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Curd pate with — radish, step by step recipe with photos

Pates are not only from the liver or meat, they are curd, and vegetable.

And we have prepared cottage cheese and vegetable pate and highly recommend it to you and your children.

Great breakfast turns out — healthy, beautiful, cheerful!

Especially if you fantasize a little over the design.

  • 200 g fat cottage cheese
  • 100 g low-fat sour cream
  • 15 radishes
  • 3–4 chives
  • salt
  • black and white bread toasts for serving

The word pate has two meanings in the culinary world. Pate is a uniform minced meat,.

Radish goes well with cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, celery, colored and white.

We are accustomed to counting sour cream as a primordially Russian product, but recipes with sour cream can be found in

Of course, cottage cheese is a good thing in itself. But try to convince your loved one of this.

I ask you once again to remove this photo. Besides disgust and nausea, nothing causes you. The number of admirers has already decreased due to not satisfying the requests of subscribers.

Ahaha mouse)) More cats need)

I agree with your conclusion. For my part, I’ll say that I don’t want to camouflage my child’s food for bunnies, fish, etc. I don’t want and I will not. This is outside of logic for me.

But, as they say, how many people have so many opinions, and that which is unacceptable for us, for others it is in the order of the norm, and it’s impossible to call someone right, and someone not.

Thanks for the answer. If you look at Asia, Africa and other exotic countries, then you can eat worms, caterpillars, cockroaches and other "delicacies".

I do not think that you will like it if you see your child trying a worm in the sandbox.

I do not understand and adults decorating salads, cakes, horses ("finished off" salad on your site in the form of a horse’s head in the year of the horse), tigers, cats. You can camouflage food with other, neutral elements. Stars, flowers, mushrooms, even a ladybug looks cute, chickens.

And, excuse me. Not every adult can try an arm, except that he is drunk, who cares what to eat.

I am far from a prude and fuscious, but nobody has yet canceled “ethical considerations ..”

P.S.: baby, when he grows up, he chooses to eat his mice and drink wine from volatile relatives .. And children’s ideas about "normal"must be vaccinated since childhood ..

I do not agree with you! Objectively if, then happily there is a head-legs-tail of any dish in the form of animals at the level of the game — this is, to put it mildly, not normal.

Neither for adults nor for children.

If instead of mice there will be cookies in the form of a bunny, then in an amicable way, too, you know, somehow it’s not really all right, or something: a baby is sitting savoring a cookie-bunny, tearing off an eyelet, scraping off his eyes made of chocolate and etc., etc.

And here it does not matter whether it is accepted to eat mice or to eat fish-rabbits in order to depict food as usual.

But it so happened that, in order for the children to be more fun in their own way, the food is camouflaged, let’s say, under funny characters (fish, hares, mice, etc.). By the way with mice.

In Asia, for example, they eat bats (considered a delicacy), make wine with mice in Korea (three-day mice are added to wine and insist on a year; it is believed that such wine has healing properties, by the way, while taste, like many, is similar to taste of kerosene).

In general, everything is relatively relative!

The products are great.

But what a normal child wants to try a mouse ?? Picture a sheep, or what. still eatable.

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