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Diet for a week — the menu on Sunday

Greek salad is the perfect way to start the day: slow carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats.

Only it will be necessary to slightly reduce the amount of feta.

Greek salad
Time: up to 30 minutes
"Recipe collection"№24 (104) December 2010

Seafood salad
Time: up to 30 minutes
"Grocery Store"№23 (73), 2006

Warm salad for lunch? Why not, especially so entertaining.

Take no more than 100 g of pork per serving, and butter — just 1 tbsp. on all the lunch participants.

Warm Pork Salad
Time: up to 30 minutes
"Recipe collection"№22 (102) November 2010

Banana fruit salad, ½ cup of berries and juicy orange.

Salad with tuna and poached egg

Salad with tuna and poached egg
Time: up to 30 minutes
"User milissenta"

Cottage cheese with greens.

We are completing the publication of the menu for 1500 calories — but this is a signal to immediately forget all the useful things you learned during the week. Even if you are not going to spend your whole life counting calories, at least leave the habit of eating often and little by little. «Frequent eating is the way to a slim figure, and not vice versa., — He speaks Svetlana Grishchenko, Gastroenterologist of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic «Beauty park«.— Scientists have calculated that the rate of metabolism depends on how often we eat. If we eat food 1-2 times a day, the metabolism slows down.

Rare meals not only lead to weight gain, but also to problems with the gall bladder.

And if we eat 5 or 6 times a day, we speed up the metabolism.

The more often you eat, the more often you force the organs of the gastrointestinal tract to work and, consequently, increase energy expenditure. ”

Menu for 1500 calories. The first day

These calories are enough for the day: both to control weight, and not to feel hungry, and to enjoy food. Today is the menu for Monday.

Have dinner no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Second day

You can skip the last meal if you feel strong enough to do so. However, all other meals are mandatory: they must be carefully planned and meticulously follow your schedule.

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Third day

If you do not have enough time for cooking, more often use what you have left from your previous meal — not forgetting to combine proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable fats and fiber during each day.

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Day four

It is already time to plan a weekend — and we recommend inviting friends on weekends. Why?

Alexander Ilyin, deputy editor-in-chief of Gastronom.ru explains: See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Fifth day

It’s time to afford a homemade dessert — and a glass of wine for dinner.

Adjust the caloric content of the menu with the help of our recommendations or independently: for example, by rejecting the evening sour milk.

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Sixth day

The first day of the weekend, I want to move away from the rules and the word «can not.»

I want to — go away!

Breakfast — scrambled eggs from 1 egg with broccoli (or white cabbage: pre-light it in the pan for softness).

See below.

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