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Creamy ice cream, step-by-step recipe with photos

  • lemon, only juice — 0.5 pcs.
  • egg whites — 3 pcs.
  • Cream 35% fat — 300 ml
  • sugar — 100 g
  • powdered sugar — 80 g
  • vanilla sugar — 0.3 tsp.
  • sugar — 2 tbsp. l
  • green apple — 1 pc.
  • red apple — 1 pc.
  • lemon juice 0.5

Sorbe (Sorbet) is an Arabic word "sorbet"pronounced in French style. .

Preparing real homemade ice cream is not at all difficult. You will need fat cream (30-35%),.

The main difference between ice-cream cake and ordinary ice cream is its large size. Can, .

Ice cream, granite, sorbet and strawberry mousse

I just made this ice cream (and with a few departures from the recipe). It turned out very, very tasty.

I decided to write a review, because there are a lot of comments that the cream does not go astray and something is not working out as a result.

So, if you make this ice cream in an automatic ice-cream machine, then it is possible (and, maybe, it is necessary) not to whip the cream at all. Those. I boiled cream with sugar (+ \ — kilometer 30 minutes), whipped whites with powdered sugar.

The cream poured into the bowl of the ice cream maker, even warm a little more, added proteins and put it on cooling. Everything was great in volume and froze. Very tasty and easy to prepare.

Yes, and I put about 8 pieces instead of 4 proteins: left over from ice cream on yolks.

I will compare tastes.

In principle, the ice cream turned out, but there were difficulties. The cream was not whipped for a long time, the sugar, on the advice of those who had already prepared, took less by about a third, it still turned out very sweet. Lemon added to protein quite a bit, a teaspoon, not more.

And my creamy protein mass after 3 hours in the freezer froze so that there was no way to beat it again with a mixer, but the taste and texture were almost like real ice cream.

Natasha, Lemon juice in this recipe is used for whipping proteins. It can be excluded, the main thing — wipe with a slice of lemon dishes in which you will beat the whites.

From this, neither the taste nor the consistency of ice cream will not suffer.

Good luck!

Good day. I made ice cream according to your recipe; in appearance, everything is just fine and the consistency and taste in general would be the coolest ice cream, if it were not for BUT alone — the juice of half a lemon would give such a hyper acid. What can I say the product to release!

Is it possible to reduce the number of lemon juice several times?

And will the ice cream consistency itself suffer?

The second time was less successful. Cooked cream, putting a little bit less sugar. But they did not want to whip, it was more like n acre. but it consisted of lumps of tiny ones, so the lumps remained, whipped up too much. but did not help.

What could happen7 While whipping, almost butter turned out.

Good day. It turned out very tasty ice cream, but — slightly sweet.

My wife and I did 500 ml. cream, proportionally increasing the remaining components.

Apparently, you’ll have to reduce the amount of sugar!

For Catherine: You see, everything is possible, but the main thing is that the replacement should have a meaning. You see, if you replace milk with cream, there will be a violation of technology.

Cream for the preparation of ice cream specifically take fatty, so that the mass when whisking, due to the density and fat content of the cream can be uniformly homogenized.

Those. droplets of fat at this time are evenly distributed, saturating the future of ice cream fats.

And at home, I would not advise you to do it. I do not know for what reason, you want to replace the cream with milk. Alternatively, it is possible to prepare ice cream from 250 g of cream (fat content of 35%), 300 ml of milk (fat content of 3.2%), 40 g of dried milk, 100 g of sugar and 10 g of smoked starch.

In this embodiment, the presence of milk will be stabilized by starch and powdered milk.

Those. these ingredients will not let you get frozen "milky water".

For the Guest who left a comment on 10.03.2012 13:49:51, and for a smart girl After the cream boils, they need to be boiled for 30 minutes. It is at the time of boiling, the cream should not boil violently. Those. the cream boiled, turned down the heat to minimum and cook, stirring.

The main point of this action is to dissolve sugar, caramelize it in a liquid, and as a result get a slightly boiled mass.

Can you please tell if it is possible to replace the cream with milk (homemade enough fat)?

Please answer the previous question: should cream boil?

