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Cooking onion: onion recipes on

Onions in Russian cuisine is used up to the offensive monotonous. In this regard, we have something to learn in the West and in the East.

Maria Sorokina told what a treasure of such a seemingly ordinary turnip bow.

I rushed to try foie gras, barely off the plane Moscow-Paris. The light slice of the liver was soft, like butter, and without effort it was spread over toasts.

But next to it in a small rosette lay something mysterious: claret-transparent, thickly sweet.

I understood who actually runs the ball on this plate, only smearing it over the cherished delicacy onion marmalade.

We put onions in almost everything, often without even wondering why. For example, if the onion in the husk is slightly baked in a dry frying pan, and then put in the broth, it will give it a pleasant color and taste.

Just added to the tomato sauce or meat stew onion turns into a faceless thickener.

But if you spend 15 minutes on his patient, slow toasting, the onions will make the whole dish pronouncedly sweet.

Unlike most of us, the French long ago understood that the bow more than deserves the leading role. What is worth one onion soup!

This is the same many hours of cooking special meat broth, cleaning and slicing the mountains of evil onions and its endless stewing.

And they have been repeating all this already for years, because the result is worth it.

Does not lose positions and Quiche with onions — A traditional open basket cake filled with slowly toasted onions, cheese and cream. Almost everyone loves it: who is hot, who is cold, who is like a main course, and who is like a snack.

As a result, folk variations have already “grown” to the combination of red onion and blue cheese.

Few people know, but there is also onion gratin. Gratinas, that is, something baked in cream under a cheese crust, is made in France of almost everything. With a bow it turns out just fine.

Bulbs cleaned and cut in half.

Put in a baking sheet and bake until soft.

Then pour wine with cream, sprinkle with cheese and return to the oven.

Gratin should be covered with a golden crust.

Italians, by the way, make it even easier. Cut unpeeled onions in half and bake with salt and olive oil, cut up.

When chilled, this is a breathtaking snack. Or they bake peeled small onions in olive oil until dark brown.

With this side dish, not many main dishes are able to stand next to each other without a sense of inferiority.

In general, the onion fried to brown is so strong in character that it often turns out to be the main seasoning.

Compare, for example, dumplings with potatoes themselves and the same, but looking out from under a mountain of fried onions.

More interesting in this role shallot — everyone’s favorite hybrid of onion with garlic. Especially great thought up to deal with him in Asia.

Here he is fried in deep fat so that he turns into chips, which can then be sprinkled with anything you want: from curry to fried noodles.

In India came up with onions to fry bhaji. Chopped onions are dipped in light batter from chickpea flour with spices and deep-fried until crunch.

Sometimes rings, and sometimes shapeless lumps, from which onion feathers stick out in all directions.

This hot snack has long been picked up by almost the entire culinary world.

Beautiful onion and in itself, raw.

In the summer and early autumn and young white, and sweet red onions almost do not have the usual sharpness and bitterness.

They do not need to fry or stew. Only large cut, rinse with cold water, fill with tasty vegetable oil, salt and pepper.

For kebabs, kebabs and grilled meat such a salad is an unsurpassed companion.

A similar effect can be achieved with winter onions.

To do this, it is enough to chop and marinate for half an hour in cold water with salt, sugar and vinegar.

And if lucky enough to get pearl bow — or onion sets, i.e. small-small onions of a common onion, — they certainly need marinate.

For winter.

And every time until the spring, we proudly put on a snack table next to ham and cheese.

Dip the onions in boiling salted water and cook for one minute.

Throw away the colander, rinse with cold water and clean. Pack the onions in a jar and fill up to the top with water (so you determine the right amount of liquid).

Then pour the water into the beaker, measure its quantity, then drain half of the water and replace with vinegar. Then pour the water with vinegar into the pot.

Add salt and sugar (1.5 tbsp. For every half-liter of liquid), flakes of chilli-pepper, black peppercorns, a few bay leaves and cloves of garlic.

Boil for two minutes, then remove from the stove and fill the onion with this marinade.

Tightly close the jar lid and store in the refrigerator.

Maria Sorokina:
“Most of all I love to cook and feed my friends and relatives.

In order to lead food blog, cooking classes and hauling gastronomic tours to Italy, I quit my successful career as a management consultant. I traveled a lot and studied cooking in all of Western Europe and Southeast Asia. And now it is absolutely clear that the simplest thing that touches me most is simple food, which is almost effortlessly bright and unforgettable.

There are so many of them that it is absolutely not necessary to take on complicated recipes.

About her, and I will talk.

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