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Cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin, step by step recipe with photos

  • salt — to taste
  • milk — 2 glasses
  • sour cream — 1,5 glasses
  • cottage cheese — 500 g
  • eggs — 4 pcs.
  • sugar — 0.5 cup
  • pumpkin — 1 kg
  • semolina — 3/4 cup
  • butter — 3 tbsp. l
  • cumin — pinch

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Cottage cheese casserole — ideal for a rich breakfast or easy dinner. Besides she.

Casserole recipes are in cuisines of different nations of the world. This is both Italian lasagna and British share.

Casserole recipes are in cuisines of different nations of the world. This is both Italian lasagna and British share.

Pumpkin — one of the most picturesque vegetables. Round, smooth, bright and brilliant — such we are.

Cottage cheese cheesecakes are easy to cook, there are no tricks: mix a pound of cottage cheese, one thing.

Pumpkin dishes are very popular all over the world. In Europe, pumpkin soup is cooked, casseroles are prepared,.

Not a lot of decoys.

With such a ratio for 3 minutes of cooking, it became a lump after adding which even the mixer can not turn the dough into a homogeneous mass.

It turned out very tasty! I did everything according to the recipe and did not regret it! Especially liked the fact that the pumpkin slices, and not grated.

I will definitely do it again.

You do not need to boil the semolina porridge, the semolina swells so well, so you can add milk and semolina to the dough. (For example, when baking cottage cheese baked pudding, I always add dried semolina to give shape, semolina swells due to the liquid in eggs and cottage cheese)

I did it very tasty, only I didn’t fry a pumpkin, but added grated on a fine grater, I didn’t brew semolina, as for the lazy, I gave it an apple, also raw, it turned out very tasty, try

And I do not brew semolina, I simply add to the pumpkin and cottage cheese in a dry form, and in the process of roasting it is squeezed with pumpkin juice, very gently it turns out, and in fact prepare for 20-30 minutes

Thanks for the recipe! already at the cooking stage it seemed to me that it was delicious! only I did not mix everything together, but put a pumpkin cut into strips on a baking sheet, on it a part of cottage cheese with an egg, then semolina .. I sit waiting.

Yum-yum, yummy! True, I put sugar in 2 times less, and still very sweet according to my husband. And my pumpkin made the juice, so the casserole was only Bo-less casserole only in the morning, and in the evening (when it was cooked), it was a thick porridge.

But still very tasty.


Thanks for the comments with the tips, the girls helped to figure out how to cook better and correct the recipe quite a bit.

Such a plan was cooking the casserole for the first time. It turned out just great, even the first time)))

s isjumom super. bes tmina konechno)))

Tomorrow I will try to cook, and then analyze.

R.S. I was cooking "Twist Casserole" according to the video-recipe of this site from the section Children’s Dinners. 1/2 cup of sugar is a lot for 200 g of cottage cheese and 250 g of pumpkin, the semolina from me, too, instantly thickened.

A generally TASTY.

looks appetizing! I will try to cook, I have already prepared a similar casserole

30 minutes is not enough, I also increased the cooking time to 1 hour.

A cumin and really superfluous!

This is our favorite recipe for casserole with my husband, but we do not put pumpkin and cumin. Thank you very much"


Thanks for the recipe!

There was no semolina, replaced with corn.

Pumpkin was 500 grams of peeled, without skin and viscera. Proportions as in the recipe.

The baking time is 1 hour, probably the pumpkin is very juicy :).

It turned out delicious — mind ozhesh!

My husband liked, moderately sweet, delicate texture, juicy.

Those who love pumpkin will love it)) I do not have weights, so pumpkin turned out a lot. I still liked my family too. Next time I want to do with canned peach.

Very good at breakfast, nourishing and easy to prepare.

Cooking time also increased to 1 hour. I wish you not to overdo it with a pumpkin)))))

And I do this: I cut the pumpkin into slices, a little bit of water to steam on the fire. Crush the crumbler, add milk and semolina. Cook thick porridge. Dip a little. Beat the eggs, grated cottage cheese, finely chopped apples (pears, steamed raisins and etc.), salt, sand, vanillin. And everything on a baking tray in the oven. Above it is possible to anoint with sour cream or protein, when the casserole is almost ready.

Monkey, and the truth, a bit too much for a specified amount of milk; thickened instantly, had to put more effort into, to interfere with it in the pumpkin. Sugar, eggs, sour cream and cottage cheese (if the consistency allows it) are best mixed with a mixer before adding to pumpkin porridge.

Cumin did not add, replaced it with vanilla and cinnamon.

And the cooking time for 10-15 minutes had to be increased. It turned out quite tasty)

Tell me, please, are there many pumpkins per pound of cottage cheese? Judging by your photos, it is much less there.

And yet — you have written that semolina should be prepared in the proportion of 2 cups of milk for 3/4 cup of cereals, but in this case it turns out just a boiled porridge, and instantly, without waiting for 3 minutes.

Instead of pumpkin you can add raisins.

It also turns out very tasty.

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