Tell me please, cream should boil at the time of boiling and for what they need to boil.

Thank you in advance.

Is it dangerous to cook this ice cream for a 2 year old child? I’m worried about the raw eggs in the recipe.

For the guest who left a comment 06/18/2011 at 10:19:46 In this recipe, it’s impossible to replace raw eggs. However, there are recipes for ice cream, as a rule — Italian and rather old, where not raw eggs are used, but sauce "Zabayone". It is prepared like this: on a steam bath, in a bowl the yolks, powdered sugar and dessert wine are whipped together until a mass of thick sour cream is formed.

And now this mass, cooled, mixed with whipped cream and frozen.

It turns out, however, not ice cream, but this is very rich, slightly "rum" ice cream.

For Alexandr, the better you cool the cream, the better it will whip up.

Therefore, the refrigerator here is really shown.

I cooked the cream in a water bath, they didn’t boil, but I was afraid I could have screwed it up.

Now I’m waiting for it to cool down, but they need to wait until they’ll hold it at room tempo or better in the fridge?

what can replace raw eggs

Today I made this ice cream.

Delicious. Did not expect. Before that, I cooked according to another recipe, it was ordinary, like in a store.

But it’s just yummy 🙂 The cream also did not whisk at first, but I kept them in the fridge for a while, and then beat them up until long.

And everything turned out 🙂 The main patience 🙂 Thanks for the delicious recipe!

Luda, and you always try to beat them warm.

The third time I write not for you, but for users like me. Cream after 30 minutes of boiling is not whipped.

Sorry for the products.

Thank you so much for the recipe!

I did everything exactly for him, reducing the amount of sugar from 100 to 50 grams. Sundae turned out to be wonderful, moderately sweet and, as we all decided at home, it was no comparison with the shoplifter) with cherry pie or coffee. mmmm * There were doubts whether the cream would scramble after boiling, but no! great whipped)

Made according to this recipe, only I don’t put 100 g of sugar, but 80 g (I left the sugar powder as much as said in the recipe) — very tasty! But still too cloying, you can eat only with tea. The next time I put 50 grams of sugar, then probably everything will be fine.

And so — the recipe is very simple and tasty.

agata33: Of course you can, it’s a special ice cream machine.

Tell me please, is it possible to use an electric kettle (is it such a special mixer that is put in the freezer, got from mom)?

made, it turned out, but the sugar is clearly a lot of very sweet taste

We do not know how fat your homemade cream is, so it’s difficult to answer)

Tell me, is it possible to use homemade cream?

Are the proportions preserved or are they fatter?

The cream was really badly whipped after boiling, maybe I had cooled it badly (my son could not wait.))? And the taste is amazing.

After 3 hours (after freezing), whipped again, the mass in the volume actually increased one and a half times.

Next time I’ll wait a little longer. if you have enough patience!

Cooked cream for 30 minutes, turned out condensed milk. When cooled, whipped. Separated oil and caramel 🙂 Whipped proteins with powder and added it to proteins.

It turned out oooooochen delicious cream. In the morning I got out of the freezer. The cream has remained stiff and not frozen.

But still insanely tasty that I want to swallow the tongue.

Next time I’ll try not to boil the cream.
Yes, there were still yolks. I rubbed them with 80 g of sugar, added 1 tsp. honey and water bath. How many cooks I do not remember, for about 7 minutes, probably, they have not yet thickened.

Beat 200 ml of cream, add egg mixture — and in the freezer.

In the morning a delicious parfait.
Thanks for the recipes. 🙂

Only spoiled the cream, it was not necessary to cook them, they did not whisk.

Cream may not shake up due to poor quality or staleness.

The consistency after freezing for several hours cannot be liquid.

It’s like any ice cream — while the cold — hard, heated — melted.

If they cool, then whipped.

Yes, this is nonsense — no need to boil, beat well enough

To get a normal consistency of ice cream (i.e., without lumps), you will need a GOOD mixer, and mine, unfortunately, did not cope with the task: (Despite this, my daughter ate everything until the drop and asked for additives 🙂

if you boil cream for 30 minutes, you will not be able to whip them into foam.

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