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Dishes with chickpeas

Chickpea beans are from half to one and a half centimeters in diameter and have an unusual shape, resembling a sheep’s head with a bird’s beak.

From here and one more name — «mutton peas».

Chickpeas ranks third in the world in popularity among legumes after peas and beans.
Compared with other legumes, the protein content in chickpeas is not large, it is well absorbed.

In terms of the number of essential non-essential acids, methionine and tryptophan, chickpeas outperform other legumes.
Chickpeas contains fiber, which improves digestion, a beneficial effect on the heart.

Chickpeas supply the body with energy, which is used gradually, without increasing the level of sugar in the blood.

Chickpea sprouts contain high-quality proteins and fats, fiber, high amounts of calcium, as well as magnesium, potassium, vitamins A and C. They have a low calorie content and high nutritional value.
Modern researchers believe that chickpeas reduce cholesterol levels.
Chickpeas — a variety of legumes, which, it seems, is completely indestructible. Therefore, it is first soaked in water at night, and preferably for 48 hours.

Water should be changed periodically so that it does not ferment.

Then the chickpeas are poured with fresh water, brought to a boil and boiled without adding salt over low heat until cooked, an hour and a half or two.

Cooking chickpeas can be accelerated by using a pressure cooker.
Cooked chickpea in the form of canned food is also marketed, which significantly reduces the cooking time of chickpea dishes.
In a canned form, it is harder than other beans, it is not boiled softly in salads and salads, and may remain intact when it is ground or baked for a snack.

One may scold mayonnaise and wrinkle up his nose, but if the most popular sauce is cooked at home from.

Middle Eastern dish, whose homeland no one can pinpoint. Egyptians claim to be theirs.

Buddha’s cup is a dish in which you can put everything your heart desires. Shit, to.

Bruschetta with chanterelles on a crispy baguette — a real delicacy. From the secret ingredients here.

In this Maghreb quinoa salad there are all the textures, tastes and colors. Serve as independent.

Hummus is traditionally prepared only from chickpeas. we "rephrased" this popular one.

Although this spread is made of chickpea, it cannot be called traditional hummus — its taste is much.

Hummus somehow imperceptibly became a familiar meal on our table. Classic hummus is made from chickpea,.

For such a soup, you can submit sandwiches from Borodino bread with smoked bacon, sliced ​​thin.

If you ever come to Crete in the winter, you will often meet such soup in the taverns. Is he .

Classic hummus in Lebanon is made from chickpea puree with the addition of tahini (sesame) paste,.

A recipe in which the East meets the North. From the Middle East, we take the principle of fragrant, finely.

Recently it happened that we left home for 10 days … The trip was planned, and therefore.

This salad with apples and pumpkin requires advance preparation, but in general it is easy to prepare. .

Falafel, of course, can be called an off-season dish. But only in the summer chickpea balls open.

Hummus is cooked throughout the Middle East and in the Maghreb countries. Here to the traditional pattern "chickpeas +.

Easy in all respects recipe for a refreshing snack from the chef "Nowhere not.

Wonderful snack of chickpeas and baked peppers.

Very aromatic, spicy and satisfying.

The recipe is from chef Regis Trigel, where all the trendiest ingredients are pak choi, hummus and.

If you want to cook something unusual for dinner, think about this salad. Spicy.

The dish consists of several components, which involve separate stages of preparation. Of.

Hummus is a great Middle Eastern cuisine snack, representing chickpea and tahini puree.

What is Labane and what it is eaten with, you will learn by tasting this dish with Middle Eastern snacks. .

From the classic Caesar in this salad — only the leaves of the novel and the name itself. The rest is.

Often a meal without meat is called boring.

But is it possible to think so, looking at this dish? In him .

Even in hot summer there are cool days when you want something warming, which is to say about.

Recipe courtesy of gastropub chef "We are not going anywhere" Dmitry Shurshakov

This hummus is very good as an appetizer for breading. It looks very elegant due to.

Often eggplant for salads fried in oil, which significantly increases the calorie content of the dish. But here they are.

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