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The ripe fruit of the dogwood is a very beautiful, bright, purple-red berry with a rather large oblong stone. Many people like cornel jam, but this berry can be found more widely used in cooking.

The ripe fruit of the dogwood is a very beautiful, bright, purple-red berry with a rather large oblong stone. “Kizil” is a Turkic word, and in translation it means “red”. Dogwood surrounded by legends.

The inhabitants of the Crimea tell how an evil shaitan asked a cornel tree from Allah — it blooms early, which means that juicy, red berries ripen early. However, the summer passed, and the cornel was still green.

Shaitan was angry and disowned the tree.

And in the late autumn people came to the forest, gathered sweet, tasty berries and, laughing at a shaitan, called dogwood “shaytanovoy berry«(As dogwood is often called in the Crimea).

In cornels there is a lot of vitamin C, carotene, pectin, ascorbic acid, and in terms of the amount of iron it is generally a record holder among fruit plants (followed by fig and quince).

Biologically active components that make up the berries, normalize blood pressure, prevent sclerosis and strengthen the body.

A decoction of dry fruit is used as antipyretic for colds.

Cornel leaves also have healing properties: Hippocrates, the «father of medicine», highly appreciated their astringent properties and recommended the use of decoction of cornel leaves for stomach diseases.

Accept it and with back pain, noise in the ears, fatigue.

There are several kinds of dogwood.

Edible fruit gives only one of them — dogwood is maleth, or ordinary, the same Dören male (Cornus mas), which grows in Eastern Europe and the North Caucasus.

Cornel is wild and garden. Several varieties of garden dogwood have been bred, which fruit at different times — from August to October.

Breeders "played" with the shape of berries: besides the classic ellipsoidal, pear-shaped and spherical fruits appeared, breeders also worked with color.

Garden dogwood can be almost white or blue-violet.

In culinary terms, different types of cornel are generally interchangeable.

From dogwood prepare jam, jelly, jam, syrup, jam, juice, compote.

Dogwood can be pickled.

In the Caucasus, pita berries make pita bread, for this you need to remove the bones, grind the fruits, form a cake and dry it (for example, in the oven).

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks and Romans salted the berries of dogwood like olives.

Cornel berries ripen from the second half of August to October.

It depends on the particular plant variety.

Choose ripe, bright red fruits of dogwood without damage and rot.

Fresh dogwood can be stored in the refrigerator no more than 10 days.

Dried dogwood can be stored in a dry place for 2 years. Ripe, but not overripe berries are more suitable for drying.

Dry them laid out on a cloth or thick paper, best of all — in the open air, but not in direct sun.

Periodically, the fruit is mixed.

Dogwood can be frozen. For this, the berries must first be washed and dried, then frozen on a baking sheet.

When the fruits are frozen, they must be divided into portions, put in bags, and stored in the freezer.

Edible berries of a cornel gives one type of a cornel tree — a cornel man’s (or ordinary),.

I love this jam with bones, as well as cherry jam. It turns out pretty sweet.

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