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Curd casserole with blackberries, step by step recipe with photos

  • brown sugar — 2 tbsp. l
  • semolina — 2 tbsp. l
  • blackberry — 300 g
  • cottage cheese — 400 g
  • butter — 1.5 tbsp. l
  • egg — 1 pc.

Children’s recipes are not just a game. On the contrary, the choice of children’s recipes is an occupation.

Cottage cheese casserole — ideal for a rich breakfast or easy dinner. Besides she.

Casserole recipes are in cuisines of different nations of the world. This is both Italian lasagna and British share.

Fresh cottage cheese goes well with many products: sugar, cocoa, tomatoes, salt, raisins,.

The casserole went off with a bang from the whole family, including children, which is especially valuable.

Made with blueberries and banana-strawberry filling — every time a magical taste.

Made with blackberry&# 127860; Delicious&# 128523;

Replaced the blackberry on Victoria, made, taste amazing. Thanks for the recipe, for a long time I wanted something between a pie and a casserole.

A great recipe, I tried it with fresh blackberry, and with ice cream, it turns out delicious.

Guest, if your casserole should not be baked, so do not bake it at all, eat it like that))) And I just have a very tender result.

I cook regularly with different fillings. Gourmet Merci!)))

For Josephine Strawberry — definitely :))

Will fresh strawberries be made for this recipe?

I also do without butter — t to the oil is obtained "heavier".

But I never rub cottage cheese and I do not beat it with a blender, I just wipe it with a fork. and I also noticed that when all this mass is simply mixed and not whipped with a mixer, for some reason it turns out that the casserole is richer and tastier.

I often make this masterpiece for breakfast, thank you for the recipe! Only usually I add apricots or raspberries, since blackberries are a rarity after all.

And from the recipe I clean the butter, without it, for me, it tastes better.

I take any cottage cheese) there is no difference.

Very tasty!

The family was glad, dared with such pleasure !! 🙂 I will bake again for sure! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

If your toothpick came out dry, it means that you ruined the dish.

You are confusing concepts, this is not a pie.

The casserole, by definition, must be moist and tender from the inside and only slightly crispy outside.

Made a prescription, 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar added to the dough, instead of berries — bananas, and not in layers, but chopped finely and mixed them with the dough.

I learned very tasty! Truth baked for about an hour, until a toothpick began to go dry when piercing. I think the time depends on the characteristics of the oven.

The recipe is great!

Yes, it is necessary to wipe the curd.

I did everything strictly according to the recipe, a completely tasteless mass turned out.

And not baked!

Hots I cooked it for an hour!

If the cottage cheese is subjected to heat treatment, it just needs to be cleaned or crushed in a blender, because The proteins of the curd are very dense, and after heating, they collapse and are VERY poorly absorbed by the body.

and how much sugar?

Very tender, fragrant and tasty casserole. I did with frozen raspberries.

The taste of summer.

Guest, read carefully the recipe: semolina

But please tell me how to take semolina?

Is it cereal or porridge ready ??

After baking, pour sour cream with sugar — even tastier.

And the berries can be different: lingonberries, black currants, etc. Mmmm. real jam 🙂

Cottage cheese can not wipe, and scroll in a meat grinder with the thinnest holes

thank you, wonderful recipe !! I make the cottage cheese myself and therefore I don’t add butter, I don’t need sugar at all, I mix it with cottage cheese and semolina, while I shake the protein coolly for just one minute and gently mix it with the cottage cheese, and sprinkle 1 with one spoon of brown sugar. made with peaches, raspberries, apples, blueberries and blackberries — very fragrant and airy and tasty. and keep 25 -30 min. in the oven at 180. I advise everyone !! thanks to the author !!

I add more eggs — 2-3 pieces per 0.5 kg of cottage cheese. In addition to the curd itself, it is good to add curd mass, it comes out even tastier. You can not rub, and just mix the components with each other.

If instead of berries add raisins (in winter, for example) or a banana, it also comes out tasty.

Hello everybody!

Granular cottage cheese does not need to be used in a casserole, take the cottage cheese called "Ruzsky"This is a proven experience a million times.

Very tasty and gently obtained casserole.

Bon Appetit everyone.

In my opinion, there is no need to clarify anything. Take the cottage cheese that you like, pour as much sugar as you want))) The artists do not ask how many grams you need paint for a masterpiece)

listen, and what kind of cottage cheese ?? ordinary, fat, grainy ?? how many percent? write pliz

Great casserole!

Oochen tender, we did with raspberries — swallowed straight with the tongue)) And chilled the next day it is even tastier. Thank!)

what, without flour? Can I put blueberries instead of blackberries?

Great recipe!

It turns out very soft and tender casserole. I put in "dough" 3 spoons of granulated sugar, and the berries were frozen — I think sugar can be added more.

"Granulated sugar" and "Brown sugar" — meaning the same thing?

If yes, then these 2 tbsp. Are they added to the dough, but is there an additional quantity for sprinkling?

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