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Cottage cheese trash (casserole), step-by-step recipe with photos

Schmarren in German — "casserole".

In Austria, this word is used in a meaning close to Russian. "quickie". The appearance of this dessert really leaves much to be desired — a real trash!

But taste. for the ears do not drag!

  • lemon (zest) — 1 lemon
  • large egg — 3 pcs.
  • starch — 1 tbsp. l
  • semolina — 2 tbsp. l
  • 0.5 bags of vanilla sugar
  • salt, powdered sugar
  • cottage cheese — 250 g
  • 125 g sour cream
  • butter — 1 tbsp. l
  • 30 grams of sugar

Cottage cheese casserole — ideal for a rich breakfast or easy dinner. Besides she.

Fresh cottage cheese goes well with many products: sugar, cocoa, tomatoes, salt, raisins,.

Loved the casserole&# 128525; I always do with fruit, so I was pleasantly surprised, it turned out to be almost as good&# 127823;&# 127824;&# 127822; And sugar in my opinion really needs more&# 127860;

"Guest 12/24/2009 9:12:45 PM In a cottage cheese casserole and in general any dish from cottage cheese should not be added salt, because sodium does not allow calcium to be absorbed" I think you are confusing calcium and potassium.

Sodium and calcium do not interfere with each other, and without salt the taste will be poor.

It turns out, packs of vanilla sugar come in different sizes (

Read carefully, all the proportions are written above.

zdes je vse ukazivaetsa. po4emu mi vidim, a vi net?

Guest: You are in vain in shock!

This site very often does not indicate how much one or another product should be taken: it’s just written — eggs, sugar — and how many go and guess yourself. This is the omission of administrators, and, in my opinion, very serious. Such a site, magazines, books, deli.

You think, well, I checked everything here and everything will work out! Figushki !!

So first there were comments, then clarifications appeared !!

Prejde 4em umni4at ‘, vzyali bi i pro4itali.

Izna4al’no avtor i vpravdu ne ukazal kol-vo ingridientov. Spasibo za rezept

After reading the comments, I was shocked by the fact that many ladies do not see the proportions! Ladies, you have lost your glasses, because in the composition all the proportions are: 3 eggs, 1 tbsp. starch, etc., etc.

Be attentive!

Not only do you not see prices in stores, you cannot read well either!

The recipe is great, I think a very tasty casserole!

As for salt, my opinion is this, maybe you should not add it to any dishes that you cook, or vitamins will not be absorbed! In order for calcium to be absorbed, it is better to have cottage cheese not in casseroles, but in its usual raw form :))))))))

with a calorie content, to put it mildly, a discrepancy .. or with the number of servings .. even if you take low-fat cottage cheese and, instead of cream, sour cream .. you get about 1300kkal for the whole dish

In the curd casserole and in general any dish from the curd should not add salt, because sodium does not allow calcium to be absorbed.

family: spelled out at 180 ° C

and at what temperature to bake?

Everything worked out. Delicious.

Only I instead of lemon rind added orange. Sugar really needs a little, if you spoil the taste a lot.

Thanks for the recipe.

restored all quantities of ingredients. Thank you for your comment!

Why aren’t the proportions indicated? how many eggs, how much cereal, starch.

I made this casserole, taking the proportions from the gastromag site, 30gr.suhara-very little, I added 200gr.

And turn it when it is very problematic in the oven, and there is no need.

It turned out very tasty!

It is not indicated how many eggs to take, manna cereal, zest of one or more lemons!

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