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Duck with apples in red wine sauce, step by step recipe with photos

  • duck — 1 pc. weighing 2 kg
  • sugar, salt, black pepper
  • butter — 50 g
  • honey — 3 tsp.
  • dry red wine — 1 bottle (750 l)
  • small apples — 1 kg

Chicken meat — the most dietary. In addition, chicken fillet is a source of easily digestible.

We do not know what nutritionists will say about this, but we, the cooks, have a bird union — hens, ducks,.

Turkey fillet is dietary meat: it is prepared quickly and clearly ahead of the usual chicken fillet.

Turkey meat is tasty and healthy. For festive occasions and celebrations, the turkey is baked entirely in.

We all know the classic recipe for duck with apples, which, meanwhile, is quite possible.

We all know the classic recipe for duck with apples, which, meanwhile, is quite possible.

Duck with apples, unlike chicken with apples, cooks longer and requires prior.

Baked duck — the perfect New Year’s dish. How to prepare the duck for baking, as.

I’m not saying that 500 ml is a lot. Or a little.

Just initially (before the adjustment) 1 glass was indicated. Therefore, I had this question))))

Valeria, in fact, 500 ml of wine (a little more than 2 glasses) is not much for a pan for roasting chicken.

Hello. In step 5 it is written: "Pour the remaining wine on a baking tray with a duck".

Would you like to clarify the remaining wine from the whole bottle? That is 0.5 liters?

The duck turned out delicious!

Not sweet, since the wine took dry.

One duck is enough for 6 people for sure.

I took homemade wine, without dyes, because the sauce is not very bright turned out, I don’t know what will happen in the end.

Duck in the oven, waiting. But thanks for the recipe 🙂

You can cook two ducks at the same time, or on one baking sheet, or on two levels, changing the baking sheets in places during baking.

I am afraid only that two ducks for 15 guests will not be enough.

Has anyone cooked two ducks at the same time? Guests will be 15 people, one is not enough

Thanks for the recipe! All the guests were delighted! Will definitely cook again.

The only thing at the end on top was a duck to fry strongly, covered with foil ..

In my opinion, here it is necessary to pour water over the baking sheet from time to time in the process of baking, it did so, and even an hour later from the start, the blush started to redden too much, covered with foil.

And so, the recipe is matchless!

That met the New Year!

Congratulations to all!

We will try to live a new year more successfully than the previous one!

The duck according to this recipe turned out to be the decoration of our table, the taste is excellent, the apples are yum)))), no problems with cooking!

My son has a birthday on the first of January, so I will make such a duck.

For the Guest who left a comment on 03/02/2013 4:06:15 PM Meda is used exactly as indicated in the ingredients — 3 teaspoons.

sorry, the fact that I understood the wine glass, but how much honey?

Very tasty duck!

The meat turned out quite lean, very juicy! Served without fat, which is proposed to feed the duck. I baked potatoes in this fat.

Tasty too!

Very good recipe, did everything as written. Everything worked out.


For the guest from 07/19/2012 13:01:50 Bake without foil.

This finished duck is wrapped in foil so that it does not get cold while the sauce is being prepared.

and it in the foil oven, or just?

Bravo! Thanks to the recipe turned out stunning bird! My wife still does not let go!

Honestly — the wine was homemade, this year’s harvest!

The best recipe for duck. I have been cooking on it for a couple of years and I do not agree with any other. The duck is completely soaked with sauce and gets a sweetish taste, but not cloying.


Very tasty, just take a dry wine, otherwise it will be sweet.

The duck is very sophisticated.

My husband for this duck wore me in his arms.

Now only I prepare it for large-scale holidays. Sweet

But the main thing is to buy good sour apples. Traditionally, seven seed suit. wine — cheap Cahors

I did not like it, it turns out sweet, but in general nothing

The recipe is super.

Taste and smell yum-yum.

Thanks for the recipe!

The dish is wonderfully tasty, and the smell! Even my brother, who usually does not eat duck, ate a big bite.

The only time a newbie takes is slightly longer than indicated, but the result is worth the effort.

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