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Dutch Meat with Beer

Murad Kalaev, owner of a culinary workshop Just cook, co-owner and chef cafe Lucky, He carefully studied the culinary culture of Belgium and the Nidarlands — and shared his observations with us.

And then cooked in the kitchen Deli Dutch meat — beef stew with beer.

Last autumn, at the invitation of the Union of Brewers, I visited Holland and Belgium.

What can I say ?!

Beer culture in these countries is very developed.

There, beer is an exquisite drink, equal in status to wine.

In beer cafes, as they call them in Holland, you can find up to 300 different types of drink.

There is a young seasonal beer here called “side» (bock), and perennial beer, aged in special cellars for up to 20 years.

It’s great that many restaurants use beer and for cooking. They cook bread on its basis, add meat and fish, etc., while stewing.

Of course, special dishes are served to such dishes and beers — they advantageously emphasize and complement the taste of the dish.

Of course, as a cook, I could not get past such experiments. This recipe is my homage to the exemplary culture of consumption of intoxicating drink.

For those who want to continue this topic, rent a couple of secret places in Amsterdam.

First, the restaurant Dwars from Amsterdam.

The owner and at the same time the chef of the restaurant, Yo Fassen In the morning, cycling is sent to local suppliers to select the best products for their cuisine for the whole day. Yo uses beer to make wild boar, venison, beef, salmon and scallops. He stews beets and carrots in it.

Adds to sauces and soup. Prepares risotto and chocolate desserts.

The menu is not very big, but very impressive!

Secondly, a beer cafe Biercafé ‘t Arendsnest, located near the Anne Frank House. It enjoys the well-deserved love of the locals. The menu offers more than 250 beers.

Most of them are served in bottles, and 23 varieties are poured from the tap. Of course, there is a lot of craft beer, there is also Trapian, that is, brewed by monks according to old recipes. There is practically no food, because people do not come here to eat, but to drink beer.

But still completely hungry you will not leave here. It serves several varieties of sausage and cheese, which are specially selected for beer.

In the tasting room, designed for a maximum of 32 visitors, master classes and presentations of new varieties of hop drink are held.

Third, the restaurant Pllek. A very interesting place not only by the atmosphere and events held within its walls, but also by the “walls” themselves — architecture.

Complex Ndsm, which includes a restaurant, took the place of a former shipyard.

Now there kunststad (“City of Arts”) is the largest art cluster in the Netherlands, a space where representatives of creative professions and businesses can communicate, exchange ideas and work 15 minutes walk from the city center. This whole city is assembled as a constructor based on port containers.

The restaurant was no exception. Pllek, located right on the banks of the river Hey. In the summer, loungers are set on the local beach, they play volleyball, hold yoga classes and watch movies in the open air.

Winter is good too!

You can sit inside the restaurant and watch the unhurried flow of water and an impressive view of the capital of Holland across the bay through the large panoramic windows.

The menu is varied and always current.

And now — the proper recipe for beef with beer.

4 servings
Cooking time: from 1.5 hours

What do you need:
1 kg beef fillet
600 ml lager beer
50 g flour
2 onions
2 cloves of garlic
juice and zest of 1 orange
25 g butter
50 g of vegetable oil
10 g brown sugar
1 bay leaf
ground nutmeg
freshly ground black pepper

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