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Cottage cheese casserole with raisins, step-by-step recipe with photos

This recipe for casseroles with raisins can be considered almost classic. Of the additional ingredients it has sour cream and baking powder, which make the casserole more textured.

  • cottage cheese — 1 kg
  • eggs — 5 pieces
  • sugar — 1 cup
  • flour — 5 tbsp. l
  • 1 lemon peel
  • baking powder — 0.5 tsp.
  • sour cream — 200 g
  • large raisin without stones — 100 g

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Children’s recipes are not just a game. On the contrary, the choice of children’s recipes is an occupation.

Cottage cheese casserole — ideal for a rich breakfast or easy dinner. Besides she.

Casserole recipes are in cuisines of different nations of the world. This is both Italian lasagna and British share.

Fresh cottage cheese goes well with many products: sugar, cocoa, tomatoes, salt, raisins,.

The best recipe. Million them have interrupted.

Sugar is two times smaller now. Now this recipe is basic for me.

Cooked all in one to one prescription (only less sugar put). and I didn’t like it at all, maybe the cottage cheese is not the same; with 1 kg of cottage cheese, I still feel these 5 tablespoons of flour, perhaps, as they write below, replace the flour with semolina and without baking powder.

Although you have eaten and still will continue to experiment. Thank 🙂

Helen, this casserole did not cook. 5 eggs per 1 kg of cottage cheese. perhaps if they are small, then fine. It all depends on the curd, too.

How he was fat, wet, dry.

The casserole turned out to be too liquid, in the end it baked it for another half hour, and it remained liquid.

Maybe 5 eggs are many?

Great recipe!

Cooked such casserole already many times!

I do not add lemon, but this is a matter of taste.

Flour can be changed to semolina, tasty and so, and so.

It looks somewhat heavy looking, maybe because of the flour? Usually semolina is added or semolina.

And also — lemon zest in a casserole — on an amateur. Usually, the casserole dries quickly, so it is not recommended to bake the baking immediately a lot and it is much more pleasant to eat fresh ..

Thanks for the recipe.

Very tasty turned casserole.

This recipe was in the magazine Deli.

According to this recipe, I now always make a casserole, very tasty.

I love curd casserole very much, I make it according to a similar recipe, but less: 2 packs of curd, 1 pack of curd mass * with raisins, a cup of natural yogurt **, 2 eggs, a bag of vanilla sugar, 1.5-3 tablespoons of semolina *** .

Beat eggs with sugar, add cottage cheese, mass, yogurt, and mix well. Then I pour semolina. I spread it in the form and send it in the oven for about 45 minutes (185 degrees).

From above you can make a thin layer of sour cream, then an appetizing ruddy tip will appear on the casserole. * If I do not want to use the mass, I replace it with another half a pack of cottage cheese, and add grated (or minced) berries, jam or raisins as a filling. ** I take low-fat yogurt, with it the taste is more tender. *** The amount of semolina depends on the desired consistency. If you add about 2 spoons without a slide, the casserole is perfect.

I served on the table not immediately, but pre-cooled for 15 minutes. This casserole is easy to prepare and everyone likes it 🙂 Bon appetit!)

Girls are such a cool recipe, only instead of lemon I added fresh cherries and strawberries and then sprinkled with cinnamon, then the taste is awesome.

I do both with flour and semolina, the only thing I saw when I watched a recipe on TV, I had to whip the protein and sugar separately and, at the end, gently introduce, they said it depends on how it will rise and then keep the shape. Pleasant appetite!

My husband and I really like curd cakes. But he doesn’t like raisins, so I don’t add them. And personally from myself I will say that while cooking the curd casserole I add 2 tablespoons of semolina.

To the cake quickly grabbed.

It is not enough and it is not felt in the casserole. Thanks for the recipe

It would not be fair, not to write a review and thanks to the author of this wonderful casserole, I have already done it three times, with raisins and without with lemon and without and every time I tasted it, today my family are waiting to be ready, I want to say that after reading komenty, made masenky changes — in half the flour with semolina, and once forgot to put the baking powder, and you know, nothing has changed and I realized that it really is not needed there. Thank you again for the excellent and most important simple recipe.

never added butter to the casserole. she was getting a little tight. Is it really oil from the oil? Thanks for the recipe, I will try to bake and will use only your recipes!

Thanks for the recipe!

The baby, who does not feed anything, eats only your casserole! 🙂 Very tasty, we all like it.

I don’t lie on the bottom of the baking sheet, I just grease with margarine and sprinkle with decoy, get out easily when it cools and the upper crust does not get damaged, soda doesn’t lie on the bed, it will be replaced by sour milk product kefir or sour cream

I added only proteins, very long and well beat them, did not add flour at all, replaced sugar with Stevia. Top parchment covered with a mass poured into a silicone form, nothing stuck, cooled in the oven, nothing has fallen.

It turned out awesome dessert with cheesecake flavor and does not spoil the shape!

Thanks for the recipe!))))))))))) From kindergarten I love cottage cheese casserole!)))))))))))))

Did you already use the paper of this manufacturer?

My experience suggests that baking paper is of very different quality, some in general "does not work".

The next time, so as not to risk with the paper, grease the form with oil and sprinkle with semolina or flour mixed with sugar, you will get a ruddy crust.

All of a sudden I got an amazing cottage cheese soufflé: delicate, tasty. Due to the fact that I was beating the ingredients with a mixer, the crust turned out with a uniform blush.

Instead of lemon rind added vanillin, some flour replaced by semolina. The amount of sugar reduced by half.

As baking powder used baking soda, slaked with vinegar. The semi-finished product turned out to be liquid.

But the casserole itself is beyond praise. At the same time, everything is a dangerous underwater stone: the finished casserole was firmly fused with a greased sheet of paper, with which I covered the bottom of the mold.

Whatever I did.

The lower ruddy crust was significantly damaged.

Maybe it should generally be smeared on the form, not lined with paper (do not go to Egypt or China for the parchment)?

My weight did not work out, but poured out.

Now sitting in the oven. On the advice of more than a lot of sugar reduced.

Added vanilla.

I look forward to the final.

The recipe is super !!

Very tasty, only a little less sugar is needed.

I advise everyone.

Sour cream, simply or mixed with jam, cherry jelly, vanilla sauce, yogurt.

This is so, without thinking, but if you think about it.

Thanks for the recipe, it turned out delicious.

Do not tell me what you can pour already prepared casseroles? Thank you in advance!

excellent recipe))) I still added a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg in the casserole — it turned out great! all praised)))

I love baking with cottage cheese !! beautiful photo . need to try bake for this recipe

Very tasty get!

Thanks to those who advised to replace the flour in semolina.

She took half the ingredients, and sugar — a third. If I am not mistaken, because of the presence of semolina it is necessary that the mass stood (swelled) for 20-30 minutes before being in the oven.

My casserole cooled in the oven, but it still sank 🙂 but it does not matter, it turned out very tasty!

thank you very tasty sugar can be less, and so super

There is a better recipe: in a glass of water, cook 2 tables. tablespoons of semolina, add 1/2 cup of sugar (less can be, who loves how). 400 g of cottage cheese mixed with 2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of sour cream, then add sweet porridge.

You can put any dried fruit or fresh fruit. Put in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Tastier does not happen!

The casserole is very tasty.

Just cooked and immediately ate half. I confirm — instead of flour you need to put the same amount of semolina

For those who asked about calories, it turns out something like this: for 1 serving — 257.8 kcal, for 100 g — 148.62 kcal (when using cottage cheese 0.1% and sour cream 20%)

Thanks for the recipe.

Very tasty, appetizing and without much hassle.

Amendments to the rate of sugar adopted.

Thanks for the recipe.

You can grate 1 carrot on a large grater and instead of vanilla sugar. The view is more beautiful and the taste is raisin.

I grease 1 tablespoon sour cream and 1 yolk.

Appetizing look will be and good luck in the preparation of homemade dishes.

I will steam the raisins in the mountains and dry them. There are no raisins, then you can cut the dried apricots into pieces like raisins. Then, roll in flour.

Good luck to all the casseroles!

The first time I tried to make a casserole. True, reduced the number of all products in 2 times. But, as it turned out, sugar should be put even less, because it turns out too sweet.

The finished casserole should be allowed to cool completely in the oven.

Good day!

Thanks for the recipe! I cooked it several times already (with minimal changes in the recipe) and the whole family really likes it. But there is one problem: in the oven, the casserole rises very much, but it is necessary to turn off the oven and it falls in half.

Is it possible to fix it?

I also make such a casserole, but instead of flour — semolina and bake in the oven on a steam bath. Just under the baking tray with a casserole I put another baking sheet with baking tempera. 165 gd.

It turns out very gentle and airy, snow-white and never will burn.

In order not to settle, you need to leave the casserole to cool in the oven.

did today. oh my god, as if I came back to det.sad, oochen turned out to be delicious)) my mother does not like Pts, but even she liked it)) is very tasty and not difficult!)

did today. oh my god, as if I came back to det.sad, oochen turned out to be delicious)) my mother does not like Pts, but even she liked it)) is very tasty and not difficult!)

Cooking for this recipe is very simple. very fast and very tasty.

I make it without peel and slightly changing proportions (per 1 kg of cottage cheese): 1 tsp. baking powder 6 tbsp. semolina 6 tbsp. sugar 6 eggs 4 tbsp. sour cream / yogurt and it turns out always beautiful and ruddy without too much care))

Hello! Made according to this recipe, only in half reduced the number of all ingredients and replaced the flour with semolina, the result — it turned out delicious.

Only sugar, I would have reduced, very sweet!

For the first time in my life I got a casserole.


Fantasy. I remembered the pioneer camp. After a quiet hour for an afternoon snack they gave a casserole. Thank you so much. If you can, tell me how to make "brushwood"Mom did something like this. Made the dough into it dipped the hot form (warmed it with sunflower oil) and put the form with the dough into a glass of boiling oil. I got the airy cookies. I would appreciate

It turned out just fine, thank you very much for the recipe! Flour put in half with semolina — somewhere 4 spoons of flour and 2 semolina. the casserole turned out very fluffy, soft, similar to the souffle. served with sour cream and pureed strawberries. sooo delicious.

Today cooked. It turned out great casserole, airy and juicy, not fallen off and reddened. I, on the advice of others, instead of flour added semolina, and still put more baking powder, about half a packet.

In the end, here in the photo she looks like pressed, fallen, and I came out, as I already wrote, air.

I have a grill in the oven.

I, after the casserole is prepared, put it under the grill for 10 minutes and it turns out an awesome crust.

Cooked without raisins with lemon zest, added a little cinnamon.

Delicious happened.

And the smell is just class.

To semolina was not grains, you need to give a casserole for about 15-20 minutes, before you put it in the oven, the semolina will swell and there will be no grains;)

In the casserole, instead of semolina, or flour, you can add a little boiled vermicelli-boiled.

It turns out very gently.

I loved the recipe =)) I did everything according to the recipe, but I didn’t add zest. Instead, she poured some lemon juice =)) turned out very tasty and beautiful =))


I made it on 1/5 volume with semolina instead of flour and baked in silicone molds for cakes, since the volume is small.

In Odessa, cottage cheese baked pudding is baked in almost every home.

Recipe tips: 1. In Odessa, 10 eggs are laid on 1 kg of cottage cheese (as in that joke: "Jews, do not regret the welding!"). I put 7-8, beat them separately from the curd, then I put everything together and mix (or with an immersion mixer) on a combine. 2. Flour is not needed, as many have already spoken. For 1 kg of cottage cheese instead of flour, add 4 tbsp. lie semolina (no slide) OR 2 tbsp. lie potato starch.

I like starch more. It turns out more uniform and gentle.

3. Add to this recipe 100 g of oil drain (I drown in the microwave).

4. Add to the mass of 0.5 ch. Lodges. cinnamon and 1/2 grated nutmeg (taste will be amazing, believe me).

5. Who uses a Teflon baking dish — parchment is completely unnecessary. Lubricate the form of chilled butter or margarine.

I’m sure you and your homework will be very pleased.

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe bomb.

I really liked it! I did everything strictly according to the recipe, only instead of flour I used semolina.

Everyone was eating for both cheeks and I was pleased. Thanks you. )))

Instead of ricotta, I use soft cottage cheese or curd cheese.

Is it possible to replace cottage cheese with ricotta?

We have no cottage cheese here.

Thank you Sensible recipe!

This is my favorite dish since childhood!

The casserole turned out to be nothing, but I would add zest less, it tones the taste too much, but it reduced everything twice, but it turned out a lot!

To make the casserole so appetizing as in the picture you need to brush it on top with a beaten egg.

I am interested in how many kcal. 100 grams of this recipe?

Baking powder here — neither here nor for the city.

As written below: the casserole rose and sank — i.e. the dough remained dense and not loose.

But the appearance suffered: the crust went in waves, and the edges became higher than the middle.

It’s not beautiful. Manka is also better than flour — flour makes "monolith casserole", and semolina gives some graininess, grainy.

But in general — the simplest casserole, a simple idea.

About soda in the recipe. I cook the curd casseroles all the time and put the soda in before, but now it has ceased, the soda does not play a role, because the dough is heavy and still falls when it cools (even here it is in the picture, the sides are high and the rest is lowered).

Why then put soda?

Just made a casserole from this recipe. Only flour replaced decoy, and there was no raisin at home.

Very tasty, but brown, unfortunately, did not work.

Maybe someone will tell you the reason?

Thanks for the recipe.

It turned out amazing, only instead of flour used semolina, and instead of parchment used a silicone form.

500 g of cottage cheese, vanilla, raisins, 3 eggs, half a cup of sugar, 100 g of melted butter, 4 tbsp. A spoon of semolina is all in shape and baked until tender.


Guest 12.23.2010 20:29:39: for 10 servings, you can halve for a small form

Be sure to replace the flour with semolina.

Tell me, how many servings the number of ingredients in the recipe is calculated? I only have a small baking dish, and I thought to reduce everything by 2. Is it worth it or not?

Guest 12/10/2010: It is possible without parchment — lubricate the form with a plum.butter and sprinkle with semolina

And if there is no parchment, what to do?

500g. curd mass (sweet) + 500g. of pies 18% + 5 eggs + 3. st.l. flour + a little soda quenched with vinegar + sugar to taste + a pinch of salt.

Mix well, bake the baking sheet with vegetable oil and pour out the mixture.

180 degrees in the oven until crusting. Use 🙂

Casserole is just superb, this is the most delicious thing that was given in the maternity hospital. Although when I was a little I did not like her, I even considered it disgusting.

It is easy to prepare, even those who are not very friendly with the stove and other objects in the kitchen can easily cope.



No, it is not necessary to lubricate the parchment butter — for that it is parchment.

Today I want to prepare such a dish for my child. tell me whether it is necessary to lubricate the parchment with oil.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful recipe! very tasty.

Thanks for the recipe!

Easy, fast, and most importantly delicious.

The child ate with pleasure.

Be sure to replace the flour with semolina — there will be a completely different option — a high lush casserole — the quantity of semolina in tablespoons is equal to the number of eggs.

This is our family recipe — it turns out very tasty.

Cooking for the hundredth time — super.

The recipe is just wonderful! Now I will always cook a casserole for breakfast. The only thing I did not like was the taste of lemon.

Once I want to add vanillin, but do not add zest.

Sooo delicious, made without raisins but added a bit of cinnamon, orange peel and lemon. Fantasy

To make the crust beautiful, you need a casserole, before you put it in the oven, smear it with sour cream; the crust is sour cream

I really liked it. Only instead of raisins added pine nuts.

Anastasia, the casserole should not be covered with parchment, and BEDING the form, i.e. lay on the bottom 🙂

I, on the advice of the first guest, covered, in the end it didn’t work to brown the top. For the day I try not to cover, maybe then the crust will be.

And so tasty casserole.

We really liked the casserole, could not break away from it, almost all of them were eaten away. The casserole is moderately sweet, the peel gives a soft flavor.

Warm casserole tastes better than cold. The truth was not raisins, replaced with prunes and dried apricots.

But this did not affect the result.

We decided that breakfast is a very interesting option.

Baking with a taste of childhood, I advise everyone!

and how such a beautiful crust is obtained? to put the casserole higher or at the middle level?

I advise when preparing to replace the flour on the semolina. When you put the casserole in the oven, cover it with something (you can bowl). Under the lid the casserole will rise and be more lush.

At the end of the cooking cap, remove and brown the top.

Try it, you will not regret!

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