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Easter menu 2011 in Moscow restaurants

Easter menu 2011 in Moscow restaurants. Easter in Turandot and Casta Diva restaurants, Gusyatnikoff, Lightbar, Veterok restaurant, Pier, Café The Most, Bolshoi, Tsar’s Hunt, Courchevel, Hotel Milan

Everyone can enjoy Easter, break even kulichi and beat eggs, even those who did not observe all the austerities of Lent.

And it is necessary to break our fast.

In addition to dyed eggs, cakes and Easter for the Easter table should be cooked thick jelly with spicy horseradish and meat pies, stuffed cod and boiled pork, boiled lamb and boiled potatoes, fried chicken and steamed turnip, stuffed pig and steamed cabbage.

It is desirable that there be 48 dishes — according to the number of days of Lent.

At home, it’s extremely difficult to prepare all 48 positions, so we advise you to look into the metropolitan restaurants on these joyful holidays — almost every one of them has a special Easter menu prepared by the chefs.

And if you decide to cook the Easter meal yourself, we have prepared for you a variety of traditional and original recipes for curd Easter, Easter cakes, meat dishes, as well as the Easter menu in three versions — meat, fish and vegetarian.

April 24th restaurant Gusyatnikoff together with the studio «I want to draw» and salon network Kangaroo celebrate Happy Easter.

On this day from 12.00 to 17.00 young guests of the restaurant will have exciting creative activities, an active game program from the animators and a tasty children’s menu performed by Marina Karpushenko.

Young and talented teachers have developed classes for children for every taste.

To miss children will have no time.

The beginning of the holiday promises to be active: children are waiting for funny games with kengurush Kenya and developing contests (from 12.00 to 14.00). A little later on this holiday, children will be taught how to make Easter compositions: teachers will tell and show you how to make nests from wire and twigs and make eggs from salt dough. The holiday will complete a photo session with Easter compositions.

Photo handed as a gift.

Stylists will make beautiful spring hairstyles for all girls (from 14.00 to 17.00).

To the whole family per day Bright Easter Restaurant Gusyatnikoff suggests to try Easter from village cottage cheese and cakes, cooked according to old Russian recipes.

All the Easter cakes were consecrated by Father Theognostos of St. Daniel’s Monastery.

Children on this day are waiting for gifts from a network of salons Kangaroo.

April 24 at 15:00 will be held Children’s Easter in a restaurant Breeze. Children will be able to take part in the holiday with an exciting program. Among other things — traditional treats, communication with a kangaroo Kenya and Easter games at 15.00; painting Easter cakes at 16.00; coloring of Easter eggs at 16.30; puppet show at 17.00.

All children will receive gifts from Kangaroo.

Kamel Benmamar — restaurant chef Big — invites you to appreciate the magnificent Easter cakes according to the original recipes.

Kulichi will not only decorate the holiday table, but also a symbol of a family holiday.

Choose a cake to your liking.

The restaurant offers cakes of different sizes and with different fillings: candied fruits, prunes, raisins, walnuts, Countreau liqueur, Blue Curacao, candied fruits in syrup.

The cost of cakes from 1500 rubles.

In the restaurant Tsar’s Hunt Chef Dmitry Kanevsky treats guests with Easter cake and Easter eggs.

On the buffet table on this day there will be all sorts of Easter Russian dishes: pies, pancakes, cottage cheese Easter and much more.

In the restaurant Quay on Easter according to tradition, they will be served kulichs and painted quail eggs.

For children — entertainment animation and treats.

Well, the main news is that a covered veranda began to work, where it is so wonderful to watch the spring finally come and enjoy the first sunshine!

April 24 in honor of the holiday Easter Café The Most invites to a Sunday family dinner.

The restaurant launches a series of family events, the first of which will be held on Easter Sunday April 24th.

Family lunch will start at 13.00.

French chef Regis Trigel, will prepare a traditional festive dish — grilled Easter lamb.

You can also talk by choosing dishes from the restaurant’s menu.

While adults will enjoy lunch, children will be able to spend time not only with pleasure, but also with benefit. In the fireplace room Café The Most two invited directors will offer the children to participate in the production of the play «Eugene Onegin».

Part of the time will be spent on the manufacture of props — dolls, decorations, elements of costumes; part — for rehearsal.

In the end, parents will be able to watch the play, in which their children will act as actors.

At the end of the dinner, all the guests will receive Easter presents from Café The Most.

And the kids — big chocolate Easter eggs, ordered from France.

April 24 hotel milan invites to the festive sunday easter brunch.

Easter menu The buffet will include festive dishes of both Orthodox and Catholic Easter.

From 13.00 to 19.00 you can enjoy unlimited buffet dishes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

On the table will be Easter cakes with candied fruits and nuts, eggs, curd Easter with honey, dried fruits and nuts.

You will find an entertainment program with competitions and performances of the musical group, a festive fair where you can buy Easter cakes, author’s interior items and paintings by young artists.

For children prepared a special entertainment program in the children’s playroom.

The cost of brunch will be 1950 rubles per person, children under 6 years old — free of charge; under 12 years old — 50% discount.

April 18-24, 2011 in the bar Lightbar You can buy treats from the collection of chocolate desserts created specifically for Easter: chocolate bunny (950 rubles), chicken in an egg (1100 rubles), chocolate egg with Easter hares (950 rubles), marble chocolate egg (1200 rubles), black chocolate egg (1450 rubles), chocolate eggs with pralines and nuts (750 rubles), chocolate eggs with caramel filling (550 rubles). In addition, you can buy a traditional Easter cake here.

Easter brunch in Turandot and Casta Diva restaurants

April 24 in restaurants Turandot and Caste diva will pass traditional easter brunch.

As it is according to Orthodox canons, on Saturday morning the priest will consecrate festive treats — Easter cakes, Easter eggs and eggs.

Ordinary chicken, miniature quail and large ostrich eggs designers Turandot they paint it with gold and silver, and the Easter “XB” on each egg is laid out of beads.

In days Easter Brunch at Turandot and Caste diva Special master classes will be devoted to this art.

Easter curds in Turandot decorated with caramel flowers and butterflies, and cakes are baked according to an old recipe.

In a day Bright Sunday of Christ All guests of the restaurant are treated with these dishes for free.

In addition, starting on Monday, April 18, and over the next two weeks in Turandot you can buy cakes, and from Friday (April 22) — all Easter treats individually or order a special festively decorated basket.

Easter gifts: small cake (295 rubles), medium cake (625 rubles), large cake (1325 rubles), Easter egg (35 rubles), cottage cheese Easter (700 g., 750 rubles).

Brunch cost: adult — 3500 rub., Children — 1750 rub..

April 24th restaurant Courchevel invites everyone to celebrate the holiday Great Easter. You are expected by a wide feast and a new menu from the chef of the restaurant. Vitalia Kim.

Be sure to try the traditional French Easter cakes with cod, fish with vegetables, Provencal style, venison fillet with pear puree, chocolate cakes and much more.

Easter dinner will be accompanied by live music and incendiary songs from Courchevel Band and art groups of the restaurant.

All guests will receive compliments — Easter chocolate eggs, a glass of Cahors and consecrated Easter cakes.

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