds of different recipes for cottage cheese Easter in Russia. But they all divided it into.

Colombo’s Italian Easter cupcake is traditionally baked in the shape of a pigeon,.

Delightful to the taste and very solemn in appearance. With the softest air crumb and fragrant,.

If you have not prepared an Easter cake before, because you have made it: dry, too sweet,.

The pastry chef of the network of family cafes and pastry shops offers his Easter cake recipe.

Do you know how cheesecake Easter is called in Church Slavonic? «Mlekouste» .

It takes quite a bit of saffron to give the Easter cake a special color, taste and aroma.

One of the easiest and quick recipes of the cake. Just over two hours and you are very much the owner.

My great-grandmother, grandmother, and now my mom were preparing for this Easter recipe. On the eve of Easter she is.

The recipe is given by the chef of the restaurant “Honest kitchen” Sergey.

We offer to supplement the collection of recipes for curd Easter with one more — now without eggs, but with honey.

Kulich — the most ancient ceremonial dish at Easter. In Russia, it was believed that if the cake was a success, then the whole.

Spectacular and not too complicated cake will become not only the ideological center of the festive table, but also his.

Kulich — the most ancient ceremonial dish at Easter. In Russia, it was believed that if the cake was a success, then the whole.

Curd Easter with nuts — nourishing, unusual and relevant. You can cook Easter with almonds or.

If you are looking for a recipe for a delicious, unusually delicate, airy, soft, aromatic.

Mom got up early in the morning, Baked a ruddy cake Magnificent, rich and fragrant, With a wonderful golden crust.

I prepared Easter cakes according to the recipe of Andrey Rudkov and a basket for eggs. I wove a basket.

The recipe tested over the years and many eaters: the cakes always come out soft, fluffy, and most importantly -.

Wonderful cake!

It turns out very fragrant, bright and juicy. Creamy icing with a delicate smell.

Very tasty and fragrant cake with the indescribable aroma of marzipan.

For the last few years I have been preparing a cake for this recipe only! Scented, soft, rich and simple.

Delicious, delicate and fluffy baked cakes.

One of my favorite recipes. Kulich is obtained.

This year I decided to cook more traditional dishes together with my beloved cottage cheese Easter more traditional.

Rum cake is distinguished by its flavor.

It turns out always very successful!

The better you squeeze the cottage cheese at the initial stage, the tastier Easter will turn out. You can not wipe.

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