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Cooking for children and with children

Previously, the problem of «junk food» was absent.

Fanta was perceived as a gift from the gods, while useful porridge and soups were contrasted with sandwiches and dubious pies in the kiosks. Times have changed, and we need to learn how to control children so that they eat more than just junk food.

The first childhood years is the very time when a child develops basic eating habits. It is practically impossible to inspire an adult with the principles of healthy eating, if he was fed sandwiches with sausage and porridge from a bag from childhood — or he should have a very serious motivation. But those who are not lazy to cook broccoli for a couple and fish baked in parchment, especially not have to persuade.

Just do not flatter yourself.

This very “steamed”, “no sugar” and “no preservatives” will continue exactly as much as you personally control the nutrition of your own child.

And as soon as control is weakened — from someone in kindergarten, from someone in school, from someone in a summer camp — the child will immediately perceive a part of the habits of those around them.

And zalyanchit chups-sneakers-french fries.

This is a normal course of events — and a total ban on “junk food” usually only aggravates the situation. Output: to treat temporary trips «to the left» disapprovingly, but also without violent emotions.

And most importantly, never consider fast food as a reward: if you eat porridge and salads all week, on Sunday we will go to Mac-yourself-know-who.

However, we ran ahead.

Most often, parents make one major mistake: they believe that a young child needs to be fed all the time with some kind of specifically baby food, so there is nothing for him to do at the table.

Moreover, the children do not have good manners, and a dad sitting next to him or, God forbid, a guest may be under fire.

We will understand in order.

First, for a small child, sitting at the same table with adults is a very important moment.

He feels great, on a par with everyone, especially if he is given food from the same dish as his father and mother.

And at the same time, he will try to be more focused and careful than when he is screaming around him: “And here is another mother!” The grandmothers and nannies jump.

Secondly, children’s food does not have to be tasteless and devoid of spices. A minimum of salt — yes.

Nothing fried in a skillet — for sure. No vinegar and canned food — no doubt. But this is the golden standard for healthy nutrition for adults.

From the usual adult diet — minus mushrooms and nuts, their children’s liver is not able to process.

And the power of sharpness is a question of habits and national traditions.

Of course, they do not give super strong chili children out of Africa, South America or India, but they don’t cook food for them separately — they just dilute the sauce with yogurt or butter.

And if each time before preparing a meal, think a little, then lunch can be a pleasure for all family members.

A classic example is the traditional Sunday Roast, a Sunday British dinner. All family members always sat at the table: from 2-3 to 100 years old inclusive.

The main dish is oven baked meat. Yorkshire pudding with gravy and mustard is served with beef (roast beef); pork — apple sauce; to mutton — mint jelly; Chicken — bread sauce and red currant jelly.

As a side dish, be sure to serve vegetables for the season: green beans, cabbage, broccoli, peas, carrots — steamed or boiled; mashed parsnip or swede; baked potato slices. For sweetness, one of the many varieties of pudding and / or ice cream. In my opinion, any child will find here for themselves enough fine food.

For the smallest, it will only need to be cut — smaller.

Kids love tinkering.

Sand castles, mud pies … If you invite them to make dough or beat eggs for scrambled eggs — they will do it with no less enthusiasm.

Culinary curiosity is peculiar to them.

Many people like to watch cooking shows on TV more than cartoons.

And for those who all this kitchen fuss seems to be absolutely up to the bulb, too, often only a stimulus is required. Cooking cookies with the children on Sundays is a great tradition.

But if you cook with them little by little every day, the results are simply amazing.

These chefs turn out to be “open” to the new food and are naughty at the table much less.

This is such a special age, when the child already wants everything bad and not very useful, but it’s so far easy to cram into it.

It is only necessary to strain a little imagination. The easiest thing to do with fruit. Children are more likely to drink than to eat, especially if a straw is attached to the drink.

So, fruits and berries turn into … turn into an elegant smoothie, it is a fruit cocktail (I refuse to write this word in Russian transcription).

There are many recipes for such cocktails with yogurt, but there’s no need to mix the two benefits — nutritionists say they digest from it worse, not better.

