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Cream Cheese Cake, Step by Step Recipe with Photos

  • powdered sugar
  • butter — 40 g
  • flour — 100 g
  • salt
  • 250 ml of cream with fat content of 20%
  • 20 g gelatin
  • baking powder
  • eggs — 2 pieces
  • 1 tsp lemon peel
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 orange
  • vanilla sugar
  • 500 g cream cheese "Philadelphia"
  • 100 g orange jam
  • 100 g black currant jam

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

You can try to replace Philadelphia cheese "Curd Tula" (I do not know if it is sold in regular stores.

You can search for suppliers of sushi products). It is rather dry and harder than Philadelphia.

Either another analogue is the Baltic Kaseschloss. This cake did not cook with them, but "Three chocolates" manages to.

yes, friends, with the disappearance "Philadelphia" the proportions in this recipe need to be changed, the rest of the commercially available cheeses are much more watery.

Jana, you used cheese "Philadelphia"?

Preparing for the weekend all strictly according to the recipe. The mass is not frozen at all, added gelatin as indicated.

Apparently, you need more.

In the picture, the cake in the section, like a jelly-elastic one, is beautiful. But in reality, she began to cut, and he was dripping.

As a result, on a plate lay a sponge cake with a piled liquid mass on top) Tasty, but not beautiful.

Made a cake for Christmas. Cheese took mascarpone. The cake turned out delicious, though not as beautiful as in the picture.

Next time, I will add gelatin not immediately to three cups, but in turn, just before putting the cream on.

Philadelphia cheese can be replaced by a similar, but cheaper Buko cheese (from Arla), now it is called Natura

Tell me please, what is the size of the split of the ingredients designed for?

In the composition there is vanilla sugar, and in the recipe they do not write where to add. how so?

In the composition there is vanilla sugar, and in the recipe they do not write where to add. how so?

Regarding cheese, I personally, as an option, use Almeta creamy (in a cup like this, it still happens with different fillers) the same Yoghurt cheese — it didn’t go very well, but the creamy thing is, since

Philadelphia is expensive and not all stores have it. Regarding gelatin, I mix cheese with powdered sugar, mix gelatin with cream as in a recipe, and add all the gelatin cream to the cheese powder, and then I divide it into 3 pieces and add fruit.

Again, the topic with powdered sugar is also relevant for me, I add sugar to my eye-taste to the dough, and 100 gr. I put in the stuffing.

Great cake! Cooked several times already with different berry and fruit fillings. Gelatin I put constantly, but otherwise, it seems to me, the filling will not harden.


And how much sugar powder do you need?

How much for a biscuit and how much for the actual cake?

This cake was preparing for a family anniversary.

All components were taken as in the recipe, except cheese.

He was replaced by melted creamy amber. Gelatin with cheese filling mixed perfectly. The guests ate it all with a bang, everyone liked the cake.

I also took 33% cream, but added gelatin. Cake delicious! Especially beautiful in the cut!

When ordinary cakes bother, a very good option!

Delicious, tasty, but my gelatin was not distributed in any of the layers?

Do something wrong or gelatin bad?

The last time the cream was replaced by 30% and did not add gelatin at all.

Everything froze.

The cake turned out delicious, light and turned out to be easy to prepare.

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