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Easter eggs: how and what to paint

In stores you can now buy a variety of food colors. For Easter eggs, we recommend still using natural dyes. We think they are more appropriate and suitable for the Light Resurrection.

With such dyes and a few original techniques, the preparation for the holiday will be wonderful.

After all, decorating eggs for Easter is an excellent activity for the whole family, because even the youngest children will be able to create a unique author’s work.

To begin with, we offer you a general algorithm of actions. 1. Select the right number of eggs. Wash them thoroughly.

2. Cook hard boiled eggs in tightly salted water.

The probability of cracking of the shell in such conditions is sharply reduced!

Cool to room temperature.

3. Prepare a decoction of those dye products that you have chosen. To do this, grind all the ingredients, put in a saucepan and bring to a boil.

Cool completely and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

Dip the eggs in the broth and leave them until they are painted in the desired color.

We now turn to practice.

You will need: packaging of eggs, vinegar, as well as selected natural dyes: blueberries, beets, tea and red cabbage.

To get the brown color, not only onion peel is suitable, but also strong tea or freshly brewed coffee.

Paint eggs with tea or coffee

If you want to get a crisp blue color, use red cabbage.

We paint eggs red cabbage

For pink color is good beets. Finely chop it or chop it in a blender until mashed.

By the way, a strong infusion of tea karkade also works approximately in this color range, only it will give a more saturated red color.

Paint eggs with beetroot

An excellent natural dye — lingonberry, blueberry, elderberry, blackberry.

For blue color suitable blueberries.

Paint eggs with berries

Traditionally, onion peel is used to dye eggs in the traditional brown color. So still do all the mothers and grandmothers.

But the husk is useful for more original ideas.

Tear off a piece of husk, attach to the egg.

Decorate eggs with onion peel (step 1)

By analogy with the husk, use and leaves of herbs.

Mint, cilantro, parsley, dill is always widely available!

We decorate eggs with the help of leaves of spicy herbs (step 1)

Put the eggs together with the decor in a stocking or wrap with gauze.

Tie tightly.

Decorate eggs with onion peel and leaves of spicy herbs (step 2)

Dip the eggs in any solution prepared with the addition of a natural dye.

Decorate eggs with onion peel and leaves of spicy herbs (step 3)


The longer you keep the eggs in the broth, the brighter the drawing will be.

Decorate the eggs with onion peel and leaves of spicy herbs (step 4)

Using the husks and leaves, you can achieve the effect of marble!

And do not be afraid to experiment with different colors.

Decorate eggs with onion peel and leaves of spicy herbs (result)

If you like geometric patterns, buy electrical tape and actively use it. Wash eggs, boil hard-boiled and cool.

Cut the tape in strips approximately 1 cm wide and in small circles. Glue them randomly on each egg.

At the same time the tape must be slightly pulled, then the blanks stick to the shell more closely.

Decorate eggs with electrical tape (step 1)

Paint the eggs with the selected colorant. Put the eggs on a napkin and allow to dry and cool. Carefully remove the pieces of electrical tape.

If you want, put a few drops of vegetable oil on a soft textile napkin and rub the egg shells.

Remove excess fat.

Decorate eggs with electrical tape (step 2)

Paint and decorate eggs of your choice and according to your taste.

The main thing is to make it in a good mood!

Decorate eggs with electrical tape (result)

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