And smoothie should be made on the basis of the same fruit juices — and instead of any sweetener, put a very ripe banana or pre-soaked dried fruits.

Dates are especially good in this sense — they are full of vitamins and natural sweets, and their taste in a small amount has almost no effect. For one serving of children’s cocktail two or three dates are enough.

But the main children’s favorite is a combination of strawberries, orange juice and bananas.

With some children who are particularly picky in terms of food, you need to try a lot of options for serving healthy products.

But each child certainly has his “Achilles heel”.

For example, if your child loves pizza and hates spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables, boil them, chop them in a sauce and spread them a pizza base — and then top tomato sauce.

Only a child should know about it.

For cheating on the kitchen floor — red card.

Often, children are ready to eat vegetables, if served in the form of kebabs. One familiar girl can eat a whole plate of green peas, carrots and corn, if she instead of a fork to issue a toothpick.

And the other boy eats anything, if it looks like an app for topical games.

When the orcs and goblins were on the agenda, the mother cooked him Goblin Fingers — made a dip of cottage cheese with something sweet (a great color called quicksand gave mixing with a small amount of melted chocolate) or salty (with soft cream cheese and greens turned out «swamp Tina»).

Both versions served as the last refuge of the goblin, from which only his fingers protruded to the surface.

For them, my mother took 4 long thin young carrots — or just well-planted old ones — and 1 thicker and shorter for the thumb. The “nails” were made of halved almonds, crepe on cream cheese.

Vegetable pancakes can be made smiling, if you are already on the side of a non-fried side using a sauce to draw eyes and mouth.

The main thing — do not be lazy, really.

Everyone knows that one person can easily bring a horse to a watering place, but even the whole family will not force it to drink. Adolescents are even worse. These grown-up kids can (and not without pleasure) sit down with their families at the table, but without a doubt, eat the offered food ?!

This horse is a completely different color. But the situation is not hopeless. It will be much easier for all of you to live if Tin participates in planning the menu for the week.

Say you never plan anything yourself?

It’s time to start.

Ask the child what he would like to eat, and if he does not have enough imagination, let him see the cookbook or the Gastronom magazine.

It would be nice, of course, that your desires and possibilities coincide, but sometimes it is not a sin to tune in. In addition, adolescents can participate in the purchase of products and do it with pleasure (unless, of course, the idea that the child even bought bread at home has never occurred to you for the first time on the day of his 16th birthday).

The choice of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish is now wide enough so that even the most capricious teenager can find something to his taste. As our personal practice shows, the child eats up the products chosen independently.

However, it must be remembered: scientists say that a child needs about 10 «samples» to perceive a new product.

So do not get tired to offer.

Feeding a child is a full part of his upbringing.

This phrase sounds melancholy, but the scientific studies of the last 20 years very convincingly prove: adolescents who regularly dine — dine with their families at least once a week are much less interested in sex and drugs than their peers roll research says nothing). This applies especially to those children who
participate not only in eating dinner, but also in its preparation. Your grown-up son is not at all obliged to be able to cook borscht (although in the future he will conquer more than one woman’s heart), but he can help cut the salad or at least set the table in good condition.

Just do not forget to then gently praise him.

Adolescents often start cooking out of a sense of protest, a perpetual engine of teenagers, because settling parents cannot understand in any way what kind of consistency the little girl needs tomato sauce for pasta.

My friend’s son, a 16-year-old poured Mitrofanushka, who in this life wanted only to marry, and more often, several years ago, wildly conflicted with her mother about the quality of her dishes in general and cutlets in particular.

In the end, the mother spat and gave him 2 kg of raw meat for lunch. The child became thoughtful and crawled on the top shelf for a cookbook. The first batch of meatballs went to the trash.

The third was eaten by the family in silence. Fifth — with amazement.

At his first and so far the only wedding in 25 years, the groom almost all the table prepared the groom himself. But nothing foreshadowed …

And my ten-year-old (not far from teen-age) daughter asked me recently: “Mom, do you know what time is the happiest in my life?” I didn’t know what I honestly admitted.

I think now there will be something about traveling, about cinema, darts or Disneyland … «When,» says my girl, «you ask me what we will cook with you today.»

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