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Cottage cheese Easter — a family recipe for Olga Syutkina

Easter is a family meal, its recipe is usually passed from generation to generation with parting words: this is the best grandma’s recipe.

Olga Syutkina, a Russian cuisine historian, TV presenter and author of cookbooks, shares a recipe for cottage cheese Easter, which is prepared in her family.

What is Easter (as a dish) is sometimes understood differently. Historically, cheesecake Easter has long been present only in the central and northern regions of Russia. Perhaps this is due to the climate, perhaps just a tradition — after all, cottage cheese as a gastronomic product was made mainly only in these regions.

And in the southern (also Orthodox) Russian and Ukrainian regions Easter is still called Easter cake.

For the preparation of cottage cheese Easter the most important thing is the quality of the products.

Cottage cheese is better to buy on the market.

And it is better to take not the fattest and not very wet.

Easter cottage cheese recipe

  • 1 kg of cottage cheese
  • 8 yolks
  • 600 g butter
  • 400 g fat cream
  • 1 kg of granulated sugar
  • vanilla, raisins, almonds

All Salmonella frightening us are on the surface of the shell, so I carefully wipe the eggs and dry them. A known method of pasteurizing eggs in suvida. Who has this wonderful unit, you can experiment.

And do not be intimidated by a large amount of sugar — it plays the role of a preservative here.

1. The day before you cook Easter, put the cottage cheese under the yoke. The next day, curd wipe through a sieve, and better twice. Chop the almonds into small pieces.

Yes, I want to note, it is best to use almonds from nuts.

Walnuts color cottage cheese in an unattractive dirty-lilac color.

2. Beat the butter at room temperature with half the sugar, and rub the remaining sugar with the yolks.

3. Combine cottage cheese, butter, yolks, sour cream, vanilla seeds, nuts and raisins.

Mix thoroughly.

As a flavoring, use orange or lemon zest — cottage cheese loves the smell of citrus.

Saffron pounded with sugar will give Easter a yellow color and a pleasant aroma..

4. Place the curd mass tightly in a pasochnitsa and refrigerate before the Holy Resurrection of Christ.

Olga Syutkina:
“The kitchen of my love” was the name of my first book. Since then, in addition to traditional gastronomy, my husband and I have taken up the history of Russian cuisine, have written a book — “Uninvented history of Russian cuisine”.

She is about the past of our gastronomy, about how it arose and developed. About the people who created it. It turned out and the continuation of this work — already about the Soviet period.

Together with readers, we are trying to figure out whether the Soviet cuisine was a logical stage in the development of the great Russian cuisine or was an accidental zigzag of history.

Recipes Olga Syutkina:

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And there is no contradiction here.

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Milk was baked from wheat flour with milk with eggs added.

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Not at all. Only two days in Lent are allowed to eat fish — on the Annunciation and Palm Sunday.

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Recipes Easter Cakes

I can not say that my grandmother was a strong believer, but she baked cakes every year.

Everything was wonderful at that time.

In an era of prosperity atheism.

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