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Donuts from Alexander Seleznev

So: I have not tried these donuts.

I ate donuts that my grandmother made — I wake up in the morning, and the house already smells like deep-fried dough.

I myself decided to cook donuts for the first time when I was studying at a culinary college.

I did not succeed: it burned outside, it remained completely raw inside.

And all because you need to be able to catch the right temperature of the deep-fryer, which only comes with experience.

But even an experienced culinary specialist, I advise you to first throw a small piece of dough into the deep-fryer and see how he behaves.

If the butter began to foam, and the prototype was completely roasted in 10 seconds, it means that you fry the fryers.

And if a piece of dough is already white for the third minute, it means that the butter is cold and the donut will turn out to be boiled and tasteless.

In order for a donut to be well-cooked, not burned, and not left raw in the middle, each side of it should be roasted for a minute — this is about our donated donuts, who cook a little faster than whole donuts.

Apparently, this is why our donut with a hole appeared precisely because we love everything to be done as soon as possible.

Or maybe we prefer donated donuts, because we always loved all kinds of donut bagels.

There is still a legend that a sailor invented the ring donut — he was standing at the helm, eating cake, and then he suddenly needed both hands and he planted his food on the steering wheel spoke.

However, this is just a legend.

In reality, donuts came to us from Poland, and came relatively recently — in fact, until the middle of the 19th century, Russia had almost no fry. Just because sunflower oil appeared only in the 30s of the XIX century, and before that, what was it to fry?

Olive oil in our area was exotic, and creamy deep-frying will not work.

However, even now olive oil is no longer a rarity, I still recommend roasting donuts on sunflower, and the most neutral variety should be chosen: any fragrant, tasty butter will give its taste and smell to donuts, which is completely useless to us.

In general, each country has its own donuts.

I love berliners very much — German donuts with jam or apricot jam.

But I don’t like American donuts, although they, of course, are beautiful — with icing, with all sorts of decorations, but this does not help the cause.

I love Spanish churros from choux pastry, such as for profiteroles. You cut the parchment into rectangles, for each of them you squeeze the dough out of a pastry bag with a stick, a ring, a figure eight, and right along with the parchment you throw it at the deep-fat fryer. There the parchment falls off, you take it out, turn over the churros, and the wonderful Spanish donut is ready.

And it can be even simpler — the dough is squeezed out of the pastry bag directly into the fryer, and you cut ten inches of sausage with scissors.

And no parchment is needed.

Recently in Turkey I tried their version of donuts — Lakma. A huge vat of boiling oil stood right on the street, the cook threw a donut billet into it, and then, after frying it properly, put it in a prepared cold syrup from water, sugar, honey, lemon juice, lemon zest and cinnamon.

It is also very tasty, although sweeter than usual, and such donuts are stored for a long time, which is very important for the Turkish climate.

But our Russian donuts are better off in the heat of the heat.

I know that we have craftsmen who make donuts from ready-made puff pastry.

Well, fine, to health — only this is not donuts at all.

And those who share with the world the original recipe for donuts with meat should be reconciled with the fact that this is not donuts, but belyashi.

Before I go over to the recipes of my favorite donuts with a hole, let me give you some tips.

All products you use should be at room temperature — eggs, butter, and milk “just out of the refrigerator” do not work, so get them at least an hour before cooking.

It is better to cut donuts on parchment, on it to cover them with a film and put them in a warm place until they fit one and a half times. By the way, no one bothers you to act according to the method of churros and throw donuts in boiling oil along with a piece of parchment.

Do not want to fry the parchment?

Then let donuts from him just slide into boiling oil, hands it can be difficult to take them.

As long as the dough fits, do not make drafts and do not make noise in the presence of future donuts — the yeast dough does not like it.

And do not endlessly look under the film to see how our business is there — this fuss prevents the dough from reaching.

Finished donuts should certainly be put on paper towels — to get rid of excess fat.

And you shouldn’t add just roasted donuts as a slide — the bottom row will certainly flatten.

Cooking donuts is a simple process, but not for a beginner: you have to be able to work with yeast and, most importantly, you need to feel the dough! Like this? And, for example, like this: an experienced pastry chef understands that the dough only seems too thin, and an inexperienced person decides that he must immediately add flour, so he will have oak donuts.

And should be light, airy, but fat, so that the lips were oily. Yes, donuts do not take away calories, I would not recommend it to anyone every day.

But sometimes you can pamper yourself!

Donuts on kefir or sour cream from Alexander Seleznev

1. Sift 450 g of flour.

Add 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, a little nutmeg, 250 g sugar, 200 g kefir (preferably 3% fat) or sour cream (20%), 5 tablespoons of milk, 50 g melted butter and zest of 1 orange.

2. Thoroughly knead the dough and set for half an hour in a warm place — let it fit.

3. On a floured table or on parchment, roll out the dough with a layer of five centimeters.

4. Armed with pastry cups or cups of different sizes, we cut out ringlets from the rolled dough.

5. Close the rings with a film and leave for 15 minutes alone.

6. We take a fryer or just a saucepan, preferably a broad top, but with a narrow bottom and heat the right amount of vegetable oil in it (usually at least 0.5 liters is required).

7. Throw future donuts into deep-fried — you can gently shake them from the parchment cut into pieces, or you can take it with your hands — the dough is quite strong.

8. Fry each side of the donut for a minute.

9. We put the finished donuts on a paper towel, then put them on a plate, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and quickly give them to the suffering.

1. Fill the bag (12-13 g) of yeast with five spoons of warm milk, add a little sugar and let it rise.

2. Sift 450 g of flour, add the risen yeast, 1 egg, 450 g of milk, 90 g of sugar, 150 g of grated apples and at the very end 50 g of melted butter and 120 g of yogurt (natural, not fruit).

Mix thoroughly and put the dough for half an hour in a warm place.

3. We spread the dough on the parchment — the dough turns out to be very tender, so that the parchment is required here — and cut circles.

However, you can simply take this dough with a spoon and put it on parchment — then you will get donuts without a hole.

4. Cover all this with a film and put another 15 minutes in a warm place.

5. Prepare fryers, throw donuts there, fry for a minute on each side, do not forget to remove the fallen parchment from the oil.

6. We take out, put on a paper towel, shift it to a dish, sprinkle with powdered sugar and immediately eat.

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