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Cottage cheese muffins, step by step recipe with photos

  • sugar — 200 g
  • egg — 3 pcs.
  • butter — 150 g
  • flour — 200 g
  • raisins — 4 tbsp. l
  • cottage cheese — 200 g
  • baking powder — 1 tsp.

Ryazhenka, kefir, butter, sour cream, ice cream, yogurt — not a complete list.

Muffins are often confused with small cupcakes. Indeed, American muffins often bake.

Cheesecake — a round open pie with a filling, for a long time known in Russian cuisine. .

Cottage cheese cheesecakes are easy to cook, there are no tricks: mix a pound of cottage cheese, one thing.

From the curd can make a variety of desserts. Among other things, these recipes are possible.

I advise you to grind cottage cheese in the process of cooking curd cupcakes, and sprinkle ready-made cupcakes with icing sugar on top.

So cupcakes turn out even more tender and more beautiful!

Muffins turned out very tasty.

The children liked, and the husband ate too much) did everything according to the recipe, put paper forms into the metal mold for cupcakes.

The form is filled for 2/3 test. All cupcakes went up, nothing dropped.

Intravenous dough turned porous and slightly moist.

Wonderful recipe!

Thank you very much. Cottage cheese gives this cake moisture and saturation. I did it in small tins, and in one big one.

In the big seemed to me tastier.

Serve on the table along with coupons to the dentist and gastroenterologist. Weighed everything clearly according to the recipe.

Butter and Sugar TOO MUCH. If oils and sugar are 1.5-2 times less to add, it will be delicious

Very tasty cupcakes turned out! I baked in a metal mold on 24pcs, with a diameter of 2cm (small, children) 18 minutes. It turned out light, porous!

The child was eating for both cheeks!

Thanks for the recipe!

Cooked twice already, with raisins and chocolate.

Muffins are very tender and tasty. I do not understand what they may not like

Bake in one silicone form 45 minutes 180 grams., Everything turned out))) although you could still hold in general.

A good cupcake came out, smeared with sour cream on top.

Muffins turned out delicious and tender.

Oil and sugar put 120 gr., Flour 150 gr, cottage cheese 200 gr., 3 eggs. Beat the blender. I think it makes a more homogeneous dough (in comparison with a mixer).

Bake 40 minutes at 180 degrees on mode "convection".

Everyone’s ovens are different, so the baking time indicated in the recipe is approximate.

Muffins come out too fatty, although all by prescription. far from the most delicious. I do not recommend the recipe.

The recipe is very good, the cupcakes came out beautiful! I did everything according to the recipe, I just put the chocolate pieces in the molds (I have silicone). Thank you for the wonderful recipe. &# 127851;&# 127850; ☕

It turned out normal cupcakes.

Nothing supernatural, of course, neither in taste nor in dough.

Maybe taste depends on cottage cheese, I don’t know. But certainly not the most delicious, as they say here)

Thank you, I burned first at 170, then at 150.

Cupcake baked, does not look like a casserole, one can be baked at 160 degrees for 1 hour, burn everything for 170 sides (my form is not silicone). Butter and sugar should be taken less, and it works very well. (She took 120 butter and 150 sugar)

I would bake one cupcake at 170 ° С and check the readiness of the start in 45 minutes

I want to bake one cupcake in a rectangular cupcake. Tell me what temperature to take and how long to bake?

I want to 160 and an hour, or better temperature?

Very tasty turned out.

Made in silicone and paper forms. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

It turned out very tasty. made in the following proportions: 2 eggs, 100 g butter, 120 g flour, 100 g sugar, baking powder 0.5.

100 g of cottage cheese. 30 min to 200 degrees.

Without raisins. and in order not to spread, I bought myself an iron form for muffins and in it I set paper molds for cupcakes, then the cupcakes rise up and not spread out.

Very tasty cupcakes.

Next time I will try with the addition of lemon peel.

I think it will be even better!

The recipe is good. Muffins turned out delicious.

Made with raisins and finely chopped nuts.

Proportions observed. I baked for exactly 30 minutes in a metallic form, and in 20 minutes we did not have time to brown.

I will definitely repeat, everyone liked.


Natalia, the number of positive reviews for this recipe confirms that the recipe is good.

The fact that the dough flowed out of the molds, says only that you filled them with dough too generously, not taking into account that during baking it will rise.

The recipe is disgusting and can not be said otherwise. Not only did the taste of so-so, so also the dough flowed out of the molds (I have silicone), the cupcakes are not airy, but wet inside, the middle of the cupcake failed, but did not rise. The type of baking received is unpresentable.

She made the first batch strictly according to the recipe, in the second she added more cottage cheese and flour according to the advice from previous comments — the result is one.

Sorry for the time spent and products (homemade eggs, cottage cheese and butter, by the way).

In the oven were 35 minutes.


For some reason, I sank down, in the oven they were so beautiful! 🙁 and it tastes great) I really don’t know how much cottage cheese I put there, probably more than 200 grams)))

I don’t know why, but they didn’t work out ((hard crust on top, they didn’t stand up. Cottage cheese took low-fat

Although there are a lot of comments, I also want to join the positive reviews. This is the best cheesecake. Baked them already infinitely many times.

Win-win recipe!


Thanks for the recipe.

Indulge the guys on February 23.

Everything is simple and tasty.

Thanks for the recipe! Half of the raisins are replaced with dried cranberries. Very tasty.

I also recommend replacing butter with coconut.

I baked such cupcakes: I was very pleased — soft, with a pleasant curd taste.

I have no silicone molds, so I made them in double paper ones — they kept their shape perfectly.

Thank! The recipe is super! Muffins turned out airy and very tasty.

I did everything strictly according to the recipe, but it lasted 35 minutes.

