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Dolma, step by step recipe with photos

Dolma can be served with sour cream, kefir or matsoni. Garlic with finely chopped greens will not be superfluous.

You can cook vegetarian dolma by making minced greens from dill, cilantro, spinach, and green onions with rice and boiled eggs.

  • 10 sprigs of mint
  • For refueling:
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • 30 pieces:
  • 500 g minced lamb
  • onion — 1 onion
  • 200 g pickled grape leaves
  • parsley
  • 0.5 cup rice
  • Olive oil — 1 tbsp.
  • 0.5 tsp. dried thyme
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil

From the XVII to the beginning of the XIX century. Armenia was divided between Turkey and Iran.

During this period, the economy of Armenia, its human and material resources declined, but the spiritual and material culture did not change, and the Armenian cuisine did not die either. On the contrary, Armenians contributed to the Turkish-Seljuks cuisine, so many truly Armenian dishes later became known in Europe through Turks as supposedly Turkish dishes (for example, dolma) [11]

If dolma is a Turkish dish, why do Azeris assign it? Dolma is a national dish of the Turks. not Armenians or Azeris. I ask our dishes not to appropriate. This is our Turkish dish!

The recipe is not bad, but I advise you to stew dolma in beef broth.

I made dolma for the first time. I chose this recipe and it turned out very tasty.

Thank. as a sauce used natural yogurt with lemon juice, chopped herbs and garlic.

I heard that Dolma is an Armenian dish). By the way, it turned out delicious). The relatives appreciated 🙂



Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

It turned out divinely.

Only I added the cooked rice to the stuffing.

we have dishes in tajikistan "kabobi barga currents" preparing for zirbaki as for pilaf.

I don’t understand why they argue so much. the main thing is delicious. and beef it everywhere even in Yakutia.

Thanks to all the nations who came up with this recipe. Turks, Ozerbajans, Armenians and Tajiks, Uzbeks, Arabs, Greeks and all. importantly and organically. all great.

Dolma is the national Azerbaijani cuisine! Proof of the name itself.

And who gives this dish, even though we have always been an example for everyone, LET IMPROVE.

Dolma is the national AZERBAIJANI dish (derived from the Türkic verb dolmak (Turkish dolmak) with the meaning “fill”, while the Armenians have nothing close even to the word).

Armenians have never had anything national. Stop grabbing Azerbaijani national dishes with this.

Please tell me how to calculate the amount of minced meat, and portions for 20 people ??

No need to argue, this is a very tasty dish and all nations love it and cook with pleasure. And we are all from the USSR and our motto "My address is the Soviet Union"

)))) let’s argue further. This dish has been invented by many nations for many centuries. let’s argue about borsch)))))

Che for delirium Dolma is not an Armenian dish but Nogai, Kumyk, Azerbaijan dish. Armenians have their dishes like Bozbash, Pilaf, Shish Kebab

What is the difference to which kitchen is dolma? Well, it does not belong to the Turkmen cuisine, but I have a vineyard and fresh vine leaves, why don’t I do it and consider Turkmen cuisine? 🙂

Dolma is an ARMENIAN dish.

Dolma is a Turkish Dish (in Turkish "doldurmag" — "fill") Dolma is one of the favorite and popular dishes in the Azerbaijani cuisine.

Dolma is an Armenian dish, but not a national, national dish of Armenians is Khash, and dolma is not a Turkish or Azerbaijani dish.

so what’s the difference whose dish it is! the main thing is delicious

Even on such a wonderful site you come across "clever men", fanning an elephant from a fly, can you expand the discussion of what was at the beginning — an egg or a chicken?

In fact, Dolma is a Turkish traditional dish, and not what is not Armenian.

Dolma is a stuffed pepper with spices (from the verb doldurmak — stuffed).

And the recipe that is given here is SARMA (from the Turkish sarmak — to wrap).

I have long been looking for a dolma recipe to cook at home. This is just something unreal tasty.

We are delighted, thank you. Leaves picked marinated in the market, minced lamb.

Sour garlic was put into sour cream, which was filled with dolma. SUPER! )

Rice can not be added or replaced with vegetable roasted pine nuts.

The filling is even tastier if you add finely chopped fresh oregano leaves.

And I made from young leaves, much tastier.

And lamb is not important, you can take any meat, just add a little lamb fat and be sure to put the tomatoes in the mince, so that the meat is tender, and of course cilantro, dill.

"dolma" — Turkish word, translated means "filled". Draw conclusions whose kitchen is this;)

Dolma — Armenian national dish! No need to write a lie!


dolma eto nastoyashaya AZERBAYCANSKAYA eda, a ne kakaya vam tam armyanskaya

awesome recipe, the combination of lamb with mint is delicious! thank!

Dolma is super !!)) Unas in Uzbekistan can be bought all year round, so we cook often !!)))

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