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Delicious gifts with their own hands — recipes, holiday cookies, gingerbread, chocolates

Before the holidays, the question is: what to give?

That is expensive, it is cheap, another option — «they have everything.»

It seems the time has come to return to the hand-made delicious gifts.

You can make a lot of such cookies so that they are enough for the whole big children’s company. A minimum of hassle,.

These dry and sweet macaroons, most likely, were baked by Tiflis’s gossips many years ago.

In 2018, a new mistress of the year will come to us — the Yellow Earth Dog. According to the Chinese calendar.

These lean cookies were born when we faced the problem of disposing of leftover dough for the Chinese.

My mom found this recipe in the 70s of the last century in the Week magazine in the section.

Raisins can be pre-soaked overnight in rum.

You can give it by putting it in a beautiful metal box or ceramic jar. And you can with.

By the way, this beautiful and tasty cookie is a great gift for the upcoming New Year holidays. .

The smell of citrus acts beneficially on our body. Cook this cookie for as long as it is.

"Biscotti" from Italian translates as «twice baked.» From the recipe in.

Gingerbread cookies in the form of snowmen — a traditional dessert for the New Year and Christmas. In this cookie.

Gentle crumbly "snowy" Cookies with a rich chocolate flavor.

Simple and quick to make cookies with puff pastry without cinnamon dough.

Lemoncello is a strong lemon liqueur that is made by insisting the peel of lemons on alcohol.

Valentine cookies for loved ones.

Very tasty, very crumbly biscuits. Easy to prepare and.

Such cookies are easy to make, and absolutely everyone will like it because of its delicate chocolate filling.

This cookie will appeal to all without exception and will reconcile chocolate lovers with vanilla fans.

Taralli, both sweet and savory, is very popular in the south of Itkalia. But in Apulia to them is special.

We are all, of course, deeply indebted to the bees. These little laborers give us honey.

It is usually customary to prepare gingerbread cookies for the New Year or Christmas, but this is not necessary. Can .

Tasty and simple — this is how you can characterize this oatmeal cookie, which will be beautiful.

Very texture-correct biscuits: moderately buttery, moderately crumbly, and how neither.

Not only beautiful, but also very tasty.

Prepare this dessert for a family tea party. That is.

Bake for breakfast light tasty cheese biscuits!

He will certainly like you and your loved ones!

Cookies «Fudge» — a simple dessert for children and adults. And what does it taste like? .

These cookies I call "Favorite". Amazingly tasty, crumbly and at the same time useful.

The recipe for this cookie was found in a German magazine about 20 years ago. It has become a tradition to cook Easter eggs.

Tasty and melting cookies in the mouth, and even very fragrant! Crisp and edges, and the middle -.

Delicious crunchy, crumbly cookies !!

Crispy biscuits with a light lemon flavor and almond nuts will delight both children and adults.

Very often there is a pickle from pickles and tomatoes, it’s a pity to pour out. and here is found.

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