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Drinking like a god: in the center of Moscow the St. Petersburg bar Trappist opened

Drinking like a god: in the center of Moscow the St. Petersburg bar Trappist opened

Beer pub Trappist, A new project of the .DREAMTEAM group, opened in the center of Moscow, 300 meters from the Kremlin.

The establishment offers an impressive selection of Belgian beers — draft and bottled.

Since 2012, the eponymous progenitor of Trappista in St. Petersburg has been a cult place for all fans of Belgian beer and one of the oldest, truly high-quality beer projects of the city. The names of its creators — Alexey Burov and Pavel Kokkov — have long been included in the list of the most successful and respected representatives of the restaurant business of St. Petersburg. On their account already 8 institutions: in addition to the «Trappistov», this is Smoke BBQ, «Stuffing & Barrel, Forno Bravo, Beer Map, Bombay Cafe, Smokey Bones.

Trappist arrived in Moscow in its smaller and modern version.

Its area is about 190 meters, in the hall there are 70 seats.

Brasserie Trappist

The kitchen in the new institution is supervised by Alexey Kanevsky — brand-chef of the .DREAMTEAM group, the bar sommelier of the group Arthur Emashev is responsible for the bar menu.

In the bar menu — 18 sorts of draft beer, divided into three categories (seasonal, classic, modern), compact sections with wine and strong drinks, and, perhaps, the most intriguing block — beer cocktails.

Here, the authors of the project are experimenting and looking for new tastes — from variations of the classic Radler (German cocktail of beer and lemonade) to the very hit twist on the aperol spritz, which is made on cider.

Beer on tap will be constantly updated in accordance with the season — another important rule. DREAMTEAM.

A large menu block occupies collection of trappies, here there are all 11, and in the near future the 12th trappist will appear — not a Belgian, but an Englishman.

Especially for the «Trappist» was created an ultra-modern bottling system — it was brought from Belgium and brought to perfection on the spot.

For each beer in the «Trappiste» serves special glasses.

Bottle Menu Card consists of 100 items (80 — the best Belgian and 20 — from other schools of brewing). Today it is the most complete collection of Trappist beer in Moscow, representing an exclusive collection.

Here is the richest in the country selection of gezov and lambicas, among which, for example, rare Cantillon, Oud Beersel or a blend of Japanese cherry and Belgian lambic from Owa-De Troch (in this section, positions vary from 750 rubles to 2200 rubles for a volume of 0.375 l ).

The main range of beer varies in the price range of 350-450 rubles for 0.33 liters. From the menu, you can choose a beer to your taste: wheat, fruit, hopped, something “for a special occasion” or non-alcoholic (4 types to choose from).

Soon the bottle collection in Moscow will grow to the scale of St. Petersburg — there are now 219 Belgian varieties.

The menu has a large selection of the freshest mussels. — they are delivered twice a week directly from the White Sea. They are served in a classic format: in a saucepan, with a warm baguette and in four flavors (all for 1200 rub.).

For example, in the classic brooch visisuaz (white wine, chili pepper, shallots, garlic) or in the Asian version with coconut, curry and lemongrass.

The menu is small but capacious, focuses on the favorite formats of food for every day: pasta, steaks, burgers, hearty soups.

The leitmotif is served by specialties that are essential for any brasserie — Liège and Brussels waffles (200 rubles) with different additives, Belgian french fries (350 rubles) or handmade mini sausages (450 rubles).

Soon the menu will be supplemented with new positions and special offers.

Already, there is a 15% discount on draft beer with you, later dinners will appear and in the very near future Trappist will be the only place in Moscow where you can try the Belgian gin Filliers Dry Gin 28.


Alexey Burov

Concept chef, co-owner of the .DREAMTEAM group. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, in 2011 he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University.

He studied and trained at SWISSAM, at the breweries Budels (Brabant, Holland), Oud Beersel (Brussels, Belgium), as well as at Freedmen’s BBQ (Austin, USA).

Projects: Smoke BBQ, Trappist (Petersburg and Moscow), Minced & Barrel, Forno Bravo, Beer Map, Bombay Cafe, Smokey Bones.

Pavel Kokkov

Brand bartender, co-owner of the .DREAMTEAM group.

Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (ENGECON). He visited more than 70 breweries around the world, trained and studied at the breweries Schneider (Bavaria), Budels (Holland), Anderson Valley (California).

In addition to the culture of beer, Paul also enjoys wines, visited dozens of wineries, favorite regions — Burgundy, Loire Valley, California.

He graduated from the wine school «Enotria».

Projects: Smoke BBQ, Trappist (Petersburg and Moscow), Minced & Barrel, Forno Bravo, Beer Map, Bombay Cafe, Smokey Bones.

Alexey Kanevsky

Brand chef of the .DREAMTEAM group of Burov and Kokkov.

The second-generation chef for the past 15 years has worked only in the most prestigious restaurants. He worked with such outstanding chefs as Alain Ducasse, Pierre Ermet, Evan Le Roy (one of America’s best barbecue chefs). In 2017, Alexey joined the group of Burov and Kokkov, which is famous not only for its expertise in meat and barbecue, but also for its extensive beer menu.

Now in Russia there are only two chefs with such recognized professionalism in Texas barbecue — Alexey Burov and Alexey Kanevsky.

Together with the «Trappist» Kanevsky returns to Moscow and arranges the work of the institution here.

Andrey Serganov

Co-owner of beer restaurants «Durdin», «Bavarius», «Birodrom», and more recently «Birmarket», «Pivbar» and «Belgik».

It was he who was the person who in 2009-2011 brought American beer to Russian restaurants, in particular Anderson Valley.

Bolshaya Cherkassky Lane, 15-17, p. 1

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