The result was a golden color and a crispy crust))))) children and the husband loved it!

Thanks for the recipe.

Cupcakes turned out very tasty, with a ruddy crust!

Baked in silicone form, 20 minutes) The dough went up perfectly!

In principle, not bad, but not impressed.

Cheesecakes baked in this way is more tasty.

Great recipe.

Delicious cupcake: tender, airy.

Thanks for the recipe.

Thank you very much for the recipe, it’s very tasty, the dough has risen, made a double portion and did not regret it. As for paper molds, I didn’t insert into silicone or tin forms (I still can’t get it) instead of one mold I leave three, but you can and two, the form doesn’t crawl. Thanks for the feedback to other users, and of course the site.

Natalie, it is better to use butter. Taste with margarine will not be so soft and creamy.

After all, oil is chosen not only for its "fat" component, but also for taste.

Of course, if it is a good quality oil.

Can butter be replaced with margarine?

I want to note that if you take paper cups, you definitely need to put them in silicone or others to keep their shape.

Otherwise, nothing happens!

Specially returned to this site to leave a comment) cupcakes turned out just great, I was still thinking — add raisins or not, in the end, I added and I do not regret) everything is very tasty!)

Muffins are very tasty and quick to prepare!

Thanks for the recipe!

Sugar can be replaced with honey, only honey you need to take 150 grams.

And keep in mind that the dough with honey will be more moist.

Tell me, is it possible to replace sugar with honey?

Do not spoil the recipe?

Elvira, and how is it at the same time dry and a lot of oil?

In my opinion a little dry and a lot of oil.

Thanks for the recipe! Children are delighted with Smedley all at once, though I put more curd cheese, and, because my eldest does not eat raisins, did not add it

I work as a cook in a capital hotel, and decided to try cooking on the Swedish line. The guests are delighted, but I am pleased. Thank you for the recipe.

Victoria, very sorry!

Apparently, you did not generously fill the molds with dough, so the paper could not stand it.

Honestly, it is better to put paper molds in metallic or silicone ones.

I made everything according to the recipe ((((I bought paper molds for cupcakes. And all the contents of them poked right on the baking sheet (((I didn’t work out anyway. I don’t know what’s wrong now, either these are not suitable, or the dough for liquid made.

Girls recipe super

What will I tell you girls.


Most likely, the cottage cheese was too wet, so the cupcakes were not baked.

If all the products themselves are tasty, then the dough will be tasty, if so-so — then the result is appropriate.

Judging by the previous reviews, the recipe is quite successful, so the reason for your disappointment is not in it.

In vain I spoiled the food — the cupcake turned out to be tasteless, glevash, I didn’t bother, 180 degrees was clearly not enough for 20 minutes — I even kept for more than 25 minutes — they were baked outside, gluten was inside. Husband criticized (((

Silicone cups do not need paper liners.

I have syskonovye small small ..

But there are no paper forms in them ..

Need to lubricate?

Baked, cupcakes! Incredibly delicious!

Thank you so much for the recipe!

I did everything according to the recipe, for me a bit sweet, but tasty, nothing burnt, everything was cooked and lifted, and the appearance was quite presentable.

Thanks for the recipe!

But who counts them?

Certainly not the one who bakes and eats cupcakes!

Baked. Vooyusche first time making cupcakes, I had a little more cottage cheese, and everything is according to the recipe, it turned out well, sooo delicious

Cupcakes — full of delight, perfectly lifted, the crust reddened, as expected, does not look like a casserole at all, resembles cupcakes, soft, airy, the taste is amazing, the deli pleased as always. despite the fact that this time did "approximately": Butter melted less, flour glass — 160, cottage cheese more, two eggs instead of three, the truth is the village. the truth is, they fell in the air, I think it was necessary to let it cool off in the oven, but it did not affect the taste. thanks, deli!

I baked a lot of cupcakes.

These are very tender and tasty. What is interesting is being prepared very quickly, I did everything according to the recipe, but the flour gave 180 grams, baked at 180 C in convection mode for 15 minutes.

I recommend to try.

Very tasty cupcakes, just class. Now only they.

Thanks for the recipe.

Thanks for the recipe, the cupcakes are divine. Heated 40 min in convection mode, 20 min — very little

Did 2 times. My verdict: more cottage cheese, less flour, raisins are better not to add. Cottage cheese to take fatter.

Then it turns out delicious.

I confirm that the cupcakes are excellent.

Instead of raisins, she used canned pineapples in slices, previously dried them on a napkin. Thank !

Cupcake is great. The recipe is simple. baked many times. always got and cooked. really "air". just need to follow the recipe. I weigh everything on the scales to the accuracy and everything is fine.

I baked it yesterday, it turned out very tasty) Considering the previous comments, I took fatter cottage cheese, added a little more flour, and a pinch of semolina, and instead of raisins lemon zest, the family was delighted with the baking!


Regarding the consistency: cupcake dough is always thick and viscous, flows down from the spoon with a wide ribbon, or this tape breaks and the dough falls from the spoon.

It is usually described "like thick sour cream"and this is a fairly accurate description.

"Not baked" — i.e. is the dough on a wooden stick when you check readiness?

Maybe the curd was wet.

In general, the quality of such baking can be assessed only after it has cooled completely, and not when they are still in the oven.

The dough is delicious. But the cupcakes were not baked and not at all airy.

I bake about 40 minutes.

Did everything according to the recipe. What should be the dough on the consistency? (First time making cupcakes);)

Girls and boys!

These are the most delicious muffins in the world.

Do not even hesitate, the inside is very gentle and the next day is not worse))))))))) A great recipe.

Loved the recipe! put a little more cottage cheese. Cupcakes rose and baked.

It turned out 12 pieces.

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