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Easter dishes — stuffed chicken, kurnik, salad with tongue and mushrooms

Easter dishes — stuffed chicken, kurnik, salad with tongue and mushrooms

According to Russian Orthodox tradition, Easter table should be 48 dishes — by the number of days of Lent.

Nowadays there is neither time nor energy for such luxury. We offer a shortened version of the Easter table performed by Olga and Svetlana Chernikov — the hostesses of an amazing and uniquely beautiful family business. «Workshop Chernikov»

«Marble» eggs

Olga Chernikova: The classic way to paint eggs is to boil them in onion peel. Previously, this husk began to collect long before Easter. Well, now you think about it a week before the holiday — and what to do?

Onions are now sold almost completely peeled … You can, of course, ask for husks in the store, but still it is better to stock it in advance.

And the color from different husks also turns out to be different — it is yellowish-brown onion white, from red — burgundy.

And if you boil an egg with simple threads before cooking in the husk, it will turn out to be striped; If you attach parsley leaves to it, you get an egg with a floral ornament.

And you can make eggs with a marble effect. It is very simple.

Boil the eggs in the onion peel, then gently knead the shells and cook a little more in the husk.

Thus, when you clean the egg from the shell, you will get an elegant marble-like pattern on its surface.

Olga Chernikova: «But no matter how beautiful the egg is, it will be eaten anyway.

And for memory — and for the long-term decoration of the table — a wooden egg is better suited: it is now easy to buy a blank, and how to paint it is up to you.

Give space to creative imagination, arm and arm your children with watercolors, acrylics, and even with felt-tip pens, and create for your pleasure«.

Stuffed chicken from Svetlana Chernikova

My grandmother — by the way, the daughter of a village priest — on Easter and on other big holidays always cooked stuffed chicken. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to eat this dish as a grandmother in childhood, so of course I don’t remember the details of her recipe.

I only remember that my grandmother did not use the meat grinder, finely chopped the stuffing with a knife … In short, over time, under the impression of the holidays of my childhood, I came up with my recipes for stuffed chicken.

We buy two chicken — large, 1.5 kilograms each.

We draw attention to the beauty of one of them — the one with which we will carefully remove the skin.

This chicken should be white, without «stumps«, Stains, films and other cosmetic defects.

And, of course, there should be no holes on it — yes, you can sew torn skin, but the fewer seams there are, the more beautiful the final result will be.

With this most beautiful chicken we remove the skin — gently, stocking. First, slip the hand between the skin and the meat and carefully disconnect one from the other.

Then that which was not torn off by hands, we cut with scissors or a small knife, and we begin to remove the skin, starting from the legs. At the ends of the chicken legs there are small skin thickenings — they should not be cut off, let them remain.

And taking off the skin from the wings, we don’t try too hard — let the meat stay there, it will be enough to remove the bones.

If something has broken, we sew it up with ordinary white threads, but with a very thin needle.

Also sew up the neck and legs and leave only the hole through which we will lay the stuffing.

Remove the meat from the first chicken from the bones and turn it in a meat grinder. The stuffing should not be too small, so take a nozzle with large holes for the meat grinder.

Chicken fat should not be thrown away — it will add tenderness to the filling, otherwise the chicken may turn out to be rather dry.

We remove the skin from the second chicken — here you can not delicacy, we no longer need this skin, and clean the meat from the bones.

We cut it with a knife into small pieces — such as are needed for chopped burgers.

Mix the minced meat and chicken pieces, add 1 egg and to taste salt, pepper, nutmeg, coriander.

Cut two pork tongue cubes and mix them with minced chicken.

We clean 200 g of pistachios, pour boiling water (skins and excess salt come off), grind and pour in stuffing.

Add a handful of dried cranberries — I suggest cutting the berries, otherwise they will swell up and become too obvious during the cooking process.

All mix and take to fill the skin. It is not necessary to stuff it tightly like a drum — but you should not leave it loose, half-empty.

In short, chicken skin must be tight, but not to the eyeballs — so that during the cooking process it does not tear and at the same time does not fall off, does not lose its shape.

Well, properly stuffing our chicken, sew up the remaining holes.

Now our chicken looks like a bag, so that it needs to be shaped by hands, and in order for the legs and wings not to part, they should be tied with thread.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees and put the chicken there — either on the baking sheet or in the form for frying.

Gradually reducing the temperature, bake the chicken for about 1-1.5 hours, from time to time pouring it with the heated juice.

Another option is to cook the chicken first (wrapping it in gauze), and then bake in the oven to brown.

Svetlana Chernikova: how to cook a chicken

This year on Easter table I decided to put a chicken chop with pork — I have been making it for about twenty years, and I like it more than other variants of this dish. And do not be surprised that there are absolutely no chickens in our henhouse — in fact, the word «hen» has nothing to do with the hen.

But to the “smoking”, that is, to the family — it has: this old Russian dish has always been meant just for a large, family, festive table.

In order not to overdo it in the kitchen, I suggest you take ready-made puff yeast dough, it will be easier, and no worse. And we also need pancakes — bake them the same way you always bake, for kurnik we need about eight of them. True, I make sixteen — simply because I usually bake pancakes so thin that they need to be fried on one side only, so where I need one ordinary pancake, I put two superthin ones.

But this is not necessary at all, just personally, I like it more.

We take 800 grams of not too lean pork — the neck is best, but the ham is not worth it, dry.

We cut into pieces, fry slightly, cover with a lid — let it stew until done.

Cold pork scroll through a meat grinder.

700 grams of mushrooms cut into pieces and evaporate the excess liquid in a pan, then add a piece of butter, close the lid and simmer for about five minutes.

We cut and pass 3 onions.

Divide the onion into two halves — mix one with meat, the other with mushrooms.

Thinly roll out part of the dough (it’s best to do it on a silicone mat) so that the resulting pancake from the dough was a centimeter two more pancakes per se.

Put the pancake on the dough, lay out the first meat layer on it. You do not need a lot of fillings — 2-3 spoons, so that the pancake was closed, but with a thin layer.

On the sides with half a centimeter pancake leave free from the filling.

Close the meat layer with the second pancake, put a layer of mushroom on it in the same way.

Then again a pancake — and a layer of meat, pancake — a layer of mushrooms, and so on until the end, alternating between pork and mushrooms.

In order for the chicken to become a cone, with each top layer we slightly reduce the amount of filling and slightly increase the circle of the pancake free from it.

Having crowned kurnik with the last pancake, we roll out the remaining dough, cover them like a dome, the whole structure that we have and connect the edges of the dough.

Lubricate the dome with a beaten egg and make a grate. However, the grid can not be done — I just recently had a special machine for dough grids, I do not know what it is called.

In the meantime, I did not have such a machine, I did a great job even without a lattice — it just turns out more festively with it.

And if you still made the grid, then it, too, must be smeared with an egg.

Make a few punctures with a fork in the dough and place the rosette in an oven preheated to 200 degrees.

Since there is nothing raw in the filling, it is not necessary to bake this dish for a long time — half an hour, and the chicken roaster is ready.

And you can eat it both cold and hot — kurnik is good in any form.

Layered salad with tongue and mushrooms from Olga Chernikova

This salad is the result of my many years of kitchen experiments, and those that have not been completed yet: well, I never decided whether to put a pickle here or not?

I didn’t put it this time, but now I think: maybe it was necessary?

Well, try and decide for yourself what you like best.

So what do we need? 3 boiled potatoes, 4 small boiled carrots, 4 steep eggs and 100-150 grams of cheese. I took «Gaudu«And a little parmesan for decoration.

And we need one pork tongue, 6 pieces of walnuts and 200 grams of champignons.

Boil the tongue, cut the mushrooms into slices and pass, and clean and chop the nuts in a blender, but not into dust, but into a large crumb.

Now we take the dish and put on it a circle in which the cakes are baked. In a circle, three half potatoes. Rubbed?

We make several mayonnaise threads on it — do not pour mayonnaise copiously, it will be too fat. Then three half carrots and lightly pour over mayonnaise again. Then a layer of grated cheese and a little bit of mayonnaise again.

Again a layer of potato-mayonnaise, carrot-mayonnaise, and then finely chopped tongue. And again mayonnaise, mushrooms on it, mayonnaise again, nuts on it.

We not only smear the topmost layer of salad with mayonnaise, but also spread on it a grid of finely chopped greens.

And in each cell of this grid I put grated Parmesan.

Remove the ring and serve our salad to the table.

Although in fact it is better not to hurry with this: ideally it is better to lay a puff salad in the fridge for a day to soak in, so I advise you to prepare this dish in advance.

Illustrations: Anna Kantemirova

Easter table in Russian style

What can be an orthodox table on Easter Sunday — a gastronomic and design solution from Olga and Svetlana Chernikov.

See below.

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