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Dishes from seasonal produce: turnips, turnip dishes

Russian kitchen as the whole world knows it today — Olivier, beef stroganoff and all that — this is not exactly Russian cuisine. More precisely, not all Russian cuisine.

European cooks invented it quite to themselves in the 19th century, for the needs, as it was then said, of a decent society, that is, richer for nobles and burghers. And the peasants who were in Of Russia The undoubted majority, ate very differently.

And quite simply.

Imagine, say, the then Russian Non-Black Earth Region.

More than two hundred fasting days a year, frequent crop failure, a poor range of products — these are the realities of the Central Russia diet of the mid-19th century. Pork then almost did not know; even in 1890, the statistics show its consumption at the level of 1-2 kg per year — there was not enough grain for people, and there was almost no rich forage oak forests and bookworms in the middle lane.

Veal was not eaten at all, it was considered a sin, and dairy products (with an average productivity of a cow of 400 liters per year, that is, a little more than a liter per day) were only enough for children.

Potatoes, rye bread, cabbage, turnips, mushrooms and river fish — that’s the whole Russian table for 90% of our compatriots of a century ago.

As an additive came peas, onions, garlic, apples and lean (linseed or hemp) oil.

Carrots were sown here and there.

In good years, he saved the forest — with berries, hazel, small animals (in what could be caught with snares — a hare or a partridge, since the peasants did not have guns for hunting).

The Russian man then had to almost literally invent porridge from the ax.

All sorts of pie, pie, pies, as we know them now, but — from rye flour (even in the early twentieth century, many Russian peasants never tried wheat bread).

Urine and pickles. Cooked and steamed vegetables.

The latter, along with bread, were the main ration on fasting days: bread and cabbage soup, sauerkraut and bread, stewed turnips, and again bread. Well, if with finely chopped onions and at least with linseed oil. All this is somehow left in our diet.

Except — turnips.

At first, she from the field culture became a garden, and lately, she became completely exotic.

On the same Danilovsky the market in Moscow you will find only five or six of its sellers, against thirty with potatoes and fifty with other vegetables.

But it is easier and faster to prepare except for a turnip from vegetables there is not much.

The easiest recipe is to simply bake the turnip in the oven in large chunks. It will be like a slightly tart pumpkin.

With a pumpkin, by the way, turnips also go well. Pieces of turnip should be laid in the pan (the iron pot — if absolutely in Russian) a little earlier than the pumpkin.

A bit of any vegetable oil, then splash a glass of boiling water. 10 minutes after boiling add pumpkin.

Another 10 minutes on low heat. Then wait until cool. Who is a seasoning lover — in a saucepan two minutes before readiness.

Pumpkin, in general, does not shine with a bright taste (not to mention the zucchini — turnip to it is even more appropriate), and turnip gives this three-curvy stew some sophistication.

Turnip will especially please those who are always on a diet — all this tasteless, low-fat.

The calories are almost zero, but the taste buds will be pampered a little. Turnip mashed potatoes are almost indistinguishable from celery mashed potatoes — this lord of the poor English table.

Boil the turnips whole. How to cook — crush. Who is not on a diet, as I, for example, pour in hot milk or cream.

Unlike mashed potatoes, the stalemate will never acquire a creamy consistency — there are fibers, coarse pieces.

But personally, I still try — until numbness in the brush, beat the mashed potatoes with a broom.

Turnips, of course, today are trying to disguise wealth. Meat is put in the stew, or at least saturated with the bright taste of the bell pepper.

And in the dessert they taste something sweet.

Yes, turnip is good and as a dessert, again because of the peculiar, a bit of mustard flavor.

Personally, I love almost beggarly at the present time option. Cut off the tip of the turnip, choose the pulp.

Fill the resulting tank with a mixture of grated stale white bread, melted butter (1-2 teaspoons per medium turnip) and pre-soaked raisins (approximately 2 tablespoons).

Sprinkle honey over the top — and in a hot oven, until the turnip softens.

Russian poor, if not abused, can also be tasty.

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