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Diet for a week — a menu of 1500 calories per day

We present the diet for a week with the optimal calorie: 1500 kcal per day. At the end of the article you will find links to the menu of each day of the week.

These calories are quite enough: both to control weight, and not to feel hungry, and to enjoy food.

Today — menu for monday.

Have dinner no later than 4 hours before bedtime — especially since we planned an extra meal for the night.

The whole day is divided into six meals: it is the fractional meals in small portions that help reduce weight.

Pay attention: there are practically no main overweight participants in the menu — “fast” carbohydrates, with the exception of fruit.

But there are carbohydrates «slow» — the main source of energy and feelings of satiety, as well as enough different proteins, fiber, essential vegetable fats and probiotics.

Ekaterina Belova, Nutritionist, Head of the Center for Personal DietologyPower palette”: A well-known fact is that if you need to lose weight, you need to reduce the calorie intake, and if you follow the laws of mathematics, then everything is simple: fewer calories — better result. However, our body is not so simple. He has daily physiological needs not only in energy, but also in a huge number of different nutrients.

He also has a tremendous ability to adapt to different conditions of life and the instinct of self-preservation.

All this leads to the fact that hunger strikes reduce weight not at the expense of excess adipose tissue, but at the expense of muscles and water. Or the weight does not go away at all (this is especially true for experienced “fighters” who like to experiment with different diets). In order for the body to be ready to part with its strategic reserves of adipose tissue, an approach is needed.

The most important rule — the daily caloric intake should be no less than the amount of energy that the body spends on its livelihoods at rest.

On average, this is 1300 — 1800 kcal per day.

Therefore, a diet of 1500 kcal is optimal and safe for the body.

For breakfast, it’s good to eat something cereal and sour milk to get energy and healthy probiotics. For example, oatmeal and a glass of yogurt. However, you can afford to deviate from this diet laconic.

And also add an apple to breakfast.

If you are not too lazy and cook it the day before, then the temptation to eat a harmful sandwich will be put to shame, and your work colleagues will die of envy.

However, you can share with colleagues.

You can add to the roll a couple of cereal loaves, if the appetite is urgently required.

Soup is not only a classic of the dining genre, but also the basis of a healthy diet.

Because there are healthy, not fatty soups. However, you can recoup at the soup and not to make meatballs lean.

And if you want to save a few tens of calories, then stew onions for veal in the resulting broth, and not on butter.

A couple of figs, a few nuts, herbal tea or coffee with lemon without sugar: carbohydrates for energy, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

And most importantly — no fuss with cooking.

You can eat the rest of the veal from lunch by adding a few lettuce leaves with a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a drop of vinegar to it.

But it is better to cook the remaining piece of veal with cherry sauce.

However, to this dinner, the addition of salad leaves does not hurt at all.

A glass of kefir (or natural yogurt), according to the recipe of Nicholas I. By the way, the king was very slim.

Menu for 1500 calories. Second day

You can skip the last meal if you feel strong enough to do so.

However, all other meals are mandatory: they must be carefully planned and meticulously follow your schedule.

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Third day

If you do not have enough time for cooking, often use what you have left from your previous meal — not forgetting to combine proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable fats and fiber during each day.

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Day four

It is already time to plan a weekend — and we recommend inviting friends on weekends.


Alexander Ilyin, deputy editor-in-chief of Gastronom.ru explains: See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Fifth day

It’s time to afford a homemade dessert — and a glass of wine for dinner. Adjust the caloric content of the menu with the help of our recommendations or independently: for example, by abandoning evening sour milk.

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Sixth day

The first day of the weekend, I want to move away from the rules and the word «can not.»

I want to — go away!

Breakfast — scrambled eggs from 1 egg with broccoli (or white cabbage: pre-light it in the pan for softness).

See below.

Menu for 1500 calories. Seventh day

Day of burdensome culinary works: only salads.

It is very tempting to spend a minimum of time at the stove and be able to provide yourself with all the necessary substances in the right proportions.

See below.

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