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Easter cottage cheese from Olga Syutkina

Olga Syutkina, historian of Russian cuisine, TV host and author of cookbooks, She shares the recipe for cottage cheese Easter, which is prepared in her family year after year.

The end of Lent is a very difficult period. After all, it is not easy for the organism to move from a diet in which proteins are almost completely absent, to traditional food.

Of course, cottage cheese with sugar, sour cream and butter is a high-calorie meal, but it is incomparably lighter than a piece of fried meat.

That is why curd Easter turned out to be a very pertinent dish on the Easter table. But I immediately warn you: curd Easter is a long time, time and patience are needed. Choosing ingredients for curd Easter

Dairy products: cottage cheese, sour cream and butter

Of course, it would be more correct to cook cottage cheese for Easter too, but I don’t see anything bad in buying good cottage cheese on the market. First, for the curd Easter cottage cheese should be chosen not fat — sellers in the market always offer it as fat free, but this is slyness.

It is just a cottage cheese with less fat, as opposed to fat, in which layers of cottage cheese can alternate with cream layers.

Secondly, the curd should be moderately dry, it should not be crumbly, like cereal — an elastic, tender Easter from this will not work. And the third, of course, taste — cottage cheese should be fresh, not peroxidized, without foreign tastes and smells.

Be sure to try before buying.

In addition, the market immediately need to buy a fat, thick, real sour cream — let’s not we do the Russian Easter on surrogates.

So, cottage cheese and sour cream are bought. Butter can be bought in the store, the fat content of good butter is 82.5%.

Shortly before use, it must be removed from the refrigerator so that it warms to room temperature.

Eggs for cottage cheese raw Easter, I also recommend buying in the store. The explanation for this is simple — egg factories regularly and thoroughly carry out sanitary processing. But before use, of course, the eggs must always be thoroughly washed with soap and wipe dry.

There is an alternative — to use guinea fowl eggs, but since they are a little smaller than chicken, yolks need to take not four, but six.

Do not be intimidated by a large amount of granulated sugar — in fact it is a preservative, but we do not want our Easter to become unusable in two days. And remember how much sugar you put when you make jam? It does not bother you and does not stop.

If you add up all the other ingredients, then relative to the total, everything is not so sweet and scary.

Of all the nuts, it is best to use almonds.

And in no case do not take walnuts — they will give Easter an unattractive look — they will color the cottage cheese in lilac color.

Oh, by the way about the color.

For the same reason as walnuts, I would not advise using cinnamon as a flavoring. The color also goes into a brown tint, which is not very beautiful. But vanilla, lemon peel, saffron, ground into dust with sugar, — it gives an incredible explosion of both taste and color.

Cottage cheese loves all these ingredients.

Raisins — the most common light or brown is soft varieties that are perfect for Easter.

If you do not have simple medical gauze, take care of this in advance — buy in a pharmacy and wash 1.5 meters with soap, and better — boil. And buy pasotsnitsu (special collapsible form of plastic or wood).

Such forms are sold in church shops, and the simplest can be found in supermarkets.

Easter cottage cheese recipe by Olga Syutkina

  • 0.5 kg of cottage cheese
  • 400 grams of sugar
  • 300 g sour cream
  • 250 g butter
  • 4 yolks
  • almond nuts
  • raisins
  • vanilla
  • lemon / orange or lime
  • a few strings of saffron

1. Moisten clean gauze with water, squeeze firmly and pour a colander into it in two layers. Put the cottage cheese in a colander, level, cover with the ends of the gauze. Put a small flat plate on top and put the oppression — for example, a jar of water, or a bowl with a lid.

Put all this complicated construction in a bowl (whey will drain there) and put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

Delicious Easter — it’s not fast.

2. The next day, when all the products are purchased and prepared, you can proceed to the direct preparation.
Grind saffron with a pinch of granulated sugar into dust.

3. Wash and dry the raisins. Chop the nuts with a knife.

Wash lemon (with it most often) with a brush and remove the zest.

4. Curd cheese twice through a sieve.

It is more convenient to do this with a wooden spoon.

I do not recommend scrolling through the meat grinder — the curd mass will become viscous, and we need to give tenderness.

5. Separate the yolks from the whites and carefully rub with half the sugar.

6. Oil room temperature grind with the second half of sugar.

7. Combine all ingredients and mix until smooth.

8. Form (pasochnitsa) cover with wet clean gauze and shift the curd mass. Knocking the form on the table — this will leave the air bubbles, and the curd will fall evenly. Cover with the ends of the gauze, try to put on top a little oppression and put it in a cool place.

If you do not have a pasochnitsa, do not worry, you can put cottage cheese, for example, in a colander.

It will not affect the taste of Easter.

That’s all, you can breathe freely. Curd Easter the next day will be ready. You just need to release it from the form and put it on the dish.

And decoration is a matter of fantasy.

What is Easter (as a dish) is sometimes understood differently. Historically, cheesecake Easter has long been present only in the central and northern regions of Russia. Perhaps this is due to the climate, perhaps just a tradition — after all, cottage cheese as a gastronomic product was made mainly only in these regions.

And in the southern (also Orthodox) Russian and Ukrainian regions Easter is still called Easter cake.

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