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Culinary forecast for 2015

With the help of properly selected products you can improve family relationships, career and well-being.

What products should be eaten in 2015 in order to achieve the desired result, and what combinations of products enhance one or another positive effect — a culinary forecast from Alexandra Lytvina, famous Russian specialist in human energy.

On New Year’s Eve, table setting should not put additional load on the memory; it should be simple, understandable and logical.

But the dishes must be cooked with fantasy.

Even products, which are absolutely familiar to us and which are filed unusually, will help to create a favorable atmosphere in the house, contributing primarily to the strengthening of partnerships.

We are all different, but there is something that unites us — this is the year of our birth, more precisely, the last digit of the year of birth.

Date of birth determines our menu, and what is necessary for one person may be poison for another.

If you are born in a year whose last digit is 0 or 1, the most important product for you will be meat.

For the «zero» — this is a fairly simple meal in the form of steaks or banal kebabs. «Unity» is more suitable meat, additionally processed, milled, chopped — meatballs, kebabs, dumplings.

For dessert, you should use ice cream with vanilla and cinnamon and black tea, but I do not recommend green tea.

For those born in the years with the last digits 2 and 3, a very necessary product is fish, as well as everything that grew and developed in water, including algae.

The only exception is dried fish — this method of preparation is not desirable for them.

For those born in the “second” year, sea fish will be preferable, for “threes” — river fish.

The “twos” and “threes” should also be aware that the rejection of water is dangerous for them — its reserves in the body must be constantly replenished.

For dessert, they will benefit from any ice cream, except chocolate, and fresh or frozen berries growing in the north — blueberries, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries.

«4» and «5» — These are people who can receive the energy of the sun from plants. Here the diet is as diverse as the plant world.

It is among these people that genuine vegetarians are most often found who really eat grass, and they truly don’t understand how to eat meat.

For those born in the year, the last digit of which is «6» and «7», The cooking method is very important. Almost all dishes cooked on an open fire are suitable for them and they desperately need desserts from berries — raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, lingonberries, cranberries, jelly and fruit drinks from these berries as well.

From protein foods the most useful will be poultry, chicken, turkey, for figure 6 the most useful will be the meat of wild birds.

And buckwheat porridge will be suitable for a side dish.

If the last digits of your birth year are 8 or 9, This means that you are able to absorb energy from any product, but in the first place these are products from cereals.

Pasta, spaghetti, pies and pizzas, cheeses of all kinds, barley, barley, millet and oatmeal and pies with potatoes, dried fruit and stewed fruit are very good for dessert, black tea with chocolates or cocoa. «Eights» and «Nines» should be remembered that their commitment to vegetarianism can be successful, but not long.

An excess of greenery, including green tea, can seriously undermine the name system.

But food has another aspect that few people take into account — the effect of food on intuition, and therefore on deeper processes. Food has properties that change our success or not success.

I want to share with you my observations on the impact of food on various aspects of our lives.

Bread around the head. Is it possible to live without bread? Yes you can, but our life will become poorer.

Society did not exist until bread appeared.

Making and eating ordinary bread makes it possible to develop partnerships and reduce criticism of each other. Trust is the kind of emotion that bread gives in the first place.

You can argue, can trust be considered an emotion?

Emotion is joy or sorrow, love and hate. And trust is just when you believe a person and that’s it.

But when do we believe man? When he likes us!

When there is no criticism and no feeling of stone in the bosom.

Trust is a combination of joy, love, happiness, success and the absence of aggression.

Bread reduces criticality and makes it possible to forgive insults, to ignore omissions and not to interpret reservations in a negative direction.

The next, equally important product is meat. Meat gives aggression!

For me, the word aggression is not negative. You do not flinch at the word «medicine»? It all depends on the dose.

There is little medicine — the effect is zero, the medicine is normal — a person is recovering, a lot of medicine is poison!

So aggression, its characteristics vary depending on the level. Little aggression — little will, a lot of aggression — hyper-will and, accordingly, what I want will be mine at any cost.

And the shortest way is aggressive! But not always successful and certainly not acceptable to normal society. But living without aggression is no less difficult.

A person without will is not capable of success.

Depression, laziness, fear — this is all a target for aggression.

There is a will — there is an ability to fight off fear, laziness and depression.

Considering the impact of fish and seafood on the human body, I want to focus on the issue of intuition. This feeling is unfairly put in last place. As they say, until the thunder clap.

And after the thunder it’s hard to fix something.

Fish and seafood give us the ability to quickly and correctly create bookmarks of memory and anticipate the danger, that is, they reveal the intuitive, somewhat atavistic abilities of a person.

But there is another factor that significantly affects our success.

This is charisma! That light, which sometimes replaces trust, will and intuition. The high level of inner light prevents others from seeing your shortcomings and always attracts a huge number of people.

In nature, there are such products, using which we become brighter, more attractive.

Such products include all kinds of pepper, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry.

The very method of cooking products changes their properties. Products cooked on an open fire, on a grill, under the influence of direct infrared radiation, enhance our charisma.

And cooking food, where heat is transmitted through water, reduces this level. For example, we all know that the most delicious real jam is cooked in a copper basin. Why?

Because copper conducts heat better than many materials, and there is no loss of infrared radiation.

Prepare the jam in another dish — and you will see an obvious difference in taste, although no one of you can formulate exactly what, the tastier and that’s all.

We add that specifically for readers Deli Alexander Litvin made a gastronomic forecast for 2015.

Read in January issue of the magazine Gastronom